Prince Edward Island Sports Betting

Prince Edward Island may be a small province, but it has a huge sports scene. There are plenty of devoted fans across P.E.I., many of whom wager on games. Prince Edward Island sports betting is incredibly popular.

There are many Canadian betting sites that are frequented by users across the province, and there is much to know about the industry. Betting in Prince Edward Island can be complicated and confusing, but we’re here to help.

Below, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about wagering in the province. We’ll explore the top Prince Edward Island betting sites, cover legality, and reveal all the critical info you need. Ready? Let’s begin!

How We Rank the Bookmakers

There are a lot of websites for Prince Edward Island betting, from Sports Interaction and Bodog to Betway and 888Sport. We know that separating the differences can be a challenge, and picking out the right one is easier said than done.

That is why, at BettingTop10, we look over and rank a massive number of operators to give you a sense of what’s good and what isn’t. But how does our ranking process work?

Below are some of the things we consider when ranking operators for sports betting in Prince Edward Island. 

  • Legality and Safety: The first and most important thing to keep in mind is if the operator is legal and safe in P.E.I.
  • Mobile Experience: We also look at if the sportsbook has betting apps or a mobile-friendly website.
  • User-Friendly: We consider if their website is easy to use and appealing for sports bettors.
  • Sports Coverage and Markets: We ensure that they cover all the sports and markets that bettors will typically seek out.
  • Betting Offers: We look over whether they have offers and promotions for users that are fun and engaging.

Sports Betting in Prince Edward Island

There is a lot to know about the legality of wagering in Prince Edward Island and in Canada in general. Before you can even think about getting signed up and started, it is likely a good idea to start learning about the legality of sports betting not just in the province but across the country.

To put a long story short, sports betting is legal in Prince Edward Island. Bettors can wager without the fear of legal repercussions across the province. But there is more to the situation than that.

Below, we’ll help inform you of the pertinent details you need to understand before you can sign up for a sports betting website.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Prince Edward Island?

The question on most people's minds before we can go any further is, is sports betting legal in Prince Edward Island? Can bettors in P.E.I. legally wager without the concern of crossing any legal boundaries?

The answer to this question is a yes, but It doesn’t come without caveats. The legal situation in the province is quite complicated, as it is largely defined by what is going on across Canada. To fully understand whether you can legally use Prince Edward Island betting sites, you need to understand what the rules are in Canada and the history of these rules. 

For essentially as long as internet gambling has existed, it has been in something of a legal gray area in Canada. The government didn’t federally make gambling illegal, but they did have a rule in place that single-game betting operators were not allowed to run their businesses in Canada.

Single-game betting is the act of wagering on a single sporting event. So, there were no operators allowed in Canada that had this type of betting. Instead, if gamblers wanted to wager with a government-approved operator, they could only bet on parlays.

Parlay betting is when bettors tie multiple bets into one. It is a form of gambling that can have massive payouts. However, it is way more risky than single-game betting, so having this be the only government-supported option puts gamblers in an unfortunate position.

However, there were workarounds for P.E.I. residents and Canadians. There were some exceptions to the government’s rule. For starters, Canadians could use sports betting sites that were licensed and regulated outside the province, like Bet365, Betway, Bodog, and more. These operators were licensed in outside jurisdictions where governments allowed sports betting companies on their soil.

The other option was to use operators like Sports Interaction, who were licensed in Indigenous jurisdictions in Canada. They didn’t have to adhere to the government’s rules, so operators like Sports Interaction were allowed to serve Canadian markets.

The state of affairs was that bettors could use operators that weren’t licensed in their jurisdiction without any fear of repercussions from the government. But it wasn’t explicitly endorsed by the government, so it was something of a confusing legal gray area. While this system was not ideal, thanks to how confusing it was, it was the only one for decades.

In 2020, Bill C-218 was introduced, and in 2021, it was passed. So what is Bill C-218, and why does it matter?

Bill C-218 was a bill that amended the Canadian Criminal Code. Originally, the code had rules that federally banned single-game wagers. This bill removed that from the code, giving provinces the freedom to make their own decision on betting.

Instead of a catch-all rule, provinces could run their own gambling industries and regulate operators within the province if they chose to.

In Prince Edward Island, we already have seen the fruits of this change in action. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which serves the Maritime provinces, has upgraded Proline Stadium to feature single-game betting. This provincially-run operator now allows bettors to place wagers on a single event or parlay their bets.

While this is incredibly exciting, it is not as far as the changes in Ontario have gone. Ontario has fully implemented sports betting into the provincial regulations. They now have a regulatory body that oversees multiple operators in the province. New sportsbooks like FanDuel, BetMGM, and DraftKings have now arrived. These betting sites are not legal in Prince Edward Island.

Predicting whether Prince Edward Island will expand its industry is difficult. Right now, the Maritime provinces seem content to make the same decisions together. They rely on a single provincially-run operator rather than fully opening up their industry. Still, it is a step in the right direction, and offshore betting sites remain available.

Who Can Bet on Sports in Prince Edward Island?

While we’ve established that Prince Edward Island sports betting is legal, the story doesn’t end there. Not everyone who enters the province is able to bet. There are still plenty of significant rules that govern the industry. These rules pertain to who is able to wager in Prince Edward Island.

If you want to do some sports betting in Prince Edward Island, let’s look at some of the significant considerations bettors that pertain to who can wager on sports in P.E.I.

  • Age: If you want to wager in Prince Edward Island, you need to be 19 or older. For anyone else, it is illegal and off-limits.
  • Location: You can’t just be passing through to sign up for a P.E.I. sportsbook. You need a fixed address in the province. If you are signing up with Proline Stadium, they’ll use geo software that ensures you are within the province.
  • Remote Registration: If you want to sign up for a sportsbook, you can do it from anywhere in the province. You don’t need to head to a local retailer.
  • Are Winnings Taxable?: If you find yourself winning some serious cash, taxes might cross your mind. However, the money you win from P.E.I. websites is not taxable.
  • Mobile Options: Mobile sportsbooks are a big part of Prince Edward Island sports betting. You’ll find apps and mobile websites available legally here.
  • Retail Sportsbooks: There are no retail sportsbooks available in the province.

Offshore Sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island

As we’ve mentioned, offshore sportsbooks are legally allowed in Prince Edward Island. These are betting sites that are not licensed on Canadian soil but rather by regulators in places like Malta, Gibraltar, or Curacao, where the gambling industry is legalized and regulated.

This is considered the betting “gray market,” because it is not illegal, but it also isn’t fully endorsed by the Canadian government. However, you can’t be punished for using offshore sportsbooks, so worry not.

How to Start Betting in Prince Edward Island

We’ve given you the rundown on the legality of online wagering in Prince Edward Island. This should’ve cleared up some key issues at play. But for many people who are looking to start a sports betting experience, there is still a lot of confusion to overcome.

We are happy to help in this case. Getting started with your betting journey should be pain-free and fast, but there can be some confusing steps along the way. We’ll guide you through the key elements of the process.

The first step you’ll need to go through is picking from the Prince Edward Island betting sites that are available. There are dozens of options to choose from; find one that is legal, safe, and covers the sports, markets, and features you care for.

Your next step is to undergo the registration process. This should be fast, but there are some bettors who feel a little anxious about this element of things. Sportsbooks require your name, address, and other personal info. But if you use a trusted, reliable operator, this should not ever become a problem.

The next step is the banking process. We’ll touch more on that below. Finally, once your account is funded, you can start wagering. Exercise caution, but enjoy your P.E.I. betting experience!


As we’ve mentioned, the banking process is a necessary component of a sports betting experience. You will need to fill your account with currency before you can start wagering.

This is something that can be nerve-wracking. You will be required to input your payment information into a sports betting website and trust them.

If you are using a reliable, licensed operator, this will not be a concern. Trusted sportsbooks are heavily reliant on their reputation, so any missteps in managing their players’ money could be a huge issue. They tend to have great cybersecurity and take significant precautions for their users.

Most sportsbooks will accept a wide range of different transaction methods to accommodate their users. Some of the different transaction methods you can expect to find on the typical sports betting sites include:

  • Debit/Credit
  • Interac
  • PayPal
  • E-Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Apple Pay

The options available will depend on the betting site you are using. Each sportsbook has different transaction processing times and payment maximums or minimums. Look into this before you pick your deposit type.

Typically, sportsbooks will transaction deposits within a matter of minutes, although it can differ.

When it comes time, hopefully, you will want to withdraw. Taking money out of your betting account and into your bank account is something every bettor should aspire towards.

The process is very similar to depositing; it should not take long. You will simply visit the sportsbook’s bank, input your payment information, and select the withdrawal method you want to use.

Typically, withdrawals will take substantially longer than deposits. Sportsbooks will often require you to verify your identity. Don’t be alarmed if this is the case; it is the industry norm.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a small province and does not have any significant major sports teams. While it may not have the pro presence of other bigger provinces, Prince Edward Island has passionate fans of a huge range of sports.

People in Prince Edward Island bet on a broad range of different sporting events. There isn’t just one or two sports you’ll find fans wagering on here. However, that doesn’t mean some sports aren’t more popular than others.

There are some sports in the province that are more commonly wagered on by gamblers. Let’s look at some of the most popular sports for Prince Edward Island sports betting.

  • Hockey: The N.H.L. and many other leagues are huge draws in P.E.I. That is why hockey betting is massively popular in the province.
  • Basketball: Basketball betting has steadily grown in popularity in P.E.I. alongside the sport. Basketball is now watched and wagered on by many in the province.
  • Football: You can’t overlook how much P.E.I. locals love their football. Many regularly devote their Saturdays and Sundays to N.F.L. and NCAA games. Football betting is huge here.
  • Soccer: Soccer is a global phenomenon, and there are many in P.E.I. who enjoy soccer betting. With the World Cup set to come to Canada, that popularity will only grow.
  • Baseball: Baseball is a beloved sport that many P.E.I. residents will wager on. Baseball betting is particularly popular during the summer.
  • Golf: P.E.I. has some of the most stunning golf courses in Canada. They are passionate about the sport, and golf betting is huge here.

Most Popular Markets

While the sports that Prince Edward Island residents wager on tell part of the story, there is more to know. It is important to be aware not just of what sports residents bet on, but the markets they are wagering on.

What are markets, you ask? Markets are the different outcomes within a game or league that gamblers are putting their money on. These can be simple things, like who will win, or far more complex.

Understanding markets is a pivotal first step to understanding sports betting. We’re here to help you take that important step. Below is a look at some of the markets bettors across the province tend to prioritize.

  • Moneyline: A Moneyline bet is a wager on the direct outcome of a sporting event. If you pick a team on the Moneyline, you’ve bet on them to win.
  • Point Spread: The Point Spread is a line that represents the projected score differential in favor of one team. Bettors can wager for the spread, meaning the favored team wins by more than that differential, or against it, meaning the favored team won’t exceed that differential.
  • Over/Under: The Over/Under is a line that oddsmakers create to represent the total amount of points/goals/runs in a game between both teams combined. Bettors can wager on the over, meaning more are scored, or the under, meaning less.
  • Futures: Futures are long-term bets on a league, like wagering on who will win the M.V.P., Super Bowl, or make the playoffs.
  • Game Props: Game props are wagers on outcomes within a game. They can be obscure things, like which team will win the opening tip-off, or more impactful, like who will lead at half-time.
  • Player Props: Player Props are wagers within a game on a player’s performance. They can include things like whether a player will score in an N.H.L. game or how many rebounds a player will have in an N.B.A. game.
  • Parlays: Parlays are when bettors tie multiple wagers into one. Each wager within the parlay needs to hit for the bet to cash.
  • Live Betting: Live Betting is when gamblers wager on events that are already underway. The odds shift and adjust according to what is happening live in the game.

Other Bets

While wagering on sports is the most common activity for people who use sportsbooks, this isn’t your only option. There are also other things you can find odds on. Let’s look at some other betting options on sports betting sites.

  • Esports: Esports is a form of wagering centered around betting on professional video gamers. This is a form of betting that has become increasingly popular.
  • Politics: Many people like betting on major political events. These can be as small as mayoral races and as big as significant federal elections.
  • Entertainment: Bettors can also wager on entertainment outcomes. These include things like reality show results, award show winners, or even outcomes on major scripted events.

Popular Teams in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island may not have any professional sports teams, but people certainly still root for different squads. There are several sports teams that tend to be the most popular in the province. Let’s look at some of the ones that have the biggest followings in Prince Edward Island.

  • Toronto Raptors: As Canada’s only professional basketball team, it is to be expected that this is the N.B.A. squad most of the people in P.E.I. tend to root for.
  • New England Patriots: The New England Patriots are geographically relatively close to the province, and the New England connection is strong. This is the biggest N.F.L. team here.
  • Montreal Canadiens: Hockey is king in P.E.I., and the closest Canadian N.H.L. team is the Habs. Many P.E.I. residents are devoted fans of the team.
  • Toronto Blue Jays: The Jays are the only Canadian MLB team, so they are the group the average baseball fan in the province pulls for.

Other Types of Gambling

Wagering on sports is something most bettors love. It is the reason the average person signs up to get started on a Prince Edward Island sportsbook. However, there are other types of gambling that are also legal in the province.

Sports betting is only the tip of the iceberg. If bettors want to try their hands at something else, there is much more out there.

Below are some of the other popular forms of betting that gamblers can enjoy.

  • Virtual Sports: Virtual sports is a form of wagering where gamblers can place bets on computer-generated sporting events that have a random final result.
  • Virtual Casino Games: Virtual casino games are online versions of games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat that feature the player playing against the computer.
  • Slots: Virtual slots function much the same as real life slots. Bettors just place their bets and click to pull the lever.
  • Live Casino: Live casino games are when bettors play online casino games like poker and blackjack with a real deal and in competition with other players.
  • Tournaments: Many sportsbooks will have live tournaments, where bettors face off in exciting tournaments against other gamblers.

How to Play Responsibly in Prince Edward Island

We’ve given you insight into the laws that dictate the sports betting industry in Prince Edward Island and broken down how you can get started. But it is also important to consider how you bet responsibly.

An important thing to note is the significance of payroll management. Be very cautious with how much you put into your account and how much you bet. Try to keep your bet sizes small, and don’t chase your losses.

It is also important to use safe and legal betting sites. This avoids a substantial risk.

Lastly, problematic behaviors can become all too common when sports betting. If you find yourself slipping into dangerous gambling habits, there is help out there. If you notice problem behavior arising, call 1-855-255-4255. This is a toll-free, confidential, 24/7 phone line for gambling support.

Sportsbook to Avoid

The key thing to avoid with sportsbooks is operators who don’t list a license. A license, whether it is from Canada or beyond, is hugely important. Another big red flag is if a sportsbook has a large number of negative online reviews.

Provincial Betting Guide

While Prince Edward Island has a significant legal gambling industry, it is not the only province or territory where that is the case.

At BettingTop10, we cover all of the Canadian jurisdictions where gambling is allowed. Below are our betting guides for each Canadian province and territory.

Licensed vs. Unlicensed Sites

As we’ve discussed, there are some sportsbooks that have licenses and some that don’t. At BettingTop10, we heavily recommend you pursue a sports betting experience with an operator that has a license. But why?

A license comes from a regulator that is associated with the government. They have a rigid set of rules for betting sites. They will look over an operator and determine whether they have quality security and fairness.

Essentially, it is the job of the licensing companies to verify that the sportsbook is safe and fair. This is hugely important. Betting on a sportsbook that has a license will lead to a more smooth, stress-free gambling experience. You can feel assured that the betting site has an institution behind them that vouches for them.

With an unlicensed betting site, this is not the case. The sportsbook has received no oversight or approval. This is obviously a cause for concern, as there is no way to verify that everything is safe and secure. Using an unlicensed sportsbook can be a direct route to falling victim to a scam.

Proline Stadium

Proline Stadium is the government-regulated option that is available to Prince Edward Island residents. It is regulated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Proline Stadium serves all the Maritime provinces. It is an operator that is verified and overseen by a regulatory body within the provinces. It is the only operator that is regulated by Maritime authorities.

Proline Stadium is likely the safest betting site to use because you can be confident that it has security. It only serves this portion of Canada. However, its odds and features are significantly below what is available on competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we’ve covered much of the nitty-gritty about wagering in Prince Edward Island, it is natural that you might still have a lot of questions. If that is the case, we are here to help. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Prince Edward Island sports betting.

Is sports betting in Prince Edward Island legal?

Yes! Sports betting is legal across the province. While there are limitations, in general, you can comfortably bet in the province without any fear of legal repercussions.

What is the gray market, and can I use it in P.E.I.?

The gray market is the term used for offshore-licensed betting sites. These are not fully “legal,” in that they aren’t government-endorsed. But they aren’t illegal. You can use gray market sites in this province.

Why should I use licensed operators?

Using licensed operators is definitely the safe, responsible decision. They have better security and pose far less of a scam risk for bettors.

What is Proline Stadium?

Proline Stadium is the name of the sportsbook that is regulated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. It legally serves the Maritime provinces.

When did single-game sports betting become legal in P.E.i?

Single-game betting has been legal in P.E.I. since 2021, when Bill C-218 was passed. Proline Stadium initiated this service for bettors.

Will other sportsbooks be regulated in P.E.I.?

There is no way to say for sure. Right now, it is hard to project any imminent changes in this department, so likely not.

What is the most popular sport to bet on in P.E.I.?

The sport that has the most widespread following in the province is hockey. There are likely more people in the province who wager on hockey games than any other sport.

Can I bet on every sport in P.E.I.?

Chances are, any sport you can think of will be available to be wagered on in P.E.I. There really aren’t many sports you won’t find on sports betting sites.