Live Golf Betting: The Ultimate Guide to Betting Live on Golf

Live golf betting

Golf live betting is one of the most exciting types of sports betting. Being four round events and with golfers on the course for 4-5 hours each round, the audience and bettors are given a lot of time to evaluate the event live and bet accordingly.

Canadian sports betting sites encourage live betting with attractive live golf betting odds that allow bettors to bet on the action in many different ways. Whether you want to bet the outcome of the tournament, the round or even just a single hole, sports betting sites will give the opportunity to bet your way and partake in live golf betting.

This guide will dive into what golf live betting is, how it works and interesting information that every golf bettor needs to know before they start their journey as a live bettor on the links.

What is Golf Live Betting?

Live betting is the act of placing bets once the action has begun! Focusing on Golf, sportsbooks will allow you to place wagers on tournaments, even though action is underway. This is a popular market among bettors because it allows for users to get a feel for how the tournament is unfolding.

Odds will reflect how the tournament is playing out, meaning odds will adjust based on play. Live betting is one of the biggest markets in betting as the odds are constantly adjusting. 

How Does Golf Betting Work?

Live betting golf is interesting, because anything after the commencement of the first round of a tournament is considered to be live betting. Even the breaks in between rounds can be considered live betting, because the tournament has technically commenced. This guide will focus on how to bet when players are on the course, but also how to bet after the first round, second round or third round of a tournament.

Betting Markets

When live betting golf there are many ways you can consume it as a bettor. You may be interested in the high payouts of live betting on a tournament winner. Take for example betting on Scottie Scheffler to win a tournament like the 2022 U.S. Open after the first round.

Scheffler was at the third lowest odds heading into the tournament at 13/1, but after struggling in the first round, Scheffler’s odds jumped to 20/1 as he was trailing by four shots. Accordingly, if you had liked Scheffler at 13/1, you would have to at the least entertain betting him at 20/1.

Just like in NHL betting or any sports betting, it is important to take advantage of the value live betting offers as momentum can change drastically in live sports. Scheffler did not end up winning this tournament, but sharp bettors still likely cashed in on Scheffler’s successful run up the leaderboard to second place.

Another type of live betting, which is offered by particular Ontario betting and safe legal betting sites is Top Finish bets and Each-Way bets.

A Top Finish bet is exactly how it sounds, you are betting on a golfer to finish in the Top 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 of the field. This is a form of betting where you take a hit on the odds, but are still able to bet on your favourite golfer at favourable odds while having some insurance by not betting on an outright victory.

An each-way bet is a little different because you are placing two bets at once. With an each-way bet, you are not only betting on the golfer to win the tournament outright, but you are also making an insurance bet that they will at least finish in the Top 2-8.

I put Top 2-8 because live betting offers are different depending on the website and how far along the tournament is. If you bet early in the first round, you may still be able to get an each-way bet that has the Top 8, but by the end of the first round, it can get as small as the Top 5.

As a live bettor, you can also bet on hole-to-hole action for golfers. For example, say you are watching a group that includes Collin Morikawa and Scottie Scheffler. Both are having great rounds, so you want to cash in by live betting their round and want to ensure that you are betting on a result that only the specific can impact.

You could live bet their result on a particular hole. Say the pair are coming to a Par-4 on the 12th hole at a particular course and you feel confident in Morikawa knocking in a birdie or better. Morikawa would likely have odds that look like this: 

  • Birdie or better +500
  • Par -175
  • Bogey or worse +200

Simply by believing Morikawa will knock in a birdie on a Par-4, you can get 5/1 odds. A smart strategy to do with this is follow the player’s round. If you are confident in their success on Par 4s for example, then bet on them to birdie a hole until it succeeds.

This is not always possible, but if you are getting 5/1 odds on each hole, then all you really need is one birdie every 6 Par-4 holes to get paid. And once you get paid, you can immediately walk away with a profit. It is also important to consider a player’s tendencies, past success at a course and their form. Golf is a game of rhythm, if a player has been playing poorly, it can take them a fair bit of time to snap out of their funk and return to their normal selves.

Rules and Regulations

  • Bets will stand as soon as they tee off the first hole.
  • A dead heat refers to ties in golf, such as the top 5 or top 10. or other markets like 3-ball matchups and first-round leaders. If multiple players tie for 10th, you won't receive the full payout for a Top 10 bet at most sportsbooks.
  • Tournament Futures Winner - All futures bets are based on the outright winner of the tournament, whether it’s a team or individual event. Results of potential playoffs are also taken into account. All bets stand except for those placed on participants not competing in the first round. If there is a change to the number of rounds played in a competition, all wagers will stand on futures bets if 36 holes have been completed. Bets will be deemed void if less than 36 holes have been completed (for futures wagers).
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Virtually every weekend, golf bettors flock to television screens to witness tournaments! These tournaments can define a career and below, we listed popular golf events and why bettors love these occasions!

  • Masters Tournament – The most identifiable golf tournament in the world, there is nothing like Sunday at Augusta National. Legends are born at the Masters. Winning the green jacket etches you into golf royalty, as the Masters is one of the most prestigious tournaments in sports. Simply, if you are betting on one golf tournament, the Masters will be the one to wager on!

  • U.S. Open – Set up to be challenging, you cannot miss a shot at any venue during the U.S. Open. The U.S. Open is playable for any professional, so as long as they qualify. This allows for some remarkable stories, such as Branden Grace and Brian Stuard.

  • PGA Championship – One of the marquee events, the PGA Championship has been circled on professional golfers’ calendars since the early 1900s. If you win this tournament, you join a long list of illustrious names, such as Woods, Mickelson, Nicklaus, Player, and Diegel.

  • The Open – Also referred to as the British Open, the Open is an historic event in golf. Many hope to win this tournament thanks to its prestige. Bettors especially have their eye on this tournament due to its history. Rookies and vets have won this tournament and something new happens every time at the Open.

  • Canadian Open – Known for its challenging rough, the Canadian Open is an underrated tournament that sees the best golfers chewed up and spit out. You’ll be lucky to find your ball if you miss the fairway in this tournament! Because of its uncertainty, anything can happen at the Canadian Open.

  • Ryder Cup – Pride is on the line at the Ryder Cup. Every two years, the best golfers from the United States and Europe go head-to-head. Many bettors put biases aside as this is a team event. The best team wins and this is one of the hottest events in golf.


Of course not! While PGA is the most popular golf league, there are other leagues you can wager on! The LPGA also offers odds on certain bookmakers and the European Tour often has odds as well. College Golf will also feature odds although this market will not be easily found on most betting sites. 

If an event or tournament is cancelled, then the bet will be deemed void. The best way to determine what happens when a tournament is cancelled is to contact support of your preferred bookmaker. But the general rule is that if an event or tournaments is cancelled, you will be refunded (if the event has not started).

If the golfer withdrew before the event, then all wagers placed will be deemed void. If the event has started and then the golfer withdraws, the bet will be considered straight up. The outcome of the wager will be determined based on the market you wagered. 

Yes! Just because the first player has teed off, doesn’t mean you need to miss the action! We touched upon live betting above but rest assured, you can wager on golf tournaments even after the event has started.

Nope! While choosing the outright winner for events can be exciting, it’s not the only betting market around! Refer above to other types of betting options, including the likes of H2H matchups and Top Nationality betting.

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