NFL: Gronk To Team Up With Brady Again

By: Callum Brady
23 Apr 20
NFL Super bowl
Gronk will play with Tom Brady at Tampa Bay

It looked as though Rob Gronkowski had been lost to the WWE, but it has been announced that he will join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in the NFL.

Old New England Patriots

Gronkowski – or ‘Gronk’ as he was affectionately known – and Tom Brady played together for nine years at the New England Patriots where they won three  Super Bowls. He had been out of the game after leaving the NFL at the end of the 2019 season, but had remained in the public eye through his frequent television appearances and his stint as a wrestler.

One of the NFL’s greatest ever tight ends, Gronkowski has now been traded by New England to Tampa Bay and will play when the league resumes later in the year. The exciting news is that he will once again be able to work with Tom Brady, who made the same move at the end of last season.

Real Contenders

Tom Brady’s arrival in Florida had already made Tampa Bay one of the favourites to make the championship game next year, but now that one of his favourite ever pass receivers will be joining him, the price for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win at Super Bowl LV has dropped to 10.00 at Betway.

The Bucs will need to get past divisional rivals the New Orleans Saints first to stand a chance of winning a second championship, but Brady and Gronk turning up in town has suddenly made the NFC South one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL.

There is plenty of talent already in Tampa Bay, with wide receivers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans waiting for the start of the Tom Brady era. The Bucs had the third best offense in the league last year – and that was with the unreliable Jameis Winston as quarterback.

It remains to be seen whether Gronk and Brady can bring another championship to the organisation, but it is going to be a lot of fun finding out next season now.

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