Betway vs. 888 What is the best betting site in Canada?

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29 Jun 21

Looking at sports betting operators on their own is helpful. You learn important information, and gain valuable insights. But when you compare two different operators, you can learn much more. Seeing how they stack up against each other more clearly reveals where the operators stand within the industry. That’s why we’ve decided to compare head-to-head two of the biggest operators in the industry: Betway and 888Sport. By looking at many aspects of what these two sports betting giants offer, from their features to their customer support, we can learn more about both. Ultimately though, there can only be one winner in this head to head showdown.

Betway Sport
100% Deposit Up to $200
100% Up to $250 + $10 Casino Bonus

We Compared:

  • Signup
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Promotions
  • Features
  • Sports Coverage
  • Live betting
  • Live Streaming
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Banking
  • Customer Support
    Customer Support
  • User Experience

Betway vs 888Sport Summary

The comparison between these two wildly popular brands was a close one, but there can only be one winner. Both brands are successful in Canada, but which one came out victorious in this head-to-head comparison?

Final Tally: Betway: 5, 888Sport: 2, Draw: 4

  • Sign Up Process: Draw
  • Welcome Bonus: Betway
  • Promotions: 888Sport
  • Features: Draw
  • Sports coverage: Betway
  • Live betting: Draw
  • Live Streaming: Betway
  • Mobile app: Draw
  • Payment Methods: Betway
  • Customer Support
    Customer Support: 888Sport
  • Overall User Experience: Betway
  • Winner: Betway

1. Sign-Up Process

If you’re looking to get started on one of these operators, you’ll have to undergo the Sign Up process. Let’s take a look at how it works for Betway and 888Sport.

Betway: The Betway Sign Up process is extremely quick and easy. There is one long page that users must scroll down to input their information. This includes email, username password, address, and other details. Once Register is clicked, the account is set up and ready to be used.

888Sport: The 888Sport Sign Up process is hassle-free and fast. There are three pages that users have to click through and fill out. Details needed include name, email, gender, address, username, password, and more. Once this is finished, users then click Register, and the account is good to go.


While the 888Sport Sign Up process is 3 pages, the Betway Sign Up page is just one. That is the only major difference between the two Sign Up processes, and that is not substantial to declare a winner. I’d sum this up as a Draw, as they are very similarly simple and fast.

Round 1 winner : Draw 888sports/Betway

2. Welcome Bonus

ow that you’ve signed up with one of these operators, you might want to claim your Welcome Bonus. By registering for the Welcome Bonus we provide, you’ll earn extra, so make sure to use our link. Every operator’s bonus is different, so let’s see what the Welcome Bonus with Betway and 888Sport provides.

Betway: Betway’s Welcome Bonus is a matched deposit of 100% up to $300, if you register using the link we provide. If you don’t’ use this link, it is 100% matched deposit to $200. The deposit associated with the bonus must be made within seven days of your account opening. The requirements to withdraw the bonus or any winnings associated with it are that 10x the deposit must be bet with Betway.

888Sport: 888Sport’s Welcome Bonus is a matched deposit of 100% up to $250, if you register using the link we provide. If you don’t use this link, it is an 100% Matched Deposit to $200. The bonus will hit the account only after the full deposit amount has been wagered on bets with cumulative odds of 1.5x or greater. Once the bonus hits the account, it can’t be withdrawn until it has been wagered 6x or more on odds of 1.5x or greater. The bonus requirements must be met within 60 days or the bonus and all winnings associated with it are forfeited.


Once again, Betway and 888Sport are similar here. However, Betway does provide a higher amount on their bonus, which will give users some extra money to play around with. 888Sport also has more terms and conditions on their Welcome Bonus. Having $50 extra to make free bets with, and less terms and conditions, gives Betway the slight edge on this one.

Round 2 Winner : Betway

3. Promotions

Promotions are a great way for bettors to earn the chance to win big, and every sportsbook provides unique ones with different opportunities. Both Betway and 888Sport have a variety of intriguing promotions with their sportsbook, so let’s find out more about what they are.

Betway: Betway offers some fun and easy to use promotions. They have a daily Prize Wheel, which is free to use but can give cash prizes. They provide Betway Boosts, which are certain games where they provide boosted odds that can lead to bigger wins. They also offer bonuses like You Lead You Win for certain Canadian teams, where if a Canadian team a user bet on in certain eligible sports is winning by a certain margin, they will settle the bet in the favour of the bettor, regardless of the final outcome.

888Sport: 888Sport is well-known for its large variety of sport promotions. They offer some that are free to play, like their up for 8 promotion, which lets users pick the results of 8 games for the chance to win cash prizes if they are all correct. They also have promotions that include boosted odds, match multipliers, bet builders, daily fantasy player of the night odds with cash prizes, and free bets of $5 provided for parlay wins with odds of over 5x. They also have a promotion page that is constantly adding promotions based on new events.


Both Betway and 888Sport have sports promotions that are above the industry average for operators. They each have a great variety. In the end, though, I’d say 888Sport lives up to their reputation as one of the top sportsbooks for promotions, with a better variety of options.

Round 3 Winner : 888Sport

4. Features

When picking a betting site, knowing its core features is key. A feature is what sets a site apart, what they offer, what makes them unique. Betway and 888Sport both have many features, which we’ll delve into below.

Betway: Betway has many features that they offer bettors. They provide live betting, allow for cashing out, have a mobile app, and offer tons of different betting markets for users to choose from. They also have features like daily props for bettors to bet on, and other additional gambling additions like boosted odds.

888Sport: 888Sport offers most of the features bettors would be searching for in an operator. They offer live betting, quick cashouts, a mobile app, and tons of different sports markets. They also have great promotions, daily fantasy events, bet builders, and other betting features that offer a fun wrinkle for sports betting.


Betway and 888Sport essentially provide the exact same features. There’s nothing overly pronounced that one has that the other doesn’t. When it comes to features, it is a Draw between these two, as they offer most of the same features with only minor variations.

Round 4 winner : Draw 888sports/Betway

5. Sports Coverage

Sports bettors are mostly looking for one thing when they sign up with a sportsbook: good sports betting options. Let’s explore the sports coverage these two operators provide.

Betway: If you’re looking to bet on a sport, chances are it is covered by Betway. Betway offers all the markets that bettors are used to, with sports like Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, and American Football, and some they aren’t, like Darts, Snooker, and Handball. Overall, Betway has more than 30 different sports markets, with all the classic types of bets available, including a huge variety of player props in some of the most popular sports.

888Sport: 888Sport also has many of the best-known markets available and several niche offerings. 888Sport has odds on Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, American Football, Soccer, and more. 888Sport has odds on over 28 different sports markets. They provide most of the classic types of bets, like Moneyline, spread, and game props. However, their player props bet offerings in popular sports are limited.


While once again neck and neck, there is an operator who comes out on top here. 888Sport has most of the sports offerings one would want, but they lose out because of their lack of player props in basketball, which is an exceedingly popular market. Betway wins this round.

Round 5 Winner : Betway

6. Live Betting

Now that we know a little more about the sports offerings from these operators, you might want to place some bets. But what if all the games you’d want to bet on are already underway? With live betting, you can bet on games currently happening. This is a key feature, so getting the lowdown on these operator’s offerings is a must.

Betway: Betway offers live betting capabilities. On their home page, they have an in-play tab that displays all the current games that are being played that have live betting odds available. They also have an In-Play tab where bettors can see live betting options. Bettors can click Moneyline odds, or click on the game to discover some live props. 

888Sport: 888Sport also provides live sports for bettors to engage with. On their home page, they have a Featured Live Games tab, as well as a Live Now page that shows live betting selections. Users can bet Moneyline on the games, or click on them to see special props they can bet on.


For all intents and purposes, there is no real difference between live betting on Betway and 888Sport. They both provide good live betting options for users to choose from, with the same markets available. This one is a Draw.

Round 6 winner : Draw 888sports/Betway

7. Live Streaming

If you’re placing some live bets, you might want to watch the game to see the outcomes. Many betting sites offer live streaming for users to watch select games. Here’s how these two sportsbooks differ in this department. 

Betway: If you’re a Betway account holder in Canada, you do have access to some live streaming options with Betway Live Video. Betway Live Video is only for certain animal racing events and is a few seconds delayed, so it is not fully live, but still offers free coverage of some events.

888Sport: 888Sport claims to offer live streaming in the U.K, but I had no luck finding anything on their website for Canadian bettors.


With one site offering some live streaming for Canadians, and the other not, this one’s simple. Betway gets the edge.

Round 7 Winner : Betway

8. Mobile Compatibility

Betting on the go is a great way to enjoy using an operator, and for that, you’ll need them to have an app or a mobile-compatible website. Here’s what Betway and 888sport offer in terms of the mobile experience.

Betway: Betway has a mobile app that is available on the Apple App Store for Canadians, and while there isn’t a dedicated Betway app on the Google store, they provide an APK for Android users to download. Their app is a great addition to any bettor’s phone or tablet, as it brings the website to an easy to navigate mobile format.

888Sport: 888Sport also has a mobile app that is available on the Apple App Store for Canadians. 888Sport has an app on the Google Play store, however, it is not available in Canada. They do offer an APK for Android users. Their mobile experience is very similar to their desktop experience, which makes using this site wherever you are, simple.


Both sportsbooks provide the same mobile offerings. Both the apps for these operators are extremely intuitive and effective. There is no clear edge here. For the mobile experience, it is a Draw.

Round 8 winner : Draw 888sports/Betway

9. Banking

Once you’ve learned as much as possible about an operator, you might be ready to deposit and start betting. Every sportsbook accepts different payment methods, here are the options available on Betway and 888Sport.

Betway: Betway has numerous payment methods to choose from. They are Interac, Debit and Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard), MuchBetter, Electronic Checks with InstaDebit, iDebit, Paysafecard, ecoPayz, Neosurf, Flexepin, and ecoVoucher.

888Sport: 888Sport provides bettors with a variety of payment methods. They are Debit/Credit (Visa and Mastercard), Interac, MuchBetter, InstaDebit, iDebit, Paysafecard, and Instant Payments by Citadel.


If you’re someone who uses conventional banking, both sites accept the most popular forms of payment in Canada, which are Debit/Credit and Interac. However, if you use alternate banking methods, Betway has a few more payment options to choose from, which gives them the win in this category.

Round 9 Winner : Betway

10. Customer Support

If you’re someone who uses conventional banking, both sites accept the most popular forms of payment in Canada, which are Debit/Credit and Interac. However, if you use alternate banking methods, Betway has a few more payment options to choose from, which gives them the win in this category.

Customer Support: Things don’t always go perfectly on betting sites, and every once in a while you might need to get in touch with customer service. A company having good customer service is essential to solving any issue you might have, so let’s analyze these two operators’ customer support.

Betway: Betway has a Help page that has FAQ under a large variety of categories. The Help page addresses most problems users might have. If that hasn’t solved the issues your having, there are other options. You can talk to someone on the Betway end with a 24/7 Live Chat. Their Live Chat is operated by a tech support/customer service representative who will answer your questions and help with technical issues. They do not have a phone line.

888Sport: If you are confused or have questions about something, 888Sport has a comprehensive FAQ page that will answer most questions you might have. However, that can’t address all issues you might have, so if you need to get in touch with someone there’s a Contact Us page where you can put in your email and question, and they will respond in an undisclosed amount of time. 888Sport provides a toll-free member support line that operates from 6 am-2 pm EST for members of the website, so you can get in touch with someone if you need to.


This is an area where personal preference prevails. If you value 24/7 access to someone to talk to, then Betway might get the edge. However, personally, I prefer talking to someone on the phone when I have an issue, so a helpline is very important. For that reason, 888Sport wins this round.

Round 10 Winner : 888Sport

11. User Experience

With sports betting, it is all about the user experience. Is the website easy to use? How does everything look? Is it a fun and enjoyable sportsbook, or is it basic? Here’s how Betway and 888Sport compare when it comes to User Experience.

Betway: Betway has an extremely clean layout which should be the model for other sportsbooks. They have a white background with tons of graphics and images that provide colour, and navigating this site is as simple as it gets. Whether you’re someone who has been gambling for years or a first time sports bettor, figuring this site out is extremely easy. Betway also offers tons of fun and novel ways to bet and is a site that anyone can enjoy.

888Sport: 888Sport has a bold and interesting looking website that is both bright and simple. They use a black background with white font and bright orange odds, which makes everything pop. They also have a variety of images and graphics that are indicative of different areas of their website. The layout of everything is clean and easy to follow, which makes using 888Sport simple. They have tons of fun ways to bet, with things like their Daily Fantasy Superstar being different and enjoyable.


Once again, this comes down to preference. Both websites are very well-designed, and the user experience for each of these operators is at the top end of the spectrum for sportsbook operators. However, I enjoy a simplistic and minimalist display, so Betway’s toned down website gets the edge from me.

Round 11 Winner : Betway

Betway Strengths
Tons of Markets and Player Props for Major Sports
Numerous Payment Methods
Many Fun Features and Betting Twists
Betway Weakness
No Help Line
888Sports Strengths:
Great Promotions
Creative Gambling Offerings
Appealing and Easy to Use Website
888Sports Weaknesses:
No Player Props
Lack of Live Streaming

The Final Verdict

Comparing operators is a tough task, as everyone looks for something different in an operator. Personally, I look for an easy to use website, with promotions that I’d actually use, and fun sports markets like player props.

With that in mind, I would say that I would be more likely to use Betway than 888Sport. Both sites are top-end sports betting websites, that cover tons of markets, have intuitive and attractive websites, and provide an easy Sign-Up and banking process. However, there are a few small areas where Betway surpasses 888Sport.

In sports like Basketball and Hockey, which are two of my favourite markets, Betway has comprehensive Player Props to choose from, like who will score a goal, or how many rebounds a player will have. This is one of my favourite markets, so having that is extremely important.

I also find Betway’s website more visually appealing. While 888Sport does have a really cool look, it just isn’t my preference between the two. And even though I am not someone who uses alternate banking methods, I can appreciate that Betway has more payment options to choose from.

Overall, I would recommend 888Sport and Betway to anyone who is a sports bettor, regardless of experience level. They are both websites that have a ton of great options and fun twists on betting. I would just personally prefer Betway between the two.

There are many other sports betting sites available in Canada, so if you’re looking to learn more about options that aren’t Betway or 888Sport, check out our reviews on Bet365 and Shangri La.

Betway Sport
100% Deposit Up to $200
100% Up to $250 + $10 Casino Bonus

Cameron Kozinets is a 2020 graduate from the University of Southern California’s Journalism program. He is an avid sports fan and bettor, whose favorite teams include the Toronto Raptors, and the Chicago Bears. Cameron has been writing about and following sports since the age of 10, when he first fell in love with the NFL and NBA.

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