Best NFL Betting Sites in 2024

The NFL is a massively popular league in Canada and attracts the attention of every sharp bettor every Sunday. To make life easier for sports betting fans, we’ve compiled some of the best NFL betting sites available to Canadian bettors.

Top NFL Betting Sites

Breakdown of the NFL

The NFL is the most popular football league in the world, with millions tuning in every Sunday to watch the league’s best clash. While there are no Canadian NFL teams, the sport remains incredibly popular with Canadian fans and bettors.

With 32 teams located across America playing 17 games each season, the NFL has a shorter season than most professional sports. But within that time frame, they feature must-watch games each week with spectacular performances.

There are two conferences in the NFL, the NFC and the AFC. Each conference has four divisions consisting of four teams. The teams play every one in their division twice, and the rest of their schedule is made up of non-divisional opponents.

The top team in every division makes the playoffs, as well as three wild-card teams in each conference. The wild-card teams are the teams with the best records that didn’t win their division. The team with the best record in each conference gets a bye to the second round, and the other six teams play each other in a single game, determining who advances to the next round.

Eventually, there is only one team left at each conference. The two teams that have won their conference meet up in the Super Bowl to determine the NFL Champion.

Each game is 60 minutes, consisting of four 15 minute quarters. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there is a ten-minute overtime period. If there is no winner following that, the game ends in a tie.

The NFL attracts a huge number of bettors because each game feels like a major event. Dedicated fans use their favourite operator every Sunday to place a variety of entertaining bets. Canadian sports fans can find numerous sites that allow them to bet on different aspects of the game, including player prop wagers.

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Best NFL Betting Sites - Top Sportsbooks

Here’s a few of our favorite NFL betting sites in Canada. Each of these sites offers a host of enjoyable wagers including player prop bets, alternate point bets, teasers, and traditional wagers such as point spread and point totals.

Let’s take a look at the best NFL betting sites:

Sports Interaction

Sports Intercation

Sports Interaction is a sportsbook made by Canadians for Canadians. If you’re someone looking to get started on a betting website that has a smooth interface and an easily comprehensible layout, Sports Interaction is the operator for you.

Sports Interaction keeps up with betting trends by having an extensive live betting offering that makes for a thrilling way to enjoy a game. They also provide seasonal updates to their promotion page that offers free bets and point boosts. The site also offers a massive amount of markets with countless ways to bet on every game.

In our opinion, Sports Interaction offers the best overall experience for Canadian sports bettors. Whether you’re someone who has years of betting experience or just a newbie, Sports Interaction is a great operator for NFL betting.

125% Up To C$250

Betway NFL


Betway is one of the major players in the global gambling industry. With a valuation in the billions, the site is an extremely popular betting destination that provides gamblers with a clean interface, a huge variety of markets, and tons of amazing promotions.

If you’re looking for a gambling operator that is constantly adding new wrinkles, Betway is for you. They provide daily prop bets, Betway Boosted odds, and many different seasonal promotions based on the sporting events going on. Best of all, it looks as good as any sportsbook, with an easy-to-use and modern design.

Betway also has one of the best betting apps around. If you like betting on the go, their app has live betting features that make it simple. Overall, Betway offers many fun twists that enhance bettors’ overall experience. They’re a great and trusted operator for NFL bettors.

100% Deposit Up to $300


Powerplay is an emerging betting site that caters to a Canadian client base. They are trusted and reliable, with countless ways to bet and a great variety of different payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

They are an operator that takes pride in their ability to problem-solve for customers and are all about emphasizing the customer experience. They have many core features such as live betting, create a bet specials, and cash out. Their website has a very basic layout and colour scheme, making it extremely easy to use.

With an abundance of fun features, consistent promotions, and a customer support team that really seems to care, Powerplay is a great place for gamblers old and new to place NFL bets. Powerplay has just about everything an NFL bettor would look for.

100% Bonus on First Deposit up to $500

How to Bet on the NFL

Betting on the NFL can be a complicated thing. There is a lot to know, and even if you’re a massive NFL fan, gambling requires a whole different subset of knowledge.

Luckily for you, we are not just known for our sportsbook reviews. We are also seasoned sports bettors with years of experience gambling on the NFL. Below, we’ve provided you with some key knowledge on how to successfully bet on the National Football League.

What Makes the Best NFL Betting Site?

When users bet on professional football, they want variety in the NFL betting lines offered by the site. Canada’s best NFL betting sites offer traditional line bets alongside a host of proposition bets, known as prop bets among sharp bettors. A player prop bet allow you to wager on smaller, more detailed statistics, such as how many rushing yards the team’s best RB will run for in the day’s game.

NFL Betting Odds

There are multiple different kinds of odds that the typical sportsbook uses. Let’s take a look at the two most popular.

  • American:  American odds are the most commonly used in Canada. For American odds, the probabilities of an outcome are represented as a + or a -. These represent the return a bettor would make on a successful wager. If an outcome is +, it represents how much a bettor would receive if they bet $100. So if an outcome is +300, there’d be a $300 profit on a $100 bet. For -, it represents how much a gambler would need to bet to get a $100 return. If an outcome is -300, a bettor would need to place a $300 bet to return $100.
  • Decimal: Decimal odds are easier to understand than American odds and tend to be more popular in Europe. For decimal odds, the odds represent the total payout, not the profit, which is where they differ from American odds. The odds represent the return you would get if you bet $1 on them. For example, if the odds are 1.4, you’d get $1.40 for a $1 bet or 40 cents of profit. If the odds are 3.5, you will get a $3.50 return or $2.50 profit.

NFL Betting Markets: The Best NFL Bets

Markets are the different ways bettors can place bets. They represent what exactly is being bet upon. Here are some of the most popular markets.

NFL Moneyline: Moneyline is when the bet is placed on the result of the game straight up, so just whether a team will win or lose. If you bet a team on the Moneyline, the bet is just on whether the team will win.

NFL Spread: The spread is the line that oddsmakers project a team to win by. You can either bet for or against it. If a team is -6.5, they are projected to win by that amount of points. Bettors can bet for the spread, meaning that the team will cover and win by 7+ points, or against the spread, meaning that the other team will lose by six or fewer points or win.

NFL Total: The total is the total number of points that oddsmakers project both teams will score in the game. The oddsmakers set the line, and then bettors can choose to be the over or the under. For example, if the total is set at 52, bettors can choose to bet whether they think over 52 points will be scored or under.

NFL Futures: A futures bet is on something long-term that won’t be determined at the start of the season. For example, a futures bet would be which team will win the Super Bowl? Who will be the MVP? Which team will win their division?

NFL Game/Player Props: Game and player props are on aspects of the game that are more contained. Game props encompass team-based results, like how many total penalties there will be, who will win the first quarter and whether any team will score twice unanswered. Player props are similar but based on player outcomes. For example, will a player throw for more than 1.5 touchdowns, will a receiver have more than 62.5 yards, and so on.

NFL Betting Strategies and Betting Tips

  • Betting smart means betting smaller! Yes, we all love the stories of the 25-leg parlays that cost $7 and win $1 million. But like getting hit by lightning twice, your odds aren’t great and you are likely just throwing bankroll away. Typically, the best bets are made on just one team to win or reach a point total.
  • Use your brain, not your heart! Sure it’s fun to bet on your favorite team, but what if you know that you are making a bad bet? Bankroll management demands a ruthless approach to placing wagers. If you don’t see an edge, then stay away.
  • Do your research! If you don’t have the time or money to create your own model, then you need to focus very specifically on aspects of a team or player to make the most educated bet you can make. Put in the time and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Visualize how the game will play out! Player prop bets are becoming very popular and the best bettors utilize their game script prediction with the matchup. Let’s say that the Cowboys are favored by 14 points over the New York Giants with a point total of 48 points. Bookmakers believe that the Cowboys will dominate offensively but the Giants will score some points. Ask yourself: Who could clean up in garbage time and what are their player props? Chances are high you’ll find value to make some serious money.
  • Don’t be afraid of alternate lines! So many NFL betting apps offer alternate lines, otherwise known as a tease. Yes, the odds could lower on the favorite for these games, but they can also raise if you believe an underdog will win. A multiple-team teaser also works great for parlays.

NFL Alternate Points Betting (Teasers)

One of the newest, and most popular bet, on Canadian NFL betting apps, is the alternate points wager. The alternate points bet, otherwise known as a teaser bet, allows you to choose the point spread or point total you want to wager for a specific NFL game.

For the casual bettor, the teaser bet has long been a way to configure a parlay or straight bet with a more favorable spread. For example, let’s say that the Buffalo Bills are -10 at -110 odds against the Kansas City Chiefs. You think that the Bills are better than the Chiefs but not by ten points. So with the alternate point bet, you take the -10 down to -6.5 to get the spread below a touchdown.

The new line is -220, so the payoff is smaller. Most bettors like to pair an alternate point spread with a player prop bet or ever another teaser wager on the point total to help get the payoff back around even odds.

The great thing about alternate point bets is how limitless they are for the bettor! Your imagination remains the only boundary for how you can craft an alternate point wager on your favorite NFL betting app.

Top NFL Betting Sites

Sports Interaction

The best overall experience for NFL bettors with a great-looking website and an abundance of options
Betway Sport A wildly popular operator that is constantly adding new fun ways to gamble
888SportAn old classic that has great NFL markets and tons of promotions, 888Sport is all about fun
Bwin is incredibly popular in Canada due to its many markets, great app, and top-notch website
A recent entry onto the sports betting scene, LeoVegas has a smooth layout and quick payment processing
PowerPlayGreat customer service, tons of props and futures, and a simple website set Powerplay apart

NFL betting apps

Although the feeling of betting at a window in a sportsbook is very intoxicating to the long-time bettor, the future of NFL betting is here for the casual bettor with NFL betting apps.

With either a smartphone or tablet, you can download a top NFL betting app to your device, make a deposit, and place your first wager within minutes. The convenience to be able to bet from the comfort of your home while you enjoy the game with friends and family remains a hassle-free experience.

The best NFL betting apps offer so much more than a physical sportsbook can provide. For example, let’s say you love making live bets during a game. If you were sitting in a casino’s sportsbook, you’d only be able to make those wagers during halftime, or possibly, during a commercial break. But with a betting app, you can place wagers at any time during the game.

Long gone are the days where you can only bet the point spread or the over-under point total, with these NFL betting apps you can bet on some of our favorite app offerings with the player prop wagers that allow you to bet on specific player’s performance.

If you are hoping to stay disciplined with your NFL betting, these apps can also place limits on your wagering to help you stay within your means and budget. These safeguards can prevent you from placing wagers impulsively.

Our top NFL betting apps all offer unmatched ease of use with a wide variety of different bets to keep you engaged. If you love sports betting as much as we do, you’ll find these top apps to provide a first-rate experience with plenty of odds boosts and promos that offer deposit bonuses or even free bets that replace your cash if you lose.

Top NFL Betting Apps

Sports Interaction LogoSports Interaction: Easily, one of Canada’s top sports betting apps for NFL, offers a variety of prop bets and traditional NFL spread bets

bodog reviewBodog: Smooth app experience works extremely well with extensive NFL betting lines section

PowerplayPowerPlay: Best app for live betting with plenty of alternative NFL betting lines to wager

Betway SportBetway: Clean app interface, a great app for over-under NFL betting

888Sport888Sport: Never disappoints, with extensive live NFL betting and boosted odds

NFL Betting Bonuses and Promotions

As the NFL season begins, many people begin to take an interest in sports betting, meaning a lot of websites receive a plethora of new customers. In a crowded industry with lots of competitors, they have to do what they can to stand out. How most sports betting operators do that is with promotions.

Bonuses and promotions are sports betting operators’ way of appealing to new customers and getting old ones to re-engage. There are many different kinds of promotions, from matched deposits to free bets. Oftentimes they change based on what sport is in-season or major sporting events.

For example, if you were Super Bowl betting, operators might offer a free bet of $5 on any Super Bowl line with odds greater than +200.

Let’s take a look at the best sportsbooks for NFL promotions, so bettors looking to join a new operator can start off on the right foot.

Sports Interaction: Best NFL Targeted Bonuses

Sports Interaction’s Welcome package is nothing special, but they have much to offer in other bonus aspects. Sports Interaction has several different promotions that they’ve created specifically to celebrate the commencing of the NFL season.

One of the promotions Sports Interaction offers is their free prize draw. They have a pick-em, where bettors select the results of the 16 games going on that week. If just one is right, they are entered into a prize draw.

Sports Interaction also offers a weekly pick’em boost, where there is a weekly cash prize. These are just the promotions Sports Interactions offers for the NFL, they also have other promotions applicable to general bets. The great promotion selection Sports Interaction provides is what sets them apart.

Get Sports Interaction Welcome bonus 👇

Sports Interaction

NFL Betting Promotions

100% Bonus on First Deposit up to $500
Sports Intercation
125% Up To C$250
100% Deposit Up to $300
$400 Welcome Bonus + 50 Free Spins
100% Sports Bonus
$400 welcome package

NFL Betting Rules

While every operator has different rules that govern how betting is done on their website, certain rules hold mostly consistent. For the most part, sports betting sites share the same rules for how payouts work on NFL games.

There are many different rules to NFL betting, and sharing each and every one of them would take a lifetime. However, there are certain rules that are important to know.

Here are some NFL betting rules you should keep in mind before placing a bet on your favourite team.

  • If a match is interrupted but resumed and finished within 48 hours of the originally scheduled match time, the bet still counts.
  • If a match’s venue is changed, all bets on the match will still stand, provided the team that was originally the home team stays the home team.
  • For season player award Futures, a bet is determined by who the Associated Press selects for the award.
  • The game must go 55 minutes in order for it to officially count as action
  • For Penalty prop bets, declined penalties do not count
  • For player props, bets count as action if the player completes at least one down

Odds for the 2024 Super Bowl Outright Winners

As the 2022/3 NFL season kicks off, NFL betting experts are placing money on the top NFL teams to win the Super Bowl. Currently, these top teams include the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and last year’s Super Bowl champ, the Los Angeles Rams.

In the AFC, Buffalo holds the top spot to win the Lombardi Trophy according to oddsmakers, with Kansas City close on their heels. With two of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, both teams are headed on a collision course to the AFC Championship unless other conference foes such as the Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Chargers can play spoiler.

Although the AFC looks to be dominated by the Bills and Chiefs, the NFC betting pool remains wide open as teams jockey for position in their division. Longtime NFC favorites such as the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers are dealing with thin rosters and unfortunate injuries to start the 2022/3 season, making the conference open for underdogs such as the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles.
Canada’s top NFL betting apps and sites frequently update their Super Bowl odds with the passing of each week during the season, offering bettors the opportunity to take advantage of placing money on that darkhorse team that’s ready to surprise professional football.

Super Bowl Betting Sites

The 2023 Super Bowl will be played on February 12, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. When it comes to sports betting, the Super Bowl remains the crown jewel for Canadian betting sites. Last year, according to Forbes, bettors placed over $7.6 billion in wagers on the Super Bowl won by the Los Angeles Rams in the United States.
Betting sites take advantage of the surge in interest in Super Bowl betting by offering dozens of prop bets alongside the more traditional NFL betting lines you see every Sunday. Bettors can place wagers on everything from the coin flip to how long the national anthem will last. Betting sites offer much more variety in their Super Bowl betting lines to draw in the casual bettor.

NFL Betting Frequently Asked Questions

❔ Does overtime count when betting on the NFL?

Yes! Overtime does count for bets like Moneyline, point spread, totals, and player props. The only areas where overtime won’t count are half/quarter totals, as overtime is not included in any of the halves or quarters.

❔ What is a Parlay bet?

A parlay bet is when multiple bets are tied into one. Each component of the bet needs to hit in order for the overall bet to be successful. The overall odds are boosted for parlay because each component needs to hit, so it is multiplied. For example, if you bet on the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams, and New England Patriots in a parlay, they must all win their respective games.

❔ Do any operators show NFL betting trends?

Yes! There are several different operators that do. 888Sport is an example of a sportsbook that will have NFL betting trends on display. They have a live feed, where bettors can see what other gamblers are placing bets on. This can show people where the action is for every game.

❔ What information is important to know before making a bet?

There are many different things that all bettors should look into before making an NFL bet. Regardless of whether you’re betting on a player or a team, always look at their performance trends. How’ve they been playing for the past several weeks? What are their yardage totals? Get as much data as possible. Also, always check whether a team you are betting on is at home or on the road because that influences how the game will be handicapped.

❔ Why is Live Betting popular?

Live betting is popular because it allows you to engage with a game that is already underway. Live betting gives bettors the chance to bet on odds that are changing based on the results of the game as it happens. It allows bettors to capitalize on the chaos that is a live NFL game and to change their betting strategy based on what bettors see live.

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