Betting apps have quickly become a focal point in the gambling community. The ability to download a betting app and play on the go has changed the landscape of the industry. But with so many betting apps, how do you determine the right one for your mobile device? Our guide is here to provide top-level information so you can understand the best betting apps in Canada!

Best Betting Apps Canada


Use Betting Apps to Bet 24/7 From Anywhere

There is nothing better than placing a wager and it cashing. The adrenaline you feel when the time ticks down and your bet wins is the ultimate feeling in the community. Feeling victorious after making the correct pick can put you on top of the world! And as bettors, we want to watch the games we are wagering on. We don’t want to sit at a computer! We want to be enjoying the games and playing wherever we see fit. 

The great news is that sports betting apps allow you to play wherever you have access to the internet. Whether it’s through mobile data, hotspot, or WIFI, betting apps will have you gambling on the go! All you need is a compatible device and your (mobile) betting career will take off.

Betting apps allow you to take the fun with you. Virtually everyone has a phone attached to them and now you can take your favourite gambling operators with you to the bar, airport, vacation, and more. Sports betting apps are the ideal way to play, allowing you to bet real money on real markets!

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Mobile Sites vs Mobile Apps in Canada

As the world progresses forward to a more technologically efficient world, as will the sports betting industry. It’s all about adaptability and one of the newest advances in the industry is the addition of mobile apps. Apps are a result of the growth of the industry and they were constructed to display on a smaller screen, like your phone! 

Also, these apps are initiutively sound, allowing you to place bets wherever you are! Granted, not every betting site offers a dedicated mobile app. However, these operators still offer mobile-friendly sites! No matter how you want to play, the point still stands that betting on the go is a feasible option. 

Here at BettingTop10, we’re dedicated to reviewing many of the best sports betting apps for users in Canada. We’ve also tested websites compatible for sports betting. Apps may offer a more personalized experience but we can’t knock operators that provide mobile-friendly sites, at the very least!

Don’t worry about researching the best apps or sites for mobile app. We did all the work for you! sports betting sites are moving forward and our aim was to review some of the best ones in the industry!


Betway mobile app

Mobile Sites vs Mobile Apps Comparison

Mobile SiteMobile App
✔️ Allows for a comprehensive betting experience on the go✔️ Allows for a comprehensive betting experience on the go
✔️ Accessed through browsers, no needs to use the device storage❌ Downloadable on Smartphones and needs to use the device storage
✔️ Same bonuses as on the desktop❌ Mobile apps bonuses are not common
✔️ Personalized with saved login and bet history, less so than mobile apps✔️ Slightly more personalized experience, with saved login and details
❌ Longer loading times on the websites✔️ Quicker loading time on apps
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What Are The Top Sports Betting Apps in Canada for iOS & Android?

Sports betting apps allow bettors to have an optimized gambling experience that they can take whereever they go. It adds a level to simplicity to betting, compared to mobile sites! Since the initial set up involves registering and logging in, moving forward you should only have to open the app and worry about betting! 

Long story short, mobile apps bring a scaled down version of the operator you are using to on a desktop to a smaller screen. Whether it’s a phone or tablet, mobile apps allow you to play sitting on the couch, at the bar or even at the supermarket. 

Perks for downloading mobile apps include special bonuses and a more personalized betting experience! It is also convienent than using a mobile site because typically, mobile apps will allow you to save login information. 

The most notable ways to access mobile apps will be on either Android or iOS! Two of the most popular devices around the world, Android and Apple devices dominate sports betting in Canada. 

Our guide is here to provide key information about the world of betting apps and how you can make an educated decision before downloading them! Let’s cut to the chase and break down eveyrhting you need to know about mobile betting apps. 

Top 3 iOS Betting Apps


iOS Betting Apps


iOS betting apps are exclusive to Apple products. Think of devices such as the iPhone and iPad! The iOS system is a powerful software system that is intuitive in the tech world. Apple provides a secure operating system with rapid load times and the ability to network between products. If you have something on your iPad, chances are you will be able to access it on your iPhone with your iCloud account. 

The iOS operating system has been praised for its quality. This is important news because when downloading mobile apps, we look for responsiveness. Apple takes pride in its security of iOS and protecting user data, which means you should feel safe using Apple products for your gambling. The software is incredible at fighting off malware, also. 

The ease of accessing iOS apps is appreciated as well. You simply go to the App Store and search for the app you are looking to add to your device. From there, a simple download will leave you with the app. Depending on the file size and your internet speed, you could have apps within seconds! 

A major gripe is that iOS does not allow users to make copies and modulate their apps. There is a sense of restriction in that regard. Still, iOS is one of the most trusted operating systems for devices and especially online gaming! 

Top 3 Android Betting Apps


Android Betting Apps

android-flatAndroid is another powerful operating system! Some betting apps may be optimized for Android but as long as the app you are trying to download is compatible, Android devices have a great track record. These devices are powered by Google’s Linux-based open-source operating system. Bettors who use Android have reported the apps tend to be smart, fast, and efficient. 

Android devices are popular around the world, and we continuously see an increase in devices sold in Canada. Google’s Android security system allows users to customize their privacy and security systems of its operating system on phones. Apple users don’t have the luxury of this feature. 

Those looking to access Android betting apps will be happy to learn that downloading these programs is easy. Accessing the Google Play store will provide you with a list of accessible apps for your device. Bettors using Android devices should install Antivirus systems on their phones. This will help protect against hackers or other issues. Android users have seen issues with breaches, so it’s important to ensure you have protection for your device. 

We’ve evaluated tons of betting apps available on Android for you! Taking into account user betting experience and features, load times (and more), we provided the best sports betting apps powered by the Android system.

Mobile Betting Sites

Chances are if you search for betting apps or mobile betting sites, you could be scrolling for days. The space is diverse and there is definitely a bookmaker for everyone! The number of options in the market means betting sites need to stand out and many gambling sites are opting to add mobile betting as a feature. 

Smartphones and tablets dominate technology and sports betting is adapting. Long gone are the days when you could only gamble at your computer. Now, you can access your favourite operators' site through your mobile site. Exciting times, aren’t they? 

There are two avenues in which bookmakers go: A betting app or a mobile betting site. The former is an app in which you download directly to your device. Meanwhile, the latter is accessed through your preferred browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari. Operators that don’t have a dedicated app tend to offer a mobile site. It’s rare to find a betting site where you can only gamble on desktop. 

As long as you have a compatible device, you can access these mobile sites and mobile apps. Both apps and sites have their benefits! The main thing is that you can gamble on the road. You can’t really go wrong with either option. If it suits your playstyle and device, then what’s most important is that you’ll be able to play on the go! 

World’s Most Popular Sportsbook - Betway Betting App

Betway Sport

Betway is known in Canada for being a reliable bookmaker and operator. They are a top dog in the industry and are one of the biggest sportsbooks in Canada. Betway sees a ton of action every day, thanks to its unreal betting markets, customer service options, and smooth interface. They even offer interesting features such as bet builders and early payouts! And as expected, Betway also offers a powerful betting app

Similar to the website version, Betway’s mobile betting app is effective. There are virtually no differences between the mobile and desktop version of the site. Bettors wanting to access the app can do so on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. And if you aren’t sold on Betway just yet, did we mention they offer live streaming? 

Canadians love Betway and they certainly love their betting app.

betway mobile app


For more details check our full Betway Review

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How Do We Choose the Best Betting Apps?

We looked at a ton of topics to determine the best betting apps. These factors help make apps incredible, both in quality and performance. .

Betting Apps Speed Response

Betting apps that have great response time is a key feature. No one likes to press a button or wait to complete a task. We want responsiveness and that is something we hold to a high regard!

Betting Apps User-Interface

A clunky UI will not win approval from users. Applications with stunning interfaces and easy navigation will be highly regarded. Running smooth as an app is an important feature.

Graphics on Betting Apps

The world is turning to 4K and even 8K resolution! While we don’t expect the highest possible graphics on betting apps, we don’t want to look at fuzzy pictures. Everything should be clean and crisp.

Deposits and Withdrawals In Betting Apps

The ease of depositing and withdrawing in an app should be simple. If you need to go through a maze of links and tabs just to deposit or withdraw, then that app will be on our naughty list. If an app can guarantee a seamless depositing and withdrawing experience, that will make them highly considered

Betting Apps Banking Options

Canadians want an app that allows them to deposit and withdraw without issue! Gamblers will look for betting apps that have a wide range of payment options. Some of the popular methods include Debit, Credit, eWallets, Bank Transfer and even Cryptocurrency! We check to see if mobile apps offer these methods.

Betting Apps Accessibility to Multiple Markets and Events

We mentioned that different apps will have different features and quirks. But what’s consistent from bookmaker to bookmaker is the dedication to providing the best markets and events. We look at what markets, leagues, sports and events are possible for you to bet on when playing.

Betting Apps Live Streaming

Not many apps offer live streaming. Like downloading a mobile app to play on the go, having live streaming allows bettors to watch whereever they are! If a bookmaker offers this, that is a HUGE bonus to the operator.

Live Betting Odds on Betting Apps

We want to see live betting odds! With how popular the market is, ensuring that the app you download has this feature is important to us.

Live In-Play Options

Tons of bettors enjoy live betting. We want to see what betting apps offer in-play betting, as well as the sports and options available.

Betting Apps Notifications

We love to be notified of what is happening with the mobile app we are using. Operators who like to communicate are the key to our hearts! Some betting platforms push out updates, remove offers or adjust bonuses and promotions without notifying users. When betting online, we want full transparency!

Betting Apps Customer Services

Taking care of customers and their issues is an important feature. Many of the sportsbooks offer such methods like Live Chat, E-Mail, Phone Support and more! We wanted to ensure that the mobile app you downloaded has complete customer service options.

Betting Apps Special Mobile Offers

When considering some of the best mobile apps, we looked at special mobile offers! When you can get special bonuses, free plays/spins or boosted odds, that’s a great way to attract attention.

Best Designed App - 888Sports Betting App


Easily one of the best apps out there, the 888 Sports mobile app allows you to bet on array of markets. They offer in-play betting and pre-game markets! All of the best sports and leagues are available, from NFL action to EPL battles! As well, bettors can login using touch ID which is a nice addition!

888sports betting app
For more details check our full 888 Review

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All You Need to Know Before Downloading a Sports Betting App

Before downloading a sports betting app, make sure you look over this list for the best experience:

  • Compatibility

Of course, we want to make sure the app we are attempting to download is compatible with the device you are using. If you download an app and it isn’t compatible, you’ll just need to remove it! Check to make sure the app you download is viable for your device and software.

  • Storage Size

This is a huge step in downloading app. You need to be aware of the storage size (100mb ex) because we don’t want apps that take up your entire space. Larger storage space tends to include better performance and display quality, however.

  • Features

Check every feature possible before downloading an app! Every bookmaker’s features are different and we want to ensure you ENJOY the features offered before committing. Plus, you may discover a feature you didn’t know existed on the app!

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How to download a betting app?

For those looking to add a betting app to their iOS or Android device, it’s simple! Even if you’ve never done it before, the entire process can be smooth. Some operators allow you to click a link that directly brings them to their mobile app, while others you will need to search for. No matter which device you use, we broke down the easiest way to download a betting app.

How to download a betting app for iOS

  • Head to the Apple App Store
  • Search the name of the operator you want to use
  • If something pops up, then they have a mobile app available. Ensure the app is truly the sportsbook, and not an impostor
  • Click the download button and the app should be on your phone
  • Log in and enjoy!

How to download a betting app for Android

  • Head to the Google Play Store
  • Search the name of the sportsbook you intend to download
  • If they pop up, investigate the app to make sure it is truly made by the operator, and not just designed to look that way
  • If you feel confident, click the download button and the app should arrive on your Android
  • Log into the app and enjoy the betting!

How to Download a Betting APK from the Operator’s Site

For those on Android, some sites offer APKs that allow you to download the app straight from their website. An APK (Android Applicable Package) is a file format that allows you to download a file very similar to an app on your device. These aren’t exactly the same as a mobile app but they function the same. When downloading APKs, ensure you are downloading from official and reputable sources! As long as you are cautious, this is an effective option to downloading a similar app to your device.

Here’s how you can download an APK from the operator’s site.

  • Visit Your Favourite Operator That Doesn’t Have an App on your Phone
  • Tap on the three dots that are stacked on top of each other on the right-hand corner of your browser
  • Select the Add to Home Screen Option
  • It will then Download to Your Home Screen in an App Format, Which is Easily Accessed

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How to deposit on betting apps? 

If you’re transitioning from playing on a desktop to a mobile app don’t stress! Depositing on mobile apps is similar to depositing on the computer. The majority of mobile apps will allow you to deposit and withdraw funds with ease. To fully take advantage of this, we provided a quick breakdown for bettors looking to deposit or withdraw their money!

  • Log into the app if you haven’t already
  • Click the bank/deposit tab that is typically on the upper right side of your phone, near where the profile tab is
  • Input the type of payment method you want to use
  • Input the details of that payment method, and how much you want to deposit. Make sure you are not overdepositing! Only deposit an amount you would be okay with losing
  • Click the deposit now button, and the money should hit your betting account shortly. You should now have the money you need to bet.

Best Betting App Payment Solutions

Looking to play on a betting app? Don’t worry, your payment opportunities won’t be sullied! Mobile betting apps offer the same pament methods as their desktop counterparts. Standard payment options for Canadian gamblers include Interac, Visa and MasterCard. These are popular among Canadian bettors and should be offered by any operator you deposit with. Other methods that betting apps will offer include the likes of eWallets, like Skrill, iDebit and ecoPayz. Uncommon methods include cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Apple Pay. These methods will normally be offered by certain bookmakers only.

Betting apps top features

Features are normally the difference maker in users joining a sportsbook or skipping them. Every bookie offers features, which helps make them unique!
Mobile apps also provide these features and we’re here to explore some of the best features that make mobile app betting a pleasant experience.

Betting on the Go: By far the biggest perk of sports betting apps is the freedom to bet anywhere! You can place wagers wherevere you are and don’t need to be chained to a desktop to complete any bets!.

Mobile Bonuses: Depending on the bookmaker you join, certain ones will offer bonuses that download and use their apps! This allows bettors to gain additional bonuses for both the sportsbook and casino.

Personalized Experience: Another plus is the benefit to having a personalized experience. Since the mobile device you are using is personal, downloading the app will allow you to save login details and account prferences! As well, technology is learning and it may be possible to give you a tailored betting experience.

User Enjoyment: Betting apps are a ton of fun and sports betting is all about user enjoyment. Using an optimized mobile application gives you easy access to your favourite operator. It’s incredibly simple to use! With basically no hurdles, bettors love the entire process of using apps.

Sportsbooks Betting Apps


Betting apps bonuses

We’ll preface this section by stating that not every online operator will provide special betting offers for users. While it’s nice to have special promotions linked to the use of mobile apps, we can’t guarantee that your favourite bookmaker has these bonuses. Still, there are unique advantages to using betting apps in general. To start, mobile bonuses are promotions that can only be accessed using a mobile app.

Bonuses and promotions range from free spins, free bets, boosted odds, and more! Free bets and spins allow users to make bets with money that isn’t their own. It’s free money for you to wager! Boosted odds give you better odds and are used as a way for the bookmaker to say thank you for using their mobile app. 

Every sportsbook will offer bonuses and promotions but it’s exceedingly rare to find bookies that offer mobile bonuses and promotions. Betting app promos aren’t common so when you see them offered, you need to act quickly!

Betting apps testimonials

Let’s be honest, the opinion on betting apps can be a mixed bag. Not everyone’s experience is going to align with yours. That’s fine! What we priotizte may be a blip on your radar and vice versa. Some users will enjoy their mobile betting experience, while others will never touch that method of betting. But for those looking to download a mobile betting app, it’s important to wager with an operator that has a strong reputation! 

To help filter through the thousands of options, we searched through the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store (Android) to look at different betting apps and see what customers are saying! 

When reading reviews, it’s important to note that the majority of comments left will be from a user who had a terrible experience. Think about it! How many times have you had a POSITIVE experience and thought to leave a review? Now compare that to a time when you had poor service or a terrible experience and we imagine you would be more inclined to leave a negative review! Sometimes, it’s just how the world works.

With that being said, the most common feature complimented by users were apps that are easy to use. No one likes a complicated process, so apps that are straightforward receive better reviews. The app that seemed to have the most positive reviews was Betway! With a 4.7 rating on the App store, Betway was by far one of the best betting apps we found for iOS users. 

Below are other betting operators and some of the reviews they received on the Google Play Store or Apple Store!

Top Betting Apps Ratings & Reviews

888Sport: “Great site! Loved the options” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


888SportReview compliments the operator’s many markets and fun ways to bet, although the complaint was slow payout speeds

Betway: “It’s honestly a good gambling app” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Betway SportReviewer has been using the app for 2 years, says the app is reliable with withdrawing and depositing, and has good customer service

Popular Betting Apps FAQs

Are Betting Apps legal? 

Using betting apps are legal! Single game sports betting was legalized in Canada in 2021. As long as the operator you’re betting with is approved in the Province you are gambling in, you’ll be good to go!

Can you bet on sports app? 

Of course! The purpose of dedicated betting apps is for users to play on the go. Before, bets could only be placed using a desktop computer. With betting apps, you can wager whereever you see fit!

What is the most popular betting app? 

With different sportsbooks, there isn’t a most popular betting app per se. But some frequently downloaded apps include ones from bookmakers like 888Sport and Betway. Scrolling through our website will help you find more popular betting apps!

How do betting apps work? 

Betting apps are exactly like other apps you download to your device! They are created by developers who tailor the app to the operating platform it will be used on, such as iOS and Android. These apps allow customers to place bets and manage their accounts away from their desktop

What betting apps give free bets? 

To determine which betting apps give out free bets, simply search for the ones you are interessted in. Operators are constantly changing their welcome bonuses and promotions, so it’s hard to say which ones definitevely give out fee bets. But tracking down which ones DO provide free bets is incredibly easy.

What betting apps use PayPal? 

Several different sportsbooks accept PayPal as a payment method. Big names include the likes of 888Sport and Betway. PayPal has become a preferred method for many bettors as it is a safe way to gamble and link funds without directly linking your banking account.