Bet365 vs FanDuel: Which Sportsbook is Better?

Cameron Kozinets
By: Cameron Kozinets
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Bet365 vs FanDuel
Bet365 vs FanDuel: Which Is Better?

With sports betting taking off in Canada, bettors have more options than ever. There are countless online betting sites where gamblers can place bets, and two of the top options for Ontario bettors are Bet365 and FanDuel.

These well-known, highly successful brands are the cream of the crop, and in this guide, we will compare the two. When considering Bet365 vs FanDuel, we will spotlight every aspect of these two websites, from their bonuses and live betting to their sports coverage and odds. By the end, you should have a clear sense of whether Bet365 or FanDuel is the right fit for you.

✓Intuitive layout ✓Fast Payout

Bet365 vs FanDuel Summary

You can’t go wrong when picking Bet365 or FanDuel, but only one sportsbook can earn the crown here. Below is a breakdown of how this comparison shook out on a category-by-category basis.

Final Score: Bet365: 5, FanDuel: 3, Draw 5.

  • Sign-Up Process: Bet365
  • Welcome Bonus: Bet365
  • Promotions: FanDuel
  • Features: Bet365
  • Sports coverage: Bet365
  • Betting Odds: Draw
  • Live betting: FanDuel
  • Live Streaming: FanDuel
  • Mobile App: Draw
  • Banking Options: Bet365
  • Customer Support: Draw
  • User Experience: Draw
  • License: Bet365

1. Sign-Up Process

Opening an account is a pivotal first step in using Ontario sportsbooks. We’ve created an account on both these renowned operators, and we’ll break down the experience below.

Bet365: Opening an account with Bet365 is a quick, efficient process. The interface for this experience is pleasant, and the information required includes your name, address, contact details, age, and more. I found this to be an easy, straightforward experience, and as soon as I was done, my Bet365 account was up and running.

FanDuel: With FanDuel, creating an account will not be any type of hassle. The website has a top-notch layout that makes it very easy for bettors to create an account, and the whole process shouldn’t take more than five minutes. The info they require is essentially just the industry standard, with details like your name, address, and age being the primary requisites.

Winner: Draw

Picking a winner for this category is difficult because the experience with both websites is pretty much the exact same. So, we will call this one an even draw, as both offer an easy process.

2. Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is an offer betting sites provide to reward users for signing up with them. These offers can help bettors hit the ground running with some extra cash, so let’s see whether Bet365 or FanDuel is the better option.

Bet365: Bet365 has two different welcome bonus offers for users to pick from. They have a bet $10 get $50 bonus offer bettors can use, or the more substantial first bet safety net of up to $1,000, which provides bettors with insurance of up to $1,000 in bonus funds for bettors if their first bet doesn’t hit. For both these bonuses, note that bonus bets are non-withdrawable, but all winnings from them are.

FanDuel: FanDuel offers a welcome bonus that is very similar to that of Bet365. Their welcome offer is a No Sweat Bet of up to $1,000. This means you can place a bet of up to $1,000, and if it doesn’t hit, it gets refunded as $1,000 worth of bonus money. This bonus money is not withdrawable, but can still bring in big money to gamblers’ account.

Winner: Bet365

While both sites have very similar bonus offers, the defining difference here is that Bet365 has an additional offer if bettors don’t want the $1,000 first bet insurance, which means more choices.

3. Promotions

Welcome offers are far from the only sportsbook bonuses, so let’s check out Bet365 vs FanDuel when it comes to other promotional offers.

Bet365: Bet365 has several high-quality sportsbook bonuses that cycle throughout the week and year. These include parlay boosts, which enhance parlays by different amounts, as well as early payout offers, which pay out bets as cashed if a team takes a lead by a certain margin.

FanDuel: FanDuel has an excellent array of different promotional offers. These include special bonuses for different events or days of the week. Some of the offers for bettors include parlay insurances, which pay out parts of a parlay if one leg loses, tournaments with major rewards, a VIP program, and no-sweat free bets.

Winner: FanDuel

While both of these operators do very well in this area, the edge goes to FanDuel for having more variety available.

✓Intuitive layout ✓Fast Payout

4. Features

The features a sportsbook provides go a long way to determining how much fun you’ll have, so let’s analyze Bet365 vs FanDuel in this pivotal area. 

Bet365: Bet365’s features include just about everything sports bettors seek out on a website. Same-game parlays, bet boosts, daily lineups, and virtual sports are all part of this website’s offerings. This means bettors will always have something new and fun to enjoy on the sportsbook as the options shift daily.

FanDuel: FanDuel’s features are incredible, and they include a huge range of different options. FanDuel has bet boosts, same-game parlays, and more. FanDuel also includes a TSN section on their website, which shows what games are being broadcast that night, so bettors can bet on the games that are being shown in Ontario.

Winner: Bet365

This is certainly close, because both of these operators have premier options to pick from. But I will give the slight edge to Bet365 due to their daily lineup feature, which doesn’t appear to be offered on FanDuel.

5. Sports Coverage

Having plenty of sports to gamble on is a must for bettors, so let’s determine whether Bet365 or FanDuel leads the way with their coverage.

Bet365: Bet365 has massive sports coverage. They have odds available on roughly 40 different sports, which is far more than your average betting site. These include popular sports like basketball and football as well as very niche options like cornhole and futsal. They also have great coverage of the primary sports with player props and more.

FanDuel: FanDuel has great coverage of different sporting events, with around 30 different sports available to be wagered on their website. These include the main sports Canadians love, like hockey and football, as well as some of the more niche options. They also have player props and other markets, so their coverage is excellent.

Winner: Bet365

Long story short, even though FanDuel has great options, Bet365 simply provides a greater volume. This gives them the edge here.

6. Betting Odds

The better odds these bookmakers offer, the easier it is to cash in. Let’s check out which of these elite operators provides more favourable odds.

Bet365: Bet365’s odds cover just about every sporting event going on at any given time, and they have top-notch markets. Their odds are highly competitive and roughly align with the industry standard. 

FanDuel: FanDuel’s odds cover just about everything there is to cover. They have excellent odds that are amongst the best in the industry. Their odds are also on great markets, so there isn’t much that bettors could want differently in this department.

Winner: Draw

There is no real way to determine a difference in the Bet365 or FanDuel odds, as they are very similar, so we will chalk this one up to a close draw. 

7. Live Betting

The betting doesn’t stop when the game begins, as both operators offer live wagering. Let’s determine Bet365 vs FanDuel when it comes to live betting.

Bet365: Bet365 has excellent live betting features. You can wager on any sporting event live, with odds that shift as the game is played. The market options for live betting include spreads, moneylines, and totals.

FanDuel: For every game being played, FanDuel will include odds for live wagering. Bettors can place bets as the game shifts. FanDuel includes spreads, moneyline, and totals for wagering, but they also have a few additional markets that can be bet on live as well.

Winner: FanDuel

The differences between these two operators in this area are razor thin, but FanDuel does include a few more live markets, so they have earned the edge.

8. Live Streaming

If you want to watch sports while you wager, live streaming is a must. Let’s take a look at whether either of these operators live up to their reputations with live streaming.

Bet365: Bet365 is a major player in the live streaming sphere. They cover a broad range of different events, typically things like soccer games, Euroleague basketball, and Esports. You can watch these directly from their website.

FanDuel: FanDuel is also a huge name to know for those who emphasize live streaming options. They cover a substantial range of sporting events, and you simply need to click on the play button on an event they cover to watch. FanDuel also has its own TV network that bettors can watch, which provides betting-oriented sports coverage.

Winner: FanDuel

While both operators are neck-and-neck with their streaming coverage, FanDuel’s own TV network puts them over the edge here.

✓Intuitive layout ✓Fast Payout

9. Mobile App

Betting apps are a crucial component of a good gambling experience, and both operators deliver the goods here. Let’s consider Bet365 vs FanDuel for mobile betting.

Bet365: Bet365’s mobile app can be downloaded for Apple or Android. I am a big fan of this app, which has all the famed features and promos that Bet365 offers condensed to a mobile format. It is a fun, easy-to-use app that has a great user experience. Overall, it is a home run of an option.

FanDuel: The FanDuel app is one of the best mobile options on the internet. It is a hugely popular app that can be downloaded directly from app stores for different phones. The layout of the app is picture perfect, and it brings bettors all the aspects of the website that they love condensed to their devices.

Winner: Draw

There is no one winner here, as I can’t pick between the Bet365 or FanDuel app. They both offer an excellent option, and the differences between them don’t make one better than the other.

10. Payment Methods

Every operator will have different payment methods they accept and don’t accept, so let’s dive into which one of these sportsbooks is more gambler-friendly in this regard.

Bet365: This sportsbook’s transaction processes are smooth and efficient. The Bet365 withdrawal times are fast, and they are known for their reliability. Below are the different deposit methods that this sportsbook will accept for Canadian users.

  • Interac
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Apple Pay
  • Paysafecard
  • InstaDebit
  • PayPal
  • Click to Pay

FanDuel: FanDuel is known for its effective transaction processes and reliability. They have quick withdrawal speeds, and many payment methods available. Below are the different deposit options for FanDuel. 

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Interac
  • PayPal
  • Trustly Online Banking

Winner: Bet365

Both of these bookmakers have great transaction processes, but Bet365 gets the edge here due to the higher volume of deposit options. 

11. Customer Support

Every customer deserves some help when they need it, and Bet365 and FanDuel go out of their way to provide it. Let’s look at how these operators compare in terms of their support features.

Bet365: Bet365 has a FAQ page that bettors can use, which will answer a lot of their initial questions. If they want to go further, they will be directed to a Contact Us page, which includes Bet365’s email and 24/7 live chat feature. I used this, which was easy and effective. It gets users in contact with customer support very quickly.

FanDuel: FanDuel has a huge help center for bettors that need assistance. They have a massive FAQ page, which covers just about every topic a gambler can think of. If you want to get in touch with someone, they have an email feature, which takes 24 hours to get a response, and a chat feature, where bettors can speak with online agents instantly.

Winner: Draw

Both sportsbooks have incredibly similar customer support features. There is no defining difference between either operator’s offering in this regard, and they are both excellent in this area.

12. Overall User Experience

The user experience is the defining component of how bettors use a website. Let’s compare Bet365 vs FanDuel when it comes to offering fun and excitement for bettors.

Bet365: Bet365 is an industry leader in user experience. They have a clean, simple layout that is timeless and appealing. But most importantly, they offer endless fun. Bet365 has so many different ways bettors can use their website, and they are constantly adding new and exciting features and options.

FanDuel: FanDuel is a sportsbook that puts user experience at the forefront. They have a stylish website that is one of the best in the industry, plenty of fun features, and a revolving door of different ways to play. This will ensure bettors never run out of things to do with FanDuel.

Winner: Draw

There is no easy answer here. Both sportsbooks are amongst the best in the world in terms of user experience, so picking just one feels unfair.

13. License

A good license and solid legal reputation are non-negotiable, so let’s determine whether there are any slip-ups from Bet365 or FanDuel in this aspect.

Bet365: For those wondering where is Bet365 legal in Canada, the answer is everywhere. Bet365 has an Ontario license, so Ontario residents can play, and they also have an offshore license, so people outside of the province can enjoy the sportsbook. They are safe and legal.

FanDuel: The answer to where is FanDuel legal in Canada is a little more complex. FanDuel has an Ontario license, so it can be enjoyed in Ontario. However, since the sportsbook is American and not an offshore operator, users outside of Ontario can’t play. But FanDuel is still one of the safest websites around and is fully licensed and legal in Ontario.

Winner: Bet365

Both operators are licensed and legal in Ontario, which is significant. But Bet365 also allows users from the rest of the nation, which makes a big difference.

Pros & Cons

Both of these bookmakers have different areas where they thrive and different areas where they might fall short. Let’s consider the strengths and weaknesses of both these operators.

Bet365 Strengths
Bet365 Weaknesses
  • User experience
  • Fun features
  • in-depth sports coverage
  • Mobile app
  • Limited live betting markets could add more promotions
FanDuel Strengths
FanDuel Weaknesses
  • Live streaming
  • Live betting
  • User experience
  • Mmobile experience.
  • Unavailable to Canadians outside Ontario
  • Limited payment options

Bet365 vs FanDuel - The Final Verdict

Picking a winner of Bet365 vs FanDuel is an extreme challenge because, at the end of the day, both of these operators are some of the best in Canada. There is no question that bettors will have a great time on whichever one of these betting sites they use.

However, there can only be one winner, and according to our breakdown of the different categories, Bet365 has emerged victorious. They managed to surpass FanDuel in a few crucial areas. Some of the things that set them apart are their more payment methods, additional features, and the fact that they are legal to use across Canada and not just in Ontario.

Still, FanDuel stood out as well. They have better live betting and live streaming options and were neck and neck with Bet365 in most categories. Even if there is only one victor in this exercise, FanDuel could just as easily have come out on top, as this is a subjective breakdown.

Cameron is a 2020 graduate from the University of Southern California’s Journalism program. He is an avid sports fan and bettor, whose favourite teams include the Toronto Raptors, and the Chicago Bears. Cameron has been writing about and following sports since the age of 10, when he first fell in love with the NFL and NBA.