Best Ontario Betting Apps in 2024

Ontario’s sports betting market has taken off, and naturally, many bettors love to enjoy their favourite betting sites from their phones. There are a huge number of amazing betting apps in Ontario that offer users unique and exciting experiences, and we’re here to help you find out which options stand out from the pack.

In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about Ontario sports betting apps. We’ll break down the top options in the province, cover who the operators are and what they provide, and look into how you can get started. Ultimately, we hope to give you everything you need to get started with your Ontario mobile betting experience. 

Top Ontario Betting Apps

Sports Intercation
Sports Interaction
✓Amazing Mobile Experience ✓Lots of Markets
Must be 19+ to participate, T&Cs apply, Play responsibly:
✓Boosted Odds ✓Generous Bonuses

Must be 19+ to participate, T&Cs apply, Play responsibly:

✓Excellent App ✓Easy to Sign up
Must be 19+ to participate, T&Cs apply, Play responsibly:
✓Excellent App ✓Easy to Sign up
✓Boosted Odds ✓Numerous Markets

The Best Ontario Sports Betting Apps

Canada’s list of bookmakers is massive and only getting bigger. There are a huge number of betting apps in Ontario that can be downloaded to your mobile devices, and we’re here to help you sort through the top ones.

Below, we’ve assembled a look at the many Ontario betting apps that we’d recommend to our readers and broken down some of the key information about each one. Ready? Let’s dive into the premier Ontario sports betting apps.

Sports Interaction App

Sports Interaction is one of Canada’s best and longest-standing operators, and they have brought the same appealing interface and fun features to their app that you’ll find on their website. Sports Interaction provides bettors with an excellent mobile user experience and has top-notch coverage of all the sports that Canadians love.

DevicesIOS and Android
FeaturesLive betting, Same-Game Parlays, Fast Transactions
Download Size108.8 MB
Google Play User Rating3.3
App Store User Rating4.5

888Sport App

888Sport is an operator with more than a decade of experience serving gamblers some of the most enjoyable betting options you'll find. Their mobile app has the same appeal as their website. Both are known for their top-notch, unique features that keep bettors coming back. 888Sport also has massive coverage that ensures gamblers will never run out of ways to play.

DevicesiOS and Android
FeaturesBet Boosts, Betting Insights, Cash Out
Download Size48.1 MB
Google Play User Rating4
App Store User Rating4.4

LeoVegas App

LeoVegas is a sportbook that has emphasized their mobile gaming aspects to become successful. They have an excellent Ontario betting app that allows users to wager on a massive collection of different sporting events. The interface for the mobile LeoVegas offering is excellent, and many would note that the app looks even better on your phone than the desktop version. It is known for easy transactions and solid customer service.

DevicesiOS and Android
FeaturesLive Betting, 24/7 Customer Support, Many Markets
Download Size73.9 MB
Google Play User Rating4.1
App Store User Rating4.3

Bwin App

Bwin arrived in the Canadian market and immediately found success, and its mobile features are a big reason for this. Bwin has created a world-class mobile app that has all the primary offerings bettors are searching for. From an incredibly user-friendly layout to top-notch live betting options, Bwin has it all. They have fun features like virtual sports and specials, and they stand out amongst the many great mobile options in the province.

DevicesiOS and Android APK
FeaturesLive Betting, Virtual Sports, Cash Out
Download Size113.6 MB
Google Play User RatingN/A
App Store User Rating4.1

Bet365 App

Bet365 has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most reputable betting sites. They are a multi-billion-dollar business with a huge market share, and their app is a big appeal for bettors. Bet365’s app is known for its spectacular user experience. They have an excellent design as well as top-notch features that range from Bet Boosts to same-game parlays. It is a hugely popular betting app for a reason.

DevicesiOS and Android
FeaturesBet Boosts, Live Betting, Same-Game Parlay
Download Size33.6 MB
Google Play User Rating4
App Store User Rating4.7

TonyBet App

TonyBet is one of the operators that has best positioned itself at the forefront of the mobile gaming movement. They have emphasized this aspect of betting with a great mobile app for Apple users that provides all the fun features they could want. TonyBet is known for its excellent sports coverage, and you can enjoy a huge variety of different events for pre-game or live wagering. It is one of the top-notch Ontario betting apps available. Note that there is no downloadable app for TonyBet on the App Store or Google Play Store; it must downloaded through a link on the website.

DevicesiOS and Android
FeaturesTournaments, VIP Program, Forecasts
Download SizeN/A
Google Play User RatingN/A
App Store User RatingN/A

BetMGM App

MGM is a world-renowned name in the gambling industry. They have arrived in Ontario with one of the best betting apps in the province, BetMGM. BetMGM has one of the best-looking apps available. It includes top-notch sports coverage and excellent customer service features. Its betting features are world-class, with amazing live betting coverage, bet boosts, and so much more. It is a high-quality option from one of the industry’s biggest names.

DevicesiOS and Android
FeaturesBet Boosts, Same-Game Parlays, Cash Out
Download Size104.3 MB
Google Play User Rating4.5 
App Store User Rating4.7

PointsBet App

PointsBet is an operator that has very quickly established themselves as one to watch in Ontario thanks to their mobile app. The PointsBet app condenses the aspect of this website that make it so special: its unique features and gorgeous look. PointsBet is a hugely appealing app with bright colors and a stylish design. Their sports coverage and markets have earned them a great reputation among veteran and newbie gamblers alike.

DevicesiOS and Android 
FeaturesSame Game Parlay, Live Betting, Live Streaming
Download Size129.8 MB
Google Play User Rating3.9
App Store User Rating4.6

BetRivers App

BetRivers has been an exceptional addition to Ontario’s mobile betting market. They are a professional-quality brand that offers the best of mobile wagering. They have a stunning app that is as picturesque as any. Their markets are top-notch. And BetRivers also provides a huge array of features, from house specials and live streaming to prop picks and more. It all adds up to a top-notch mobile experience.

DevicesiOS and Android
FeaturesLive Streaming, House Specials, Prop Picks
Download Size213.4 MB
Google Play User Rating3.6
App Store User Rating4.1

Caesars App

Caesars is another world-famous Vegas institution that has made the transition to Ontario by launching a top-notch mobile app. The Caesars app is a classic example of a high-quality betting app, complete with just about everything gamblers seek out with these sorts of mobile betting options. They have really emphasized their parlay features, which give bettors a lot of flexibility when constructing bets. They also have top-notch coverage of so many different sporting events.

DevicesiOS and Android
FeaturesSuper Parlays, Live Betting, Rewards Program
Download Size215.7 MB
Google Play User Rating4.3
App Store User Rating3.9

FanDuel App

FanDuel arrived in Ontario as one of the world's biggest betting brands. They have really carved out a niche in the province, forming partnerships with many of the most beloved Ontario teams. Their betting app has certainly caught the attention of gamblers across the province. It has an excellent layout that is easy to use. Their features are excellent, with boosts, live betting, and same-game parlays. They also have more markets than most operators, with many player props.

DevicesiOS and Android
FeaturesSame Game Parlay, Fast Payouts, Player Props
Download Size136.7 MB
Google Play User Rating4.6
App Store User Rating4.7

theScore Bet App

theScore has been an iconic Canadian brand for many years now but recently branched into gambling to huge success. theScore’s app is one of the premium Ontario betting apps available. It is straightforward, easy to use, and highly effective. Its stylish design and excellent sports coverage have made it a favourite of experienced bettors. theScore also has features like real-time stats, player props, same-game parlays, and much more. It is one of the premier Ontario betting apps.

FeaturesSame Game Parlays, Real-Time Stats, Fast Transaction
Download Size126.4 MB
Google Play User Rating4.2
App Store User Rating4.8

What to Look For in An App

We’ve given you a look at some of the top apps on the market, but what makes a mobile sportsbook good? There are a lot of things bettors should target when considering which Ontario sports betting apps to download. Each one has differences that set them apart, so you want to make sure that the app you use meets your requirements.

Below, we’re highlighting some of the most important things to consider when searching for an app.

  • Safety and Security: Safety and security has to be the primary consideration. It is crucial that bettors are using apps that can be trusted to securely store and handle their personal and payment information, without exposing them to risk from hacks or scams.
  • User Experience: Ultimately, it is all about fun. If bettors are using an app that doesn't have a good user experience, what's the point? User experience typically means a great-looking app with fun twists throughout that are designed to keep bettors engaged and excited.
  • Sports Coverage/Markets: With Ontario betting apps, fans want the ability to wager on the games and markets they care about. This is a critical thing for sportsbooks to offer. In-depth coverage means sportsbooks offer a diverse array of markets and sports for gamblers to wager on.
  • Features: Features are an important consideration for gamblers. These are the engrained components of a website that allow users to do things like live bet, live stream, or receive boosted odds.
  • Payment Options: The more ways to pay through an app, the better. Most Ontario betting apps only offer a limited amount of payment options, but the more there are available, the more user-friendly the experience is.
  • Customer Support: Customer support is a very important feature that betting sites can offer. If you ever encounter issues while gambling, it will be important to have options for assistance. The more customer support options there are, the better.

Betting App Features and Advantages

A massive percentage of Canadians have access to smartphones, and this has led to the surging popularity of sports betting apps.

In Ontario, where the gambling industry has entered the mainstream, the impacts of this have been very clear. However, for those who aren't experienced with betting apps, there may be a question as to why these apps have become such a staple.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the key advantages and features that have led to betting apps becoming a must for gambling enthusiasts.

  • Live Betting: One of the most popular reasons to download a betting app is to enjoy live betting from your phone. With live wagering from a mobile device, gamblers can bet on events in real-time from wherever they are, even after the game has gotten started.
  • Accessibility: For most people, the primary reason to download a betting app is to enjoy instant access to the operators you love. Betting apps allow users to not be restricted in their wagering. Ontario betting apps mean you can bet from your phone no matter where you are.
  • Additional Features: A lot of the betting apps in Ontario will include additional features for gamblers. These are added ways to play or incentives for playing that websites will include on their mobile offering. These are added to encourage users to play from their phones.
  • Immersiveness: One of the key features of a great mobile app is how immersive it feels. Ontario betting apps are often highly immersive. They take the betting experience that gamblers know and love and transfer it to their smartphone devices. It is a great way to stay engaged in the action wherever you go. 

How to Start with an Ontario Betting App

We’ve given you a breakdown of some of the apps for the best apps for Ontario sportsbooks and the advantages that they offer. You’re probably starting to get excited about these incredible sportsbook apps and looking to get started. If that is the case, we are happy to help.

Getting started with a betting site’s app should be a straightforward, simple process. If you are considering how to start, below is a step-by-step guide to getting your gambling started with Ontario sports betting apps. 

  1. Step One: Choose an App. This is a crucial part of the process. We’ve introduced you to many of the top operators in the province. Find one that includes the features and user experience that you are looking for. Do your research, as picking a sportsbook to bet with is an important decision.
  2. Step Two: Download the App. Downloading the app is a process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Simply search for the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and once you have found it, click the download button.
  3. Step Three: Create an Account. Once you have downloaded an app, you can register through the app. You’ll have to tap on the Join Now button and go through the registration process. This will require you to input your personal information, including your name, age, address, and more. Since Ontario's gambling industry is government-regulated, you will need to include accurate information and potentially verify it.
  4. Step Four: Deposit Into the Account. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll need to deposit into it in order to start placing bets. This can be done through the app. You’ll need to select the banking section and choose a payment option. Most Ontario betting apps have the same government approved payment methods available, typically including things like Visa/MasterCard and Interac. You’ll need to enter the payment information for the method you’ve selected. Ontario’s highly regulated industry means most apps have excellent security, so you can feel comfortable entering your payment details.
  5. Step Five: Place a Bet. Once you’ve entered your payment details, you are good to place a bet. To do this, select the sport you want to wager on in the app. You’ll see the different games available. Click on the game you want to bet, and you’ll see all the odds for that game. Tap on the odds you want to wager, and input how much you want to bet.

What to Know Before Downloading

As we’ve mentioned, picking which of the Ontario sports betting apps you intend to download is an important decision. There are a lot of things to consider before you tap on that download icon on the App Store or Google Play Store. There are some important things to know before you go through the process.

Below are some of the crucial things to understand before you proceed with any download.

  • Storage Size: Before you download an app, it is important to consider whether it can even fit onto your phone. Every app takes up a different amount of space. Knowing how much space you have available on your phone and how much space an app will take up is critical.
  • Security: Bettors are always very concerned about safety and security, and they definitely should be. One of the best things about the Ontario sports betting market is that the iGaming regulators who oversee the industry are sticklers for security. However, you should always look at the reviews and general feedback for different betting sites to ensure they are trustworthy and safe.
  • Features: Features are a critical consideration for gamblers. These are embedded aspects of a betting app that don’t change often. Before downloading an app, familiarize yourself with the different features it offers. This will ensure a more optimal experience.
  • Compatibility: Not every app can be downloaded to every device. You need to be sure that you can even use the app before downloading it. Check if it is compatible with your operating system and mobile device before downloading. Some Ontario sports betting apps might require you to update your phone.
  • Payment Options: As we’ve mentioned, different betting apps will accept different payment methods. If you want to use a specific payment method that isn’t common, it is important to check that the betting site accepts this method before you download their app. 

Legality of Betting Apps in Ontario

While we’ve given you plenty of information about the best Ontario sports betting apps, it is also critical to cover the overall legality of the Ontario mobile betting industry. Legality is a critical consideration, as gamblers can step into hot water if they are betting on illegal websites, as they are more likely to fall victim to scams. So, let's dive into whether Ontario betting apps are legal.

To put a long story short, betting apps in Ontario are legal. The industry has changed massively since the 2020s began, and now, sports betting in Ontario is a legal, government-regulated market. For quite a while, gambling was something of a gray area in the province. But this has changed dramatically, opening the door to a huge number of new operators entering the province.

The situation prior to 2021 was that sports betting was not legal across Canada. It was an offence in the Criminal Code to wager on single-game sporting events, although this was never enforced by the government. People would wager on offshore betting sites and apps.

In 2021, Bill C-218 was passed. This removed the prohibition on single-game sports betting and ushered in a new era. Ontario was the first province to fully embrace the changes this brought. In 2022, Ontario rolled out its iGaming program, which was a fully government-regulated and legalized form of sports betting.

Sports betting apps and websites that received an iGaming license could legally advertise and operate within the province. Many major brands saw the writing on the wall and embraced this change. The companies that did were able to launch mobile apps in the province that are downloadable on the Apple App or Google Play Stores.

There are now a large number of different betting apps that are fully licensed and regulated in the province. This has led to a more secure, safe, and profitable environment for everyone involved. It has also led to betting apps in Ontario taking off as major legitimate businesses.

Sports and Events to Wager on with Ontario Betting Apps

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province, and it is arguably the country’s sports mecca. It seems like every week there are major sporting events that Ontario residents can wager on with their Ontario sports betting apps.

If you are someone who is interested in Ontario mobile betting apps, below are some of the most popular sports and events for wagering.


  • Baseball: Baseball has long been one of the most popular sports in Ontario, with a history dating back more than a century. Fans still love to tune in and wager on baseball, particularly when the MLB season is in action.
  • Basketball: Basketball has blossomed into one of Canada’s most popular sports. In Ontario, the NBA is surpreme, and after the 2019 NBA Finals win by the Toronto Raptors, this will surely remain the case for the immediate future.
  • Hockey: There is no sport in Canada that can match the popularity of hockey, and that is certainly the case in Ontario, where there are two NHL teams. Wagering on hockey is hugely popular across the province, and all of the best Ontario betting apps will have significant coverage of the sport.
  • Football: Football may be most popular South of the border, but that doesn’t mean Ontarians don’t love wagering on the NFL and NCAA. There is a huge market for football betting across the province.
  • Soccer: Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and it has a massive following in Ontario, particularly as Canada’s international soccer reputation takes off. All Ontario betting apps will have soccer.


  • Super Bowl: The Super Bowl, the culmination of the NFL season, is the biggest betting event in Canada. All betting apps will focus heavily on this game.
  • NHL Playoffs: The leadup to the Stanley Cup and the series itself marks a major time when bettors like to get invested in the action.
  • NBA Playoffs: The NBA Playoffs are when many Ontarians start to tune in and wager on their favourite Ontario mobile betting apps.
  • International Soccer Tournaments: With Canada qualifying for many major international soccer tournaments now, mobile betting on these events has skyrocketed in Ontario. Whether it is the World Cup or Copa America, gamblers are all in.

Favorite Teams

Everyone enjoys betting on different teams in Ontario. It all depends on what kind of fan you are. However, there are certain teams that seem to attract the most action on Ontario sports betting apps. These are the teams that typically have the biggest fanbases in the province.

If you are curious about which of Ontario’s teams are the most popular for mobile betting, we’ve assembled a quick look at the teams below.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs: The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the NHL's original six franchises and one of the country's iconic sports teams. Toronto is the biggest city in the province, and the Leafs have a rabid fanbase, who are often left disappointed come playoff time.
  • Ottawa Senators: The Senators reside in the nation’s capital. While they have experienced numerous ups and downs over the past several years, their fans across Ottawa remain loyal and hopeful, consistently wagering on the team’s chances.
  • Toronto Raptors: The NBA is hugely popular in Canada, and the Raptors are Canada’s team. The country has really embraced this franchise, and they were rewarded with an iconic championship win in 2019. Mobile bettors love to place bets on this famed franchise.
  • Toronto Blue Jays: For MLB lovers and gamblers in Ontario, the Blue Jays are the biggest game in town. The Jays are a franchise that represents the nation, and many in Ontario enjoy placing futures or outright bets on the Jays from their mobile devices.
  • Buffalo Bills: There is no NFL team in Ontario, but many in the province still support the Bills. The Bills are based right along the province's border, and there is a passionate Canadian fanbase for this franchise. Mobile bettors are hoping this could finally be the year the Bills breakthrough.
  • Toronto FC: The MLS is the biggest soccer league in Canada, and TFC is the only team in the league based in Ontario. For those who enjoy mobile gambling on the MLS, TFC is the team to support.

Ontario Mobile Betting FAQs

The past few years have spelled some major changes for betting apps in Ontario. Naturally, it can be a little difficult to keep track of all that has happened, and confusion can be common. At BettingTop10, we are here to help. Below, we’ve assembled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Ontario betting apps.

Yes! The legal betting landscape in Ontario has evolved dramatically to the point where it is now regulated by the provincial government through iGaming Ontario. This has paved the way to fully legal mobile betting apps.

It is typically drastically safer to use a licensed betting app than an unlicensed one. Licensing just means there are authorities who have looked over the app to ensure it is safe and secure. In a province with so many high-quality legal betting apps available, it doesn’t make sense to use an unlicensed app.

Because of the regulated nature of sports betting in the province, most of the betting apps in Ontario will have the same payment options. These will tend to be the standard payment methods like Interac or credit/debit cards. The government is less likely to allow websites to use crypto transactions for safety and security reasons.

The primary benefit of Ontario sports betting apps is that they offer users maximum convenience and accessibility. You are not tied to a desktop computer every time you want to place a wager. Instead, with mobile betting, anywhere you and your phone go, you can place bets. This makes it ideal for things like live betting.

The most important consideration before placing a bet is safety and security. You don’t want to use an unlicensed app that could potentially be a scam, as all mobile betting apps require things like payment and personal information. So, it is critical to check licensing and reviews for a sportsbook before you tap download on the App or Google Play Store.

There isn’t a sportsbook around that will cover every single sport on the planet, as this is impossible. However, most mobile betting apps will offer coverage of all the primary sports Canadians love. Typically, the best Ontario betting apps will have odds available on anywhere from 20-30 different sports, with many having odds on dozens of leagues and events in each sport.

Cameron is a 2020 graduate from the University of Southern California’s Journalism program. He is an avid sports fan and bettor, whose favourite teams include the Toronto Raptors, and the Chicago Bears. Cameron has been writing about and following sports since the age of 10, when he first fell in love with the NFL and NBA.