Is Bet99 legal in Canada?

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Is legal Bet99 in Canada?
Bet99 Canada: Where Is It legal?

Sports betting has expanded rapidly in Canada over the past several years, and many Canadians want to get started on top new betting sites like Bet99. At BettingTop10 Canada, we are here to support gamblers' passions and ensure their safety by uncovering whether or not betting sites are legal across the country. In this guide, we'll dive into the question, is Bet99 legal in Canada? We’ll look at everything from the Bet99 Canada license and the sportsbook's history to answer this question so bettors can confidently and legally start their betting experience.

Bet99 Canada: Sportsbook and Casino Legality

So, can you use Bet99 in Canada? And if so, how did that become the case? The answer is yes, and it is slightly complicated, but bear with me. Bet99 was launched in 2020 with a Kahnawake Gaming Commission license, which they continue to hold. This license allows them to serve the Canadian market because the KGC is a gaming regulatory body that operates on Mohawk territory within Canada. Since they operate under their own law, they are not subject to interference by the Canadian government. In every province and territory in Canada, it is legal to use websites regulated by the KGC. Bet99 Canada also has a license from iGaming Ontario, the new regulatory body in the country that oversees Canada’s most populous province. So, the answer to, is Bet99 legal in Canada is one hundred percent yes, and their licensing is why.

About Bet99

Bet99 Canada

Bet99 arrived somewhat unexpectedly and began to carve out a major share of the Canadian market in a short period of time. Bet99 launched in Canada in 2020. They are owned by a company called BQC Consulting GMBH, who is headquartered in Switzerland.

Upon arrival in Canada, Bet99 immediately began to attempt to appeal to Canadian bettors. They formed partnerships with famous athletes who are beloved in major Canadian markets, including Auston Matthews and Georges St.-Pierre. But none of that would work unless the website itself was excellent.

Luckily, the Bet99 website is top-notch. The sportsbook has an array of unique payment options, plenty of promotions, and excellent player prop offerings, a feature that makes it stand out. While Bet99 lacks the betting apps that some of its competitors have, they still have a quality mobile site that users can enjoy.

Many have asked, is Bet99 legal in Canada? Because they arrived to the market with a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and iGaming Ontario, the answer is yes. They are a legal betting site that has plenty of fun features for bettors to enjoy.

Is Bet99 Legit?

Before bettors can start using the sportsbook, there are two questions they should ask themselves: Is Bet99 legit? And is Bet99 safe? Asking these questions before you use any sportsbook is a crucial first step.

In the case of Bet99, the answer is an easy yes. The website is a recent addition to Canada, but it has built up plenty of trust. Just from the Bet99 Canada license, bettors can feel confident.

For a sportsbook to procure a license from a top regulator like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, they must open themselves up to scrutiny. The regulators will look through their entire operation to ensure everything is safe, legal, and secure. For Ontario bettors, Bet99 has acquired an iGaming Ontario license. This is another difficult license to acquire.

Bet99 also benefits from a pristine reputation amongst bettors, so they can be confident that they are using a trusted, reliable operator.

Bet99 Canada Timeline

If you want to understand the truth about the legality of Bet99 Canada, it is important to grasp the history of the sportsbook and gambling industry in Canada. Bet99 is a sports betting site that arrived in Canada relatively recently but has become a market leader. How did that happen? The growth of this betting site is interesting to uncover, and the shape of the legal gambling industry in Canada plays an important role. Below, we'll provide a timeline of Bet99 Canada to see how it became one of Canada's top legal operators.

2019 - Bet99 is Founded: Bet99 has an interesting history because little is known about its beginnings. What we do know is compelling. Bet99 was created in 2019 by a team of gambling experts working under the umbrella of a company called BQC Consulting GMBH. This company's official headquarters are listed in Switzerland, but Bet99 was initially founded in Malta by a small group that would eventually grow into the large team it now is today. The goal they started with was to create a user-friendly, secure sportsbook for bettors.

2020 - Bet99 Acquires License from Kahnawake Gaming Commission: If Bet99 was to serve the Canadian market, they'd have to acquire a license that would allow them to enter the company seamlessly. In 2020, the best possible license for this circumstance was from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been a huge player in the Canadian sports betting scene since it launched, and they are a highly-respected brand name. When Bet99 was able to secure a license from this trusted group, it was a big step for them. This positioned them to be a betting site that connects with Canadians in every province.

2020 - Bet99 Launches: Once they had their license secured, it was time for Bet99 to get off the ground. They launched in 2020, a year that was marred by a global pandemic. Despite this substantial obstacle, Bet99 managed to find immediate success. They found a user base across the country that was interested in their website, even though the competition is high, and it can be difficult for new betting sites to get off the ground.

2021 - Bet99 Expands, Rebrands, and Starts Advertising Heavily to Canadian Users: While Bet99 had initial success, there was still a long way to go to compete with the big players in the industry. In 2021, Bet99 pushed its cards into the middle of the table. They rebranded their logo and redesigned their Canadian website. They then spent a significant amount of money on advertising, recruiting figures like Auston Matthews and Georges St.-Pierre to be brand ambassadors. This helped them expand significantly in Canada.

2021 - Bill C-218 Passed to Open Canadian Gambling Industry: A major gambling event in Canada also took place in 2021. A bill was passed that removed the federal prohibition on sports betting in the country. This didn’t impact Bet99’s legal status, but it changed the industry. Suddenly, provinces could decide to license and regulate operators if they chose to. The first one to do this was Ontario.

2022 - Competition Increases, but Bet99 Gets iGaming Ontario License and Maintains Success: When this gambling law passed, the first province to implement changes was Ontario, which created its own regulatory body. Bet99 acquired an iGaming Ontario license that allowed it to serve the biggest province in Canada. Other competitors came flooding in after this change. But even though there are more operators than ever in Canada now, Bet99 has maintained its success. It will likely only continue to grow.

How to Use Bet99 in Canada

We’ve answered the question of can you use Bet99 in Canada. But for some, that information isn’t enough to get them started. Many are wondering how to use Bet99 in Canada. Getting started with a sportsbook is something that shouldn't take very long and should be relatively easy. Some bettors have concerns about data and payment info, but as we've addressed, Bet99 has a great license and pristine reputation.

If you are one of many bettors looking to get started with this sportsbook, we are happy to help. Below, we'll provide you with a quick breakdown of getting started with Bet99 Canada.

Step One: Visit Bet99 Canada and Click the Sign-Up Tab.

Once you visit Bet99 Canada, you’ll note a bright green Sign Up tab. Clicking on this will move you along to the next phase of your journey.

Step Two: Input All Your Personal Details.

This is the most time-consuming part of the experience. There are four pages of information that bettors will have to fill out for the Bet99 registration. They'll need to enter their username, password, email, full name, age, and contact details on the first page. On the next page, they'll have to enter their address information. On the third, they're required to input their occupation. On the last page, they can set limits, such as single-bet limits or loss limits.

Step Three: Fund Your Account.

Once you've created a login, the next step is to fund your account so you are able to wager with real money. Bet99 Canada accepts several different payments for deposits. Bettors can deposit through Interac, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, iDebit, InstaDebit, and several other methods. Each of these transaction options has different limits and speeds.

Step Four: Place Your Bets.

Once you have funded your account, you are ready to start wagering. To do this, visit the sportsbook’s sports Menu on the left-hand side. Click on the sport you want to wager on and the odds you want to bet. This will open a bet slip. Enter how much you want to wager, and click Place Bet, and you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bet99

We understand that the legality of using Bet99 Canada can be a source of confusion for many people. The laws around betting sites in the country have shifted in recent years, and keeping up with all the changes can be a challenge. We are here to help with a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Bet99 and its legality.

Is Bet99 Legal in Canada?

Yes! Bet99 is a sportsbook that has been specifically designed to target Canadian bettors. It has acquired all the necessary means to operate in the country, and since it arrived in 2020, the sportsbook has been a completely legal betting site for Canadians.

Is Bet99 available in Canada and can I use it in every Canadian province?

Yes. There is no province in Canada where Bet99 is unavailable. This is because it has managed to get multiple Canadian licenses that allow it to serve the entire country. No provinces or territories in Canada have made Bet99 off-limits.

What is the Gambling Gray Market, and is Bet99 a Part of It?

The gambling gray market in Canada means that sportsbooks are not fully government-approved but also not illegal. This has been the state of affairs in the country for decades until Bill C-218 removed the federal prohibition on sports betting in 2022. But even now, Bet99 is part of the gray market because most provinces haven't fully approved gambling. 

What are the Two Primary Bet99 Licenses That Make it Legal?

It is normally enough when a sportsbook has one license that allows it to serve Canadians, but having two is a big deal. They have acquired a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that allows them to operate and serve the entire Canadian market except for Ontario, and they have acquired an iGaming license that allows them to serve Ontario.

What Does Having Two Trusted Licenses Mean for Bet99?

Having two licenses just means that multiple regulatory bodies have looked at Bet99, explored every aspect of their betting site, and given them their approval. This means the cybersecurity and fairness of their sportsbook and casino are at the highest of levels. It also means that Canadians should have very few legal concerns when using the sportsbook.

Have the Gambling Law Changes in Canada Impacted Bet99?

Yes! When Bill C-218 became legal, the big change that took place was that Bet99 had to acquire a new license to operate in Ontario. Many sportsbooks couldn’t do this, but Bet99 moved quickly, and they got an iGaming Ontario license. This has allowed them to expand their operations and advertising within the province.

How Has Bet99 Become Popular So Quickly?

Having launched in 2020, which was much later than most big operators, some are surprised to see Bet99 become so popular so quickly. But thanks to advertising partnerships with major athletes like Georges St.-Pierre and Auston Matthews, as well as user-friendly features, they have seen a big influx of Canadian users.

Will Bet99 Have to Get Other Licenses in Canada?

This is hard to predict because it depends on the laws other Canadian countries implement. But given how quickly Bet99 got their iGaming license, it is likely they would be willing and able to get any license that allows them to serve the Canadian market.