Who Will Win The 2023 Fall Classic? MLB World Series Odds

01 Jul 23
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Who Will Win The 2023 Fall Classic? MLB World Series Odds

The MLB season is a long one, but believe it or not, we’re already about halfway through the 2023 campaign. All teams have played around 80 of the season’s 162 games, so it’s time to ask the question: who are the favorites to win this year’s World Series. Anyone who’s watched them this year will not be surprised to learn that the Atlanta Braves are the odds on favorites in the outright World Series winner betting markets on all betting sites and betting apps.


  • The Atlanta Braves have the shortest odds to win the 2023 World Series
  • Tampa Bay has the shortest odds of any team in the AL
  • Sohei Ohtani’s Angels have the 11th-lowest odds

2023 MLB World Series Outright Odds

The teams playing the best early in this new age of baseball have been the Atlanta Braves and Tampa Bay Rays, which means it’s no surprise that they are the teams that oddsmakers are handicapping as the massive favorites to stay hot and win the 2023 World Series. Odds provided by Betway.


Outright Odds

Atlanta Braves


Tampa Bay Rays


Los Angeles Dodgers


Houston Astros


Texas Rangers


Toronto Blue Jays


New York Yankees


San Diego Padres


Philadelphia Phillies


Baltimore Orioles


Arizona Diamondbacks


Los Angeles Angels


Minnesota Twins


San Francisco Giants


Miami Marlins


Milwaukee Brewers


Atlanta Braves Odds Analysis

If you’re trying to convince a friend to get into baseball, get them to watch a Braves game. They’ve scored the third most runs in the MLB and they’ve hit 147 home runs, which is nearly two per game and 21 more than the next closest team.

They’ve got depth up and down the lineup from Matt Olson to Ronald Acuna Jr., and they’ve also got the fifth best ERA in the majors. They seem like a great bet to go all the way; we only wish their +300 odds were a tad longer.

Tampa Bay Rays Odds Analysis

The other top contender is the Tampa Bay Rays, who have the best record in baseball as of this writing with 54 wins through 81 games. They play in the AL East, the best division in baseball, but they’ve gone 17-10 against their division opponents, showing they can win against the toughest competition.

They’re well-rounded like the Braves, so it will be tough for a team to kick them off their perch atop the AL. But again, +350 odds are a little bit short considering we’re only 80 games in.

Los Angeles Dodgers Odds Analysis

Here’s a team with a ton of talent that is not quite playing up to their expected level yet—exactly the type of team you want to bet on to win the World Series on a midseason wager.

Their +650 odds could be longer considering they sit third in their own division, but they’re still offering a ton more value than the top two. Their bullpen, which has the fifth-worst ERA in baseball, will need some shaping up at the trade deadline.

Houston Astros Odds Analysis

Also third in their division, the Astros are another team that has been underachieving a little bit through the first half of this season. They have the best ERA in the majors at 3.58, which is a great sign for their chances come October, because pitching is what wins you games in the playoffs. They could use a few more bats, but +850 is not a bad number to take before they get them.

Texas Rangers Odds Analysis

Another team that’s been lighting up the scoreboard has been the Rangers, who have scored an MLB-high 468 runs. But, they also have the seventh-best team ERA in the majors as well. Their record against winning teams is 20-20, which is respectable, but they’ll need an extra little push to really compete come autumn.

Toronto Blue Jays Odds Analysis

If only they didn’t play in the AL East. The Blue Jays have the second best non-division record in baseball at 36-20, but those darn AL East rivals have been pesky, taking 17 of 24 games from Toronto. 

The Jays’ current four-man rotation is quality on top of quality, but they might need another arm for the stretch run if they don’t want guys like Kevin Gausman and Jose Berrios to run out of gas. At +1,400 and with a recent history of splash moves, the Jays are a great dark horse pick right now.

Best Of The Rest

The New York Yankees at +1,700 are also very intriguing because if they can get Aaron Judge back for any significant portion of the season, they’ll be very dangerous in the playoffs. The San Diego Padres are another team that has the chance to make a big run in the second half, and their current +2,000 odds are likely the longest they’re going to be for the rest of the season.

We don’t see one man carry a team to a World Series very often (if ever), but if anyone could do it, it’s Shohei Ohtani, which makes his Angels worth a look at +2,500. The guy just needs some help.

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