A Complete Guide to Sports Betting Customer Support

Sports Betting Customer Support
A Complete Guide to Sports Betting Customer Support

Customer Service for Betting Sites

Several factors should be considered when choosing an online bookmaker. Of course, the sports offered, welcome bonus and betting lines are weighed heavily by sports betting fans. However, there is one underrated aspect of sports betting (especially online) that needs to be considered when joining an online betting site.

While not heavily mentioned, customer service for betting sites is an important aspect of the online betting experience. Not usually considered, support for customers is a topic every betting site should look at and wonder if they are doing enough for their customers. The ability to provide great customer service can help retain users and with the online betting market, customer reviews could help a betting site skyrocket in popularity.

Customer service can make or break a betting site. Chances are, at some point you are going to run into an issue playing online and online bookies will need to provide support. If you are unable to resolve your issue in a timely fashion, you may pull your funds and begin playing elsewhere. Also, sports betting customer service can help bookmakers stand out from other betting sites. The easier it is to fix problems, the more satisfied you will be as a player.

In this blog, we're going to look at how bookmaker customer service is integral to the everyday functionality of a betting site. We're going to break down the popular customer service methods used by online betting sites and how they impact you as a bettor. Also, we're going to mention how to utilize the different customer service options and how they best suit you as a player. So, let's dive into why customer service is a key aspect when joining an online betting site!

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Betting Customer Support Channels

All legitimate betting sites will offer sports betting customer service in some form. If you're lucky, the betting site you wager on will provide several dependable options. Below, you'll find common customer support channels and how they can benefit you as a user.

FAQ: Known as Frequently Asked Questions, the FAQ section is usually a page dedicated to frequent questions asked by a betting site's player base. This allows players to research and find answers to their questions without having to contact anyone from customer support. This is a popular method for those wanting to solve their issues on their own. FAQ sections are quick, accessible and usually provide the necessary support for you to resolve any problems.

Live Chat: Live chat options can be broken down into two categories. When using a live chat feature, you will either be speaking with AI or with an agent. Typically, live agents provide better experiences because you are directly speaking with a person. However, there are pros and cons to each method. AI live chat options can be efficient because you normally must type out your question and then you will be prompted to select a slate of options that will narrow down potential answers. When speaking with a live agent, you can describe your issues in detail since the agent will be able to decipher the text you are sending. Live agents may be also better suited to help you resolve issues involving your account, like financials with missing funds. Live chat features are a must for any legitimate sportsbook and whether you are chatting with artificial intelligence or a live agent, your situation should be resolved quickly.

Phone: Like the live chat feature, when using phone support, you may speak to an agent or a pre-recorded session that will hopefully answer your questions. Speaking with someone over the phone may be better suited for those that want to speak to an actual person and explain their issue. There are also benefits because there is a human element and phone support that may be missing when using live chat or FAQ features. If the company you bet with uses a pre-recorded phone support line, that can be tricky because you are banking on the answer being built into the program. Normally, if your question cannot be resolved you will be able to speak with an agent but that isn't guaranteed. Phone support may not be offered 24/7 also, meaning you may have to wait for customer support.

E-Mail: This method of customer support may not be the quickest form of customer support but there are pros! While you shouldn't expect e-mail support to respond right away, it allows the agent you are dealing with to write a detailed and thoughtful response. Since live chat involves two humans interacting, you may be waiting for the agent to research the answer. Unless there is no better option, we would recommend using e-mail support as a tool for issues that don't require a quick response. Since companies and agents are dealing with (presumably) hundreds of e-mails a day, accessing and responding to your questions could be a lengthy and drawn-out process. There is also the possibility that the answer you receive will not satisfy you and you will need to wait for additional responses, which in turn becomes a prolonged conversation.

Other Helpful Tools:

👉 Google: When in doubt, just Google it! Google provides a wealth of knowledge that is priceless. Whether you are looking to answer a specific problem or discover contact methods for a specific betting site, Google is a tool every bettor should use when searching for a problem. Google's user interface is clean, which means you can find information for a betting site without having to use the actual website you're requesting support from! There is no guarantee that Google can solve all your problems, but they are a tremendous tool for online information.

👉 Social Media: The world of social media is HUGE. Using social media to answer any questions is another tactic used by players and companies alike. Social media is great because it can result in quicker response times, especially if the betting site has a dedicated page solely for customer support help. Common social media pages you will find betting support on include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

👉 Forums: Chatting with other users having the same issue as you could be considered a customer support hack. Places like Reddit are perfect for specific problems that may not be answered by the betting site itself. You can also use online forums to discuss different betting sites and their customer support options. Either way, chatting with the user base is another way to answer questions and learn from the betting community. Most likely, another bettor has run into the same problem as you and their experience could help you resolve any issue you're facing.

Providing the proper channels for customer support is integral to a betting site. At a minimum, bettors should be able to access a FAQ section to browse issues at their own pace and there should also be a dedicated agent section (live chat, phone support, e-mail) that can assist you in a timely fashion. Understanding the different support channels and how they can assist you when you are dealing with issues is also another factor to consider when choosing a customer service support option.

Customer support reality and myths

Contacting customer support is not easy. Having to deal with your issue, explain the problem and wait for a resolution can be time-consuming and daunting. Below, we broke down some of the myths believed about bookmaker customer service and the truth behind these myths. We want to ensure you are receiving accurate information that will help you receive the best customer support possible.

Myth: Companies only care about social media customer support because it is public and brings attention. 

Fact: This is false. While the attention brought upon by exceptional customer service through social media may benefit the company, betting sites will care about all aspects of support. Most users needing help will use other avenues of support (other than social media) and the betting sites want to retain as many customers as possible. This means that you will receive the same care from customer support in private as you would in a public setting. 

Myth: E-Mail customer support is inferior to other methods.

Fact: Wrong. E-Mail response time may be slower than live chats or phone support, but E-Mail support can be beneficial, especially if your issue does not require an immediate resolution.

Myth: FAQ and Help Centres aren't helpful.

Fact: This couldn't be further from the truth. There is a reason they are called 'FAQs'. These questions are commonly asked among the player base of the specific betting site you are using. Thus, you may be able to come to a quick conclusion about the issue you are facing, without needing customer support. FAQs are a great way to receive information at your leisure, without the stress of dealing with customer support.

Myth: The customer is always right

Fact: Hearing that we are wrong is never well received, but you cannot go into a situation assuming you are right. To fix the issue at hand, you cannot be disrespectful and assume you are right. The customer support agent will be doing their best to resolve your issue. If you work with them, you'll be able to find a resolution.

Myth: AI Customer Support (Live Chat) is useless.

Fact: While speaking with a human could provide great customer service, don't underestimate AI customer support. AI technology has advanced mightily throughout the years and the response time is quicker than speaking with a human. The preference may be to speak with a human, but the interaction with AI could quickly resolve your issue.

Tips for getting the best service

We expect exceptional customer service every time we require help, but the reality is that this doesn't always happen. For the most part, we are dealing with human interactions, especially with live chat, phone support and e-mail conversations. This means that emotions may get the better of us, especially if it's a stressful situation. To receive the best possible customer service, we recommend using these tips and tricks!

  • Politeness Goes a Long Way: Listen, we understand that any issues you run into can be frustrating. However, being polite with the customer service agent could go a long way in helping you fix the issue! Being polite (but stern) about your issue and how you want it resolved will be handled with care. Rude customers will not receive the same attention as friendly customers. Playing nice will benefit you!
  • Keep Records: Especially with live chat, it's important to keep records. This would include recordings or screenshots of your conversations. Having a record of previous conversations can help if your issue isn't resolved or if another agent tells you something different. Having records helps save you from a potential mishap.
  • Hang Up and Try Again: Not all agents are the same. Sometimes, you will deal with an incompetent agent that can't help you. In this scenario, there is no issue in closing your live chat or hanging up and trying again. Hopefully, you will deal with another agent that can help you. If not, it may be time to escalate the issue.
  • Be Detailed as Possible: If you have an issue, you need to be as detailed as possible! Customer service agents are there to help you. No matter what the issue is, ensure you are being as detailed as possible. This will help resolve the issue sooner. The more information delivered to the agent, the better. 
  • Escalate the Issue If Necessary: Sometimes, the agent you are dealing with may not have all the tools to help you. Since they are usually dealing with company policy, speaking with a supervisor or manager might be the next step when dealing with issues. We're not saying to yell or berate the agent, however. If you are not receiving the assistance you need, politely ask if you can discuss the problem with a higher-up!
  • Be Patient: Unless you have a common issue, it may take time to resolve your issue. Customer service agents may need to speak to their superiors to help with your problem. Patience is key when requiring assistance and if you are patient, it could help you in the long run. There will be a sense of urgency but if you are patient, the customer service rep will appreciate it.

Receiving customer support can be tiring and frustrating. But if you work with the agent as a team, you will both be able to resolve the issue!

Our recommendations

Choosing an online betting site based on customer service isn't easy. Thankfully, we did the work for you and narrowed down some of the best sports betting customer service you can receive. Our two winners include Canadian favourites, as Sports Interaction and Betway stole the show for these reasons:

Sports Interaction LogoSports Interaction: The longtime Canadian betting site has several customer service options that players can take advantage of. Their options include a dedicated FAQ/Help Centre option, E-Mail, Phone Number and Live Chat. These are all methods that we love to see and what's even better is that Sports Interaction's support is top tier.

Contacting Sports Interaction was easy, either through their phone number (+1 888 922 5575) or Live Chat and our issues were resolved. The Live Chat feature was nice and efficient, and the same could be said about their phone support. As for their e-mail option, Sports Interaction aims to have all queries responded to within 4 hours, which is relatively quick for e-mail communication. Lastly, Sports Interaction customer service included a detailed help centre with thorough articles. It's easy to understand why Sports Interaction's customer service is unbelievable.

Betway SportBetway: Another popular betting site among Canadians, Betway sports customer service showcases how to effectively help users.

The Betway Help page has its FAQ section broken down into subsections where you can investigate further. They also provide a phenomenal search function and the ability to contact the site.

Accessing Betway live chat is simple as well. Their live chat feature quickly resolves all issues not found on their help page, which has a ton of information on their site. Betway could offer further support from a dedicated phone number, but it has proven to be unnecessary with their comprehensive help page and live chat features.

You can't go wrong with either bookmaker. Sports Interaction and Betway are legendary when it comes to their customer support. On top of being solid bookmakers for online bettors, their respective support teams are ready to provide outstanding customer service.

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