Best Soccer Betting Sites in Canada

There are a lot of options available for soccer betting sites these days. We make selecting the best soccer betting sites simple. We comb through all of the sports betting sites to see what they offer you: the bonuses, the betting markets, the banking options, etc. And then we break it down so it’s easy to digest and understand. Time to dig in.

Best Soccer Betting Sites

How to Find the Best Soccer Betting Sites

There is much to consider when choosing from the top soccer betting sites in Canada.
We try to help you with our sportsbook reviews and handy tables like the following which break down the important information needed to select the best soccer betting site for you!

Important Features to Look for

There are a few important features all soccer betting sites should offer:

  • A nice welcome bonus
  • live betting feature
  • good banking options
  • live chat for support
  • being mobile-friendly so you can play on the go

These features we mentioned are all important factors to consider when choosing a soccer betting site.

A good welcome bonus can provide an attractive incentive for new users to sign up, while live betting allows users to place bets during a game and respond to changing circumstances.

Having good banking options is also crucial to ensure that users can easily deposit and withdraw funds to and from their accounts, while live chat support can help users quickly resolve any issues they may encounter.

Finally, being mobile-friendly is important in today's world as more and more people use their mobile devices for online activities, including sports betting. A mobile-friendly site can offer a convenient and accessible way for users to place bets on the go.

However, it's important to keep in mind that there are other factors to consider when choosing a soccer betting site, such as the range of betting options, the odds offered, the reputation and reliability of the site, and any licensing and regulatory requirements.

If your favorite Canadian sportsbook doesn’t check all of these boxes, you might want to reconsider it and see what other betting sites can offer you. 

Betway SportSports Interaction Logo888Sport

Banking Options

You not only want your money to be safe and secure, but you also want to have plenty of banking options available to you for both deposits and withdrawals. The best soccer betting sites should provide you with plenty of choices. This table shows what each sportsbook offers its players in terms of banking, including whether they are cryptocurrency friendly or not. 

PowerplayBetway Sport888sport

Multiple Soccer Betting Options

Most recreational bettors simply want to bet on which team will win the match or perhaps the total number of goals scored. Nothing wrong with that. But a great soccer betting site should allow its players multiple betting options, both pre-game and in-game. Not every soccer betting site offers every type of bet, but as our chart indicates, the major betting markets are available all across Canada’s best soccer betting sites.

rotate on mobile Rotate on mobile

MoneylinesTotal Goals Under/OverSpread BetsBoth to ScorePlayer to Score
Royal Panda✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️


Correct ScoreHalftime/FulltimeDouble ChanceFutures
Royal Panda✔️✔️✔️✔️

Soccer Betting Site Bonuses

All of the best soccer betting sites in Canada offer new players a sign-up bonus of some sort. The question is, which one is the best? And which site will offer you the best soccer betting promotions? Sometimes the numbers can deceive you. Many bonuses and promotions have specific terms and conditions to consider and aren’t as rosy as they first appear. Here we break down the best bonus betting offers we found for Canadian players.

Best Soccer Welcome Bonuses:

Sports InteractionClick to see the current offersSports Interaction Welcome Offer
BetVictor reviewClick to see the current offersBetvictor Welcome Offer
Betway SportClick to see the current offersBetway Welcome Offer


Best Welcome Bonus: Sports Interaction

While other sites offer more bonus money, often that money comes with playthrough requirements. This is why we like Sports Interaction. It’s a simple match on your first deposit with them. No playthrough is required at all. When you only have 30 days to meet many of these sports books’ requirements to earn your bonus, you’ll be happy to get the quick return offered on your first deposit at Sports Interaction.

125% Up To $250

How We Rate Soccer Betting Sites

So, what does make a soccer betting site “the best?” While it may be difficult to quantify what sets one sports book apart from another, there are several factors that go into our reviews. These include:

  • Betting lines & odds: Does the site offer every type of bet we wished to place? Are all of the major betting markets represented? How good are their odds on the match? Could we find better prices elsewhere?
  • Bonus offers: How generous is the site’s welcome bonus? Does it require too many terms and conditions to claim? Are there other bonuses and promotions offer for soccer bettors?
  • Features: Does the sports book offer live betting? Can you place a parlay bet? Is there a featured bet builder? Is there an early cash out option offered? Does the sports book have any signature bets or plays available?
  • Deposits and withdrawals: How many banking options are offered? What is the minimum for depositing and withdrawing? Are there any associated fees? And how fast was the outlet with transferring money?
  • Is the site legally licensed?: We need to insure that not only is our money safe, but is the site reputable. Are they fully licensed and regulated? Who is setting their odds? Are we comfortable playing here?
  • Mobile experience: Is the site mobile friendly? Does it offer a dedicated sports betting app? How easy is it to access and navigate with the app?
  • Our experts’ personal experience: This is perhaps the most important aspect to our review. What is the overall experience like? Is it enjoyable? Do we feel welcomed by the site? Or does it repel us? What’s here that will make us comeback time and again?

We spend time on all of Canada’s top soccer betting sites so you won’t have to. This is how we bring you the definitive review of each site.

Understanding Soccer Betting Lines

The “beautiful game” of soccer is known and played all over the world. Because of this, the betting options available within the game have expanded to include nearly every event imaginable within a match.

The most common ways to bet on soccer include:

  • Moneyline: The most straightforward bet you can make. Simply pick a side (or bet on a draw), and root for your team to win the match.
  • Totals (Under/Over): Don’t know which side will win, but think a lot of goals will be scored? Then bet on the totals which is bet on whether the combined score of both teams will be above (or below) the pre-set number.
  • Spread: Not utilized as much in soccer as in other places such as the NBA or NFL, but you can bet on a soccer match against the point spread. Also known as a handicap, a team might be listed as -1, meaning a bet on that squad would win only if the team won by 2 or more goals. Conversely, a bet on their opponent would be a winner if that team won outright or even tied the match.
  • Both/Player/Correct Score: Other bets allow you to bet on whether (or not) both teams score in the match, or if a certain player will score in the match. You can also bet on the exact final score, such as if a match were to end 2-1. There are a lot of possibilities available here on which to capitalize.

Odds for all of these events are posted in one of three ways:

  • The first is American odds, expressed in one of two ways: + or -. A bet of $10 on a team at +110 would win $21 ($11 plus your original $10 bet). If the team were posted as -110, a $10 bet would result in a win of $19.10 ($9.10 plus your original $10 bet). To win $10 on a -110 bet, you must wager $11.
  • Decimal odds: are most commonly found in Canadian sportsbooks. If the odds were posted as 2.10 on a match, a $10 wager would win $21 ($11 plus your original $10). This is the same as the American +110. To determine what you might win on your bet, simply multiply the amount bet by the decimal number to get the result.
  • Fractional odds: are most common in European sportsbooks. Following our example from above, if a team were listed with 11/10 odds on a match, it would be the same as if the team were posted at +110 or 2.10. A winning $10 wager would result in a $21 payout ($11 plus your original $10 bet).

Additional Soccer Betting Odds

Other soccer bets that can be placed include props and futures.

  • Prop bets are some of the most fun to make as they usually relate to smaller in-game events. For example, you might be able to make a prop bet on a particular team to win a match plus if the team’s top scorer will net a goal. Or you might be able to bet on the number of corner kicks in a particular match, or the number of yellow cards. Not every soccer betting site will offer all of these bets, but many will offer a variety of prop bets if you look for them.
  • Futures are just as they sound: a bet on a future outcome. Most often, these are wagers on which team will win their league’s championship or if a particular national team will win the World Cup. These are season or tournament long wagers, and often come with good odds. But shop around! No two sportsbooks will usually offer the exact same odds on futures.

Soccer Betting Sites Charge a Handling Fee

Though odds often express the implied likelihood of some event taking place, they are not exactly the true odds on an outcome. Every sportsbook builds in their take for booking your bet. This is sometimes known as the “vig” (or “vigorish”) or the “juice.” Technically, a -110 or a 1.91 bet should be a flat -100 or 2.0. But sportsbooks, even the best ones, take a cut of every bet made. That’s how they make their money over the course of a year. They are charging you a fee to take your bet – the vig – no matter whether you win or lose. That’s simply the way the business operates.

Best Betting Site for Soccer Odds

Betway Sport

Betway Sports

What we want to see from a soccer betting site is consistency in the odds they offer from match to match. Betway seemed to offer fair odds on every match we checked. Granted, you can shop around and find better prices at any of the top soccer betting sites at any given time. But Betway continually set fair odds on matches.

100% Deposit Up to $200

Soccer Betting Leagues and Events

What makes soccer a bettor’s delight is that the season never ends. There is seemingly a professional soccer match played somewhere every day of the year.

Top tier soccer leagues exist in major countries the world over, bringing top flight talent and competitive matches to TV screens everywhere. As if that weren’t enough, there are international tournaments played yearly which culminate with the World Cup, Copa America and UEFA Euro which played every four years.

These are some of the events and leagues soccer bettors need to know:

Soccer’s Biggest Event – The World Cup

Simply put, the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. It is the most watched and most bet upon sporting event the world has ever seen, and the next one is set to take place in Qatar in 2022. Featuring the best players in the world facing off on their respective national teams, soccer doesn’t get more exciting or intense than this.

Best World Cup Betting Site

Sports Interaction

World Cup betting will bring out the best in any soccer betting site, but for us, we like Sports Interaction. A well-designed site loaded with features; Sports Interaction is a fully Canadian site which knows Canadian players. It should be the first place you stop when you go to place your World Cup wagers.

125% Up To $250

Betting on Champions League

Perhaps just a step below the World Cup in terms of talent and international interest, the UEFA Champions League is a yearly tournament matching the best European soccer clubs against each other, round-robin style. Dating back to 1955, each year 32 teams match up to battle for the championship which was last won by Chelsea from England. The next champion will be determined in May, 2022.

Best UEFA Champions League Betting Site



With a plethora of betting markets and a dedicated Bet Builder feature, 888Sport is a our choice when it comes to wagering on the UEFA Champions League. We also like their “Match Combos” which are pre-set prop bets posted with excellent odds. Top that off with live betting, and 888Sport is great place to bet on and experience the tournament.

100% Up To $500 + $10 Casino Bonus

Betting on EPL - The English Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL) is the world’s most watched professional sports league. Because of its popularity, it attracts the best soccer players from all over the planet. Each team plays 38 games between August and May with the champion determined by total points earned (three for a win, one for a draw) in those matches.

Best EPL Betting Site

Betway Sport


You can bet on the EPL virtually anywhere, but what makes Betway stand out is two-fold. First, their dedicated Bet Builder makes creating bets fast and easy. Secondly, Betway often features “Betway Boosts” on the EPL which can greatly up your odds and your payday when the hit. Definitely worth checking out prior to any EPL match.

100% Deposit Up to $200

Soccer Betting on MLS Games

The United States top soccer league is Major League Soccer (MLS). Though it trails far behind the NFL, NBA, and MLB in popularity in the US, MLS plays host to three professional Canadian franchises. The league plays its games between March and October with a playoff afterwards to crown a champion. Unlike other soccer leagues, MLS does not have a promotion or relegation system for its teams.

Best MLS Betting Site

Sports Interaction

We love that Sports Interaction is a truly Canadian sports book. Because MLS features three Canadian teams – CF Montreal, Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC – we like that we’re keeping everything “in country” betting here with our MLS plays. Plus, Sports Interaction is a well-run, easy-to-use betting site regardless of the sport.

125% Up To $250

Betting on Latin and South American Soccer

Several soccer leagues exist in Central and South America, including the popular Superliga Argentina, Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A in Brazil, and Mexico’s Liga MX.

  • Argentina’s league was the first established outside of England and dates back to the 1890s.
  • Brazil is one of the world’s strongest soccer programs, and its Serie A league contains the most world champion titles ever won.
  • Mexico’s Liga MX runs two tournaments per year and has recently expanded the number of teams in the competition.

Best Soccer Betting Site for Latin and South America


Powerplay is an excellent option for soccer bettors who want to wager on any international soccer league. It’s a well-designed soccer site which lists countries alphabetically along the right margin, allowing you to quickly find the country and its corresponding league(s) on which you wish to bet. All soccer betting sites should be this easy to navigate.

$500 Sports Bonus. 100% Bonus on First Deposit

Betting on LaLiga - The Spanish Premier League (Primera División)

LaLiga is the top professional soccer league in Spain. It is home to top European teams Real Madrid and Barcelona and, at one time, their respective top goal scorers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Organized and with a season similar to the EPL, LaLiga is clearly one of the top five European leagues and garners a massive following.

Live betting soccer sites

One of the more exciting features to develop within the top sports betting sites is the introduction of live betting. This feature allows you to place bets while the game is in play. This can be to your advantage because as you watch the game, you can place more informed bets based on injuries, replacements, penalties and the general flow of the game. The available odds shift along with these in-game trends, but a savvy bettor can take advantage of these based on your knowledge. It is worth following, and can certainly add to the excitement of each match. All of the best sports betting sites in Canada offer this feature.

FAQ - Common Questions About Online Soccer Betting

If you still have questions regarding gambling on soccer, we have answers for you.

Some of the most common questions include the following:

Which Soccer Bet Types Are Available Online?

There is a slew of options, but the most common include Moneyline, Totals, Point Spread, Halftime/Fulltime, Both Teams to Score, Player to Score, Correct Score, and Futures. Look for several prop bets to be offered as well depending on the match.

What are the top soccer betting sites?

Everyone has their own preference for soccer betting sites. You need to explore your options before you settle on the one that suits you the best. Our sport book reviews show that we like Sports Interaction, Bodog and Betway, but your opinion may be different.

Is Betting on Soccer Online Safe?

Yes. All of the Canadian sports betting sites are fully licensed and regulated. And it is legal to bet on soccer in Canada.

Should I Join More Than One Soccer Betting Site?

Probably, yes. Though all sites look similar, their betting markets and the odds offered within them can be different. It is worth taking the time to shop for the best odds to maximize your value.

How do I bet on soccer games?

There are many ways to approach betting on soccer. You can simply choose to bet which team will win or on how many goals will be scored in the match. From there, the sky is the limit on the betting options available. If you are new to this, start simple, and the more you learn, the more you can expand your betting. Good luck!