Is BetMGM legal in Canada?

By: Patrick Trudeau
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Is BetMGM legal in Canada?
BetMGM Canada: Where Is It legal?

Here at BettingTop10 Canada, we aim to provide you with knowledge of the biggest betting brands accessible to Canadian sports bettors. Focusing on BetMGM, we dive into an expanding brand that has excited Canadian bettors.

BetMGM is a brand mostly known in the United States but you may be wondering if you can use BetMGM in Canada. In early April of 2022, BetMGM (among other betting sites) became legal in Canada. Now currently operating in Ontario, this guide helps bettors learn about BetMGM.

From how they became legal in Canada to what they offer, our guide looks at everything the brand has to offer.

About BetMGM

BetMGM Canada

BetMGM is a product of one of the largest hospitality and entertainment companies in the United States. MGM Resorts International operates across the United States and is a popular resort destination for travelers in Las Vegas, especially. The company operated a casino in the early days, which paved the way to a betting app that could be accessed on your mobile phone. In 2018, BetMGM came to life with operations beginning in 2019. Thanks to its popularity in the hospitality and tourism industry, BetMGM was quickly trusted among sports bettors. As a popular pick on sports betting sites, BetMGM quickly grew across the United States. A short while later, the province of Ontario and BetMGM struck a deal. April 4, 2022, BetMGM launched alongside other bookmakers in the province. Although they only operate in Ontario at this moment, the next step will be for BetMGM to launch in other provinces across Canada. Although you can

Is BetMGM Legit?

If you're wondering if BetMGM is legit, you don't have to worry! BetMGM has only been operating in Canada for a short period but the brand has made its mark in other countries, like the neighboring United States. Since launching in Canada in April of 2022, BetMGM quickly became one of the top betting sites in the nation. With high profile celebrity ambassadors and the backing of MGM Resorts International, you can bet that using BetMGM will be a safe and enjoyable experience.

We know BetMGM is legit, but is BetMGM safe? The good news is that BetMGM is safe for users. The company has tons of security measures in place to protect account information and they are regulated in Canada. There is not much else BetMGM can do as a company; they are fully legit and safe.

BetMGM Canada Timeline

Although BetMGM is a brand known for its gambling and sports betting, they didn't start out on top. Instead, the group had to claw to the pinnacle of sports betting. While they are a chosen online sports betting site in the United States and Ontario, it took a while for BetMGM to become established. In the timeline below, we look at how BetMGM came to fruition and their journey to the top of sports betting!

2018 - The Launch of a Brand: While the parent companies of BetMGM have been around since 1987, 2018 saw the true launch of BetMGM. MGM Resorts International launched (alongside Entain Holdings) BetMGM. That same year, the company also named Adam Greenblatt as their CEO. Greenblatt helped the brand establish itself in the U.S. gaming market, which is quite competitive. Under Greenblatt, BetMGM has grown to be popular among sports bettors in both Canada and the United States.

2019-2021 - Partnerships Galore: What helped BetMGM establish itself as a top betting brand was their partnerships. During this timeframe, BetMGM partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world. From sports leagues to restaurants, BetMGM made great connections. Some of their biggest partnerships came from sports leagues like the NBA, MLB, NHL and NASCAR. As well, BetMGM partnered with the likes of Yahoo Sports and other sports media brands.

2022 - BetMGM Gets an Ontario License: We all know that BetMGM is available to users in Canada but only in Ontario. In 2022, BetMGM joined a handful of sports betting sites to launch in the province. BetMGM obtained the iGO license in April of 2022 and have been going strong ever since. And although BetMGM launched initially in Ontario, they are looking to expand into other Canadian provinces and territories in the near future.

At BettingTop10, we're excited to see what BetMGM has in store for bettors across the United States and Canada. They have expanded into Canada and there are betting markets across the nation frothing at the chance to bet on their site. While players can access the brand in Ontario, seeing BetMGM obtain a license for various provinces will be their next big jump.

How to Use BetMGM in Canada

The good thing about BetMGM is that they make registering for the site quite easy. Some online betting sites have you jump through hoops but that's now how BetMGM rolls. They have an intuitive website design that will have you betting in no time.

If you are looking to join BetMGM, follow these simple steps to become a member as soon as possible! 

Step One:

Enter your e-mail and create a password.

From there, you will need to enter the following information to help register your account. 

Step Two:

Enter your first and middle name

Provide your last name

Add your date of birth

Select your citizenship

Choose your occupation industry and Job Title

The final step will be to add more details. 

Step Three:

Provide your address and mobile phone number. 

Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

With that entered, you will officially become a player at BetMGM. Remember to confirm your identity and confirm your e-mail so you can start depositing and betting on BetMGM!

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Betting with BetMGM

What Customer Service Options Does BetMGM Have?  BetMGM has great customer service. Their 24/7 live chat feature is well-liked by users, and they also have other support means such as e-mail and phone support. Not done there, BetMGM also assists users with a dedicated FAQ section.

While Canada has legalized single-game sports betting, bookmakers need to apply for a license in certain provinces. The current BetMGM license allows residents to bet inside Ontario. For bettors outside of Ontario (but still inside Canada), they would need to be in Ontario or wait until BetMGM and the respective gambling commissions of the province they reside in strike a deal.

All deposits are instant but withdrawals take up to 5 business days. However, reports indicated that withdrawal speeds are much quicker than anticipated.

Yes! Those looking for an online sportsbook will be happy to learn that BetMGM does offer promotions. While the promotions may vary, ones that are regular include the welcome bonus, free bets and boosted odds for certain events. Specific sports will also have ongoing promotions as well!

BetMGM offers a rewards program that is broken into different tiers, from their introductory Sapphire program all the way to their Noir program, which is invitation only. These credits can earn you discounted room nights, bonus points, a free bet on the user's birthday and much more. BetMGM rewards are quite extensive!

Yes! BetMGM offers live streaming for certain sports, like professional baseball. To access live streaming with BetMGM, you need to be logged into your account and have funds. From there, certain events will be accessible!

Due to its prominence, BetMGM has partnered with numerous sports leagues, such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, WNBA, PGA Tour, MLB, MLS and NASCAR. BetMGM is also partnered with chains such as Buffalo Wild Wings and TopGolf, and media brands like The Athletic.

Here at BettingTop10, we wouldn't advise using a VPN to access BetMGM. Using a VPN is against the terms and conditions of BetMGM and could create problems with your account, such as losing any deposits and potential termination of your account. As well, it is against the rules to bet on BetMGM in Canada without being physically in Ontario. Using VPN's skirts, the rules and could create issues.