Saskatchewan Sports Betting

Saskatchewan is a busy province home to more than a million Canadians, many of whom are major sports fans and gamblers. For those interested in Saskatchewan sports betting, there is much to learn.

In this guide, we’ll break down all you need to know about betting in Saskatchewan. We’ll cover the popular Saskatchewan betting sites that are available to gamblers, break down the legal betting rules, and provide some helpful information to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible. Sound good? Let’s get started!

How We Rank Bookmakers

In recent years, there have been a lot of changes in the Saskatchewan sports betting industry. It can be hard to keep up with all the sportsbook options that are available or not available in the province. To help, we have ongoing ratings of the top Canadian betting sites.

But how do we rate these operators? Below are some of the criteria we consider when making our ratings of Saskatchewan betting sites.

  • Safety and Legality: We check to make sure the sportsbook is safe and legal for sports betting in Saskatchewan.
  • Coverage and Markets: We verify that the operator has plenty of markets and sports leagues and games covered.
  • Mobile Experience: We check that a sportsbook either provides betting apps or offers a mobile-compatible website.
  • User-Friendliness: We ensure that the bookmaker’s website is easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Banking: We verify that the banking process is smooth and safe, and also provides users with plenty of choice.
  • Features: We double-check that the operator has plenty of fun features for gamblers to enjoy. 

Sports Betting in Saskatchewan

As with every other province, there has been a substantial amount of mystery as to the status of sports betting in Saskatchewan. There have been so many changes to gambling laws and new companies coming in and out of the country, it can be hard to keep up.

At BettingTop10, we are here to help. We know how confusing Saskatchewan sports betting can appear, and we want to remove the mystery around the legality of this industry.

Below, we’ll dive into the state of the gambling of Saskatchewan, including the legality of Saskatchewan betting sites, who can gamble in the province, and the different ways to wager that are available across Saskatchewan.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Saskatchewan?

For bettors that are wondering about the legality around the industry, it can be confusing. The laws around sports betting in Canada and Saskatchewan have been shifting dramatically in recent years, and not everyone is up to date with all the changes. We know that many of you are wondering right now, is sports betting legal in Saskatchewan? To clear that up, we’ll need to dive into the status of wagering across Canada.

First, let’s take a look at how the industry has evolved, which means stepping back in time. For many years, Canada had strict rules surrounding wagering. There was a federal prohibition on single-game sports betting. Single-game betting is when gamblers wager on just one event.

The only way bettors could gamble with government-regulated operators was to bet on parlay websites. Parlay sportsbooks run by provincial lottery corporations would allow bettors to place parlay wagers on odds that were substantially worse than the typically non-lottery-run website. Parlays are when bettors wager on multiple sporting outcomes tied into one single bet, with each outcome needing to occur for the bet to cash.

Most bettors instead focused on using offshore betting sites. Offshore sportsbooks are operators that are licensed in jurisdictions outside of Canada. In places like Curacao and Malta, gambling laws are less rigid, so betting sites can receive licensing from regulators.

These offshore sportsbooks existed as something of a gray area. The government didn’t explicitly make them illegal, but it also certainly didn’t endorse them. The other option was to wager with operators like Sports Interaction, who were based on tribal land. Because tribes have different rules governing them, some located in Canada were able to run sports betting sites from their territory.

However, everything changed when Bill C-218 was passed in 2021. This bill removed the federal prohibition on single-game betting from the Canadian Criminal Code and opened the door to legal gambling. Every province has responded to this differently, with certain ones embracing the change and others keeping the status quo with a few slight revisions.

The major change that came to Saskatchewan was the addition of legal single-game wagering through the PlayNow platform. PlayNow is an operator that was created by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation that serves the Saskatchewan market. It is the only option for government-regulated Saskatchewan sports betting. It accepts users from the province for a fully legal experience, and it first started taking single event bets in November of 2022.

The province that has made the most wholesale changes is Ontario. They’ve leaned into the gambling craze. They have created a provincial regulator that oversees their entire online gaming industry. This has allowed new companies like BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, and PointsBet to enter the Ontario market. They are thus far the only province to fully embrace the new changes from Bill C-218, with everywhere else only instituting similar changes to Saskatchewan.

In Saskatchewan, the changes have been much less obvious. While gamblers are wagering legally, they were before these changes happened, as well. Sports betting is hugely popular in the province, and while many use PlayNow as their primary operator, many don’t.

Offshore betting sites remain usable across Saskatchewan. While some bookmakers have closed down for business in Saskatchewan to just focus on Ontario, there are plenty more that still emphasize the Saskatchewan market.

To put a very long story shortly, sports betting is legal in Saskatchewan. After a long period of confusion, with a gambling gray market and questions over single-game betting, the industry was difficult to understand for the average person. But because of the passage of Bill C-218, it is safe to say sports betting is legal in Saskatchewan.

What the future may hold for the province’s gambling industry is anyone’s guess. They are a long way away from diving in headfirst like Ontario. But to rule this possibility out for the future would not be a wise decision.

Who Can Bet on Sports in Saskatchewan?

While the Saskatchewan sports betting industry has come into focus, with many excited about the changes across the industry, not everyone can sign up. There are still strict regulations on the sports betting industry in the province.

That begs the question, who can register for Saskatchewan betting sites? Let’s dive into some of the key factors bettors should be aware of if they intend to register on one of the many bookmakers that serves the province.

  • Age: Bettors have to be at least 19 if they want to start betting in Saskatchewan. If you are 19 or over, you can legally make wagers in the province.
  • Retail Sports Betting: There are no retail sports betting locations in Saskatchewan. If you want to do sports betting, it will have to be online.
  • Location: To register for a sportsbook like PlayNow in Saskatchewan, you can’t just stop into the province for a vacation. You need a fixed address within the province to make a sports betting account. Sportsbooks that are based on the Saskatchewan market won’t let you sign up without an address that is verified, so don’t try to lie.
  • Remote Registration: For every operator that serves the province, you won’t have to go anywhere to create an account. You can remotely register for all the operators that are targeted toward Saskatchewan residents, as long as you are within the province.
  • Mobile Gaming: Just about all Saskatchewan betting sites have mobile options for users. These include mobile apps or mobile websites, so gamblers can enjoy popular sportsbooks from their phones.

Are there Offshore Sportsbooks in Saskatchewan?

Even with the abundance of changes to the Saskatchewan sports betting market, the reality is that offshore sportsbooks remain the dominant form of wagering in the province. Operators like Bodog that are not based in Canada still serve the province.

While these aren’t explicitly approved by the government, the most popular ones tend to be entirely safe to use and you will not face any government sanctions.

How to Start Betting in Saskatchewan

We’ve explained a little about the legality of wagering in Saskatchewan. Now that you are aware that it is legal to start you’re gambling experience, you are probably feeling ready to open an account and get started.

Whether you are starting with Betway or 888Sport, the process will be mostly similar. Regardless of if you are an experienced gambler or just getting started, it can all be a bit confusing. We’re here to help. Below, we’ll look at the process you will have to go through in order to start your Saskatchewan sports betting journey.

  • Step One: Pick a Sportsbook. The first step you’ll need to take is finding an operator to start wagering with. There are countless options available. We’ve showcased some of the top betting sites that offer users a safe, legal place to bet. Our top operators all offer users fun, engaging places to wager. If you’d prefer to bet elsewhere, our advice is to make sure they’re licensed and safe.
  • Step Two: Register. The registration process should be fast and simple. If you want to register, you will need to click the Sign-Up tab. This will take you to a place where you input personal information like your name, birthdate, contact information, address, and more. Inputting this may feel uncomfortable for some, but if you use a trusted operator, there is no need for concern.
  • Step Three: Deposit. The banking process will be a pivotal part of your Saskatchewan sports betting journey.  We’ll dive into more detail about that a little later on.
  • Step Four: Start Wagering. Once you have money in your account, you are free to start betting. Pick the sport, league, and game you want to bet, and input the amount you want to wager, and you are all set!

Banking Options

The banking process is how you get money in your account to start betting. Hopefully, you will be both depositing and withdrawing from the betting sites you use, so this will be something you need to know how to do.

Banking should be quick and easy. Most sportsbooks want to ensure users don’t struggle to fill their account. If you are concerned about inputting your payment details, don’t worry. Using a licensed and respected sportsbook will decrease your risk. Licensed operators have strict cybersecurity policies. They use top-of-the-line systems to prevent any hacks and ensure peoples’ payments are not interfered with.

To deposit, you’ll need to select a deposit method. The standard options you’ll find on many sportsbooks are:

  • Credit/Debit
  • Interac
  • E-Wallet
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

To deposit, you simply select your payment method, input your payment details, and within minutes, the money should hit your account. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts depend on the method you use, as does the processing speed.

Withdrawing should be a very similar process to depositing. You’ll need to select a payment method and input how much you want to withdraw. One thing to be aware of is that withdrawal times tend to be significantly longer than deposit times.

A lot of betting sites will require users to verify their identity with government IDs before they can withdraw. This will add extra days to the transaction time, but ultimately, if you use a trustworthy betting site, you will get your money back.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Saskatchewan

There are a lot of different sports that users can choose to wager on in with most sportsbooks. The average betting site will have dozens of sports and leagues for bettors to choose from. People enjoy all different kinds of sports in Saskatchewan. But there are some sports that are more popular than others.

The most popular sports in the province will typically see a lot of action. Let’s look at the most popular sports that gamblers tend to wager on in Saskatchewan.

  • Hockey: NHL betting is hugely popular in Saskatchewan, given that many people around the province play and watch hockey on a consistent basis.
  • Baseball: Baseball is one of Canada’s most popular sports, and that extends to Saskatchewan, where MLB betting is a common activity throughout the summer and fall.
  • Basketball: Basketball is one of the world’s most followed sports. Thousands of Saskatchewan residents enjoy NBA betting and watching the world’s top talents compete head-to-head.
  • Football: Football is almost as big in Canada as it is in the United States. A large number of people in Saskatchewan dedicate their Sundays to NFL betting.
  • Golf: Golf is a major passion for millions across Canada, and most people don’t just enjoy playing it. Golf betting is huge in Saskatchewan.
  • Soccer: The world’s most popular sport has a substantial following in Saskatchewan. After Canada’s run to the World Cup, many have started joining in on the fun with soccer betting.

Most Popular Markets

Understanding sports is only part of the battle when it comes to wagering online. You will also need to understand the different markets that sportsbooks offer.

So, what are markets? Betting markets are the outcomes that gamblers are betting on to either happen or not happen. They are things within a game or league that you can put your money on, and if you predict the market right, you win, and if not, you lose.

There are literally dozens of markets bettors can pick from. Let’s look at some of the most popular ones in Saskatchewan.

  • Moneyline: Moneyline wagers are bets on the outcomes of games. They are straightforward: if you pick a team on the Moneyline, you’ve bet them to win.
  • Point Spread: The Point spread is a line that bookmakers have made that projects the score differential in favor of one team. Bettors can wager for the spread, meaning the favored team exceeds that differential, or against it, meaning they don’t.
  • Over/Under: The Over/Under is a line bookmakers have made that represents the total projected points/runs/goals in a game by both teams combined. Bettors can bet the over, meaning the teams combine for more, or the under, meaning they combine for less.
  • Futures: Futures are long-term wagers on outcomes within a league that are not settled in a single game. This can be something like who will win the NBA MVP or which team will win the NFL Super Bowl.
  • Game Props: Game Props are a style of bet where gamblers can pick from a huge range of outcomes within a game relating to teams. For example, they can wager on which team will score first, how many three-pointers a team will have, and so on. 
  • Player Props: Player Props are like game props, but rather than being tied to games, they’re tied to players. They are based on individuals’ performances, so bettors can wager on things like whether a player will score, how many points a player will have, and so on.
  • Live Betting: Live Betting is wagering on a game that is already underway. Sportsbooks have an algorithm that updates as the games are played. If one team scores, the odds update in their favor.

Other Bets

Wagering on professional sports is not the only way you can bet on the typical Saskatchewan sports betting site. Most bookmakers will also allow users to place bets on a range of other outcomes.

Let’s look at some of the popular other kinds of betting options Saskatchewan residents can enjoy.

  • Entertainment Industry: If you love movies, TV shows, and Hollywood glamor, you can also wager on entertainment industry outcomes on most betting sites. These include things like award shows, reality TV outcomes, and outcomes on major scripted programs.
  • Politics: Bettors can put their money on significant political elections. These can include things like mayoral races, presidential elections, and more.
  • Esports: Esports has become wildly popular, and bettors can place bets on Esports events on most betting sites. Major Esports tournaments feature the best gamers on the planet squaring off, and gamblers can be the whole way through.

Popular Saskatchewan Teams

There are many teams that residents in Saskatchewan cheer for, but certain ones are more popular than others. Below is a look at some of the teams that the largest number of Saskatchewan residents cheer for.

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders: Saskatchewan’s only major professional sports team plays in the CFL. The Roughriders are a major player in the league and beloved by all across the province.
  • Edmonton Oilers: While Saskatchewan may not have an NHL team, Alberta is just one province over, and many residents grew up in the glory days of Wayne Gretzky and the Oilers. They are still cheered for today.
  • Toronto Raptors: Canada’s only NBA team may be far from Saskatchewan, but that hasn’t stopped fans from supporting this dynamic Canadian squad.
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Much like the Raptors, the Jays are pulled for due to their being the only Canadian MLB team. Fans tune in regularly to watch the Jays show out.

Other Types of Gambling

While betting on sports is what we’ve spent this article focusing on, this is far from the only form of gambling available. Most sportsbooks also allow several other forms of gambling.

If you are interested, there are many other options. Below, we’ll break down some other types of gambling bettors can enjoy.

  • Table Games: Table games are the classic casino options like poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Every sportsbook will have virtual versions of these games where bettors play against a digital dealer.
  • Live Casino: Most sportsbooks also include a live casino. This is a virtual casino where bettors can play against other online bettors, with a live dealer running the game through their screen.
  • Slots: Slots are one of the most popular forms of betting, and all digital casinos will have slot games for bettors. Here, you can bet real money and earn real prizes.
  • Virtual Sports: Virtual Sports are simulated sporting events that are completely computer-generated. Bettors can place wagers on the different outcomes of these simulated games and watch the computer create them in real-time.

How to Play Responsibly in Saskatchewan

Like all things, there can be too much of a good thing with gambling. Sports betting can start off fun and lead into some serious problematic behavior, and it is important for bettors to keep their eye on their habits. Gambling can be addictive, and if you aren’t careful, it can become dangerous.

There are several things bettors should do to ensure they are being responsible while betting. The first is to pick a website with a good reputation. If you neglect to use a sportsbook that has strong user reviews and a license from a trusted regulator, you could find yourself falling victim to scams or fraud.

The other thing is to monitor your payment processes. Don’t bet above your means. Wager with small units so you don’t end up betting more than you intend to. And if you are losing, no when to step back or step out. Don’t chase your losses. The way to get out of a bad situation isn’t by betting more and spending more money.

If things reach a point where you feel you have fallen into problem gambling, there are solutions. The government of Saskatchewan has a toll-free, anonymous, 24/7 help line for bettors. The line is 1-800-306-6789. Bettors can receive free counselling from paid professionals.

Sportsbook to Avoid

Just like there are sportsbooks to seek out, there are others you should avoid. We won’t name any operators to avoid here, but there are certain kinds of bookmakers you should keep your eye out for.

If an operator doesn’t have its license displayed, that should be a major red flag. Most show them at the bottom of their home page. Not showing likely means they are unlicensed, which is problematic. You should also stay far away from bookmakers that have negative user reviews online.

Provincial Betting Guide

While Saskatchewan sports betting has blossomed in recent years, it is far from the only province or territory where this is the case. Gambling is taking off across the country. Check out our betting guides to locations around the country to see how each Canadian province or territory has embraced the industry.

Licensed Sites v. Unlicensed Sites

We’ve mentioned several times licensed sites, but haven’t really dived into the details about what it means for operators to be licensed, and why you should prioritize this when choosing your Saskatchewan gambling site.

A licensed betting site is a sportsbook that has received regulatory approval from a major industry regulator. There are many major licensing regulators around the world, from iGaming Ontario in Canada to the Malta Gaming Authority. These regulators are tasked with making sure sportsbooks are safe, fair, and up to all legal standards.

Licensing companies will look at all aspects of a betting site before approving them. They’ll ensure every part of the operator is up to snuff, from their cybersecurity to their payment processing. If a sportsbook is licensed from a top regulator, you can have a heightened sense of comfort.

This stands in stark opposition to betting sites that do not have licenses. If a sportsbook is unlicensed, that should raise alarms. That means there is no oversight. The bookmaker has no one to ensure that they are safe, reliable, and not vulnerable to hackers or bad actors.

While not every unlicensed operator is a nefarious actor, there is a significantly increased risk if you are using an unlicensed website. That is why we always recommend you use a licensed website.


If you are aiming for maximum safety, using a sportsbook that is run by local authorities tied to the government is your best bet. In Saskatchewan, PlayNow is your solution.

PlayNow is a betting site that is run by the British Columbia Lotto Corporation. It is the only Canadian government-run operator that is designed to serve Saskatchewan. It accepts users from across the province.

This sportsbook covers many of the sports residents of the province love. It has a ton of markets and stands out as a great and safe way to bet on the sports you are passionate about. While its odds are slightly worse than some sportsbooks, it makes up for it with safety and a smooth interface.

Saskatchewan Sports Betting FAQs

There is a lot of information we’ve thrown at you over the course of this article, and we understand how confusing this can all be. The world of sports betting is incredibly complex and hard to keep track of.

To help ensure you are not missing anything, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Saskatchewan sports betting industry.

Yes! As we’ve explained, in recent years, sports betting has gone from a legal gray area in Saskatchewan to a definite reality of the legal system. It is a burgeoning industry in the province enjoyed by thousands.

PlayNow is the operator ran by the British Columbia Lotto Corporation. This betting site services the Saskatchewan region. It is government controlled, which means it is safe and secure, and bettors can wager on all their favorite sports teams and leagues.

The biggest professional sports team in Saskatchewan is the Roughriders. This team has been a part of the Canadian Football League since 1989 and has won four Grey Cups.

Yes! Bettors are able to wager on single events in Saskatchewan as of November 2022. This means you don’t need to make parlay bets when using a provincially controlled betting site like PlayNow.

Yes! While this is still something of a legal gray area, offshore betting sites remain wildly popular in Saskatchewan. In fact, there is certainly a bigger cohort of users here than those who use provincial operators. Bettors can use licensed offshore sportsbooks without any fear of running afoul of the law.

Bill C-218 was the law that was passed to remove the federal prohibition on single-game sports betting across Canada. It opened the door to single-game betting, which was brought into reality in the province in 2022.

Predicting the future of the betting industry in Saskatchewan is impossible, as there are so many contingent factors. The industry could continue to expand if the province chooses to implement a provincial regulator like Ontario has.

No. Saskatchewan users will be unable to register for an account on websites that are iGaming Ontario regulated. You need an Ontario address and to be currently in Ontario to use those operators.

Cameron is a 2020 graduate from the University of Southern California’s Journalism program. He is an avid sports fan and bettor, whose favourite teams include the Toronto Raptors, and the Chicago Bears. Cameron has been writing about and following sports since the age of 10, when he first fell in love with the NFL and NBA.