Safest Betting Sites: A Guide for the Cautious Sports Bettor

Cameron Kozinets
By: Cameron Kozinets
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Safest Betting Sites
Safest Betting Sites: A Guide for the Cautious Sports Bettor

Safety should come first when using online betting sites, as you are inputting your payment and personal information. Ensuring that you are only using the safest sports betting sites will make it so your money and data are safe.

But what do we mean by safety? Safety includes things like internet security, legality, licensing, and more. Below, we’ll explore what the safest betting sites are and what makes them safe.

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What is a Safe Betting Site?

The word safety gets thrown around a lot in the world of online betting, but what makes a website truly safe? How do you know that the sportsbook you are using will protect your information and not result in hacks, unfair payouts, and other problems?

When considering the safest online gambling operators, what you need to consider is money, security, and legality. The safest online betting sites protect your money first and foremost. That means they will provide fair payouts, ensure your payment information is safe, and not make accessing your account balance a hassle.

Security is how tight of a ship a sportsbook is running. The weaker cybersecurity is, the more at-risk bettors are. Even if sportsbooks aren’t bad actors, if they have bad security, your information and money are vulnerable. Lastly, legality is whether or not you can even legally use an operator where you are situated. Safe online betting sites Canada are completely legal, so users don’t have to worry about sketchy situations.

So, what is a safe betting site? Ultimately, it is a sportsbook that is legal to use, protects your information and money, and maintains rigorous cybersecurity protocols that ensure they aren’t vulnerable to hacks. It is an online sportsbook where you can gamble without fear.

What Do We Check?

What defines the safest sports betting sites? There are many different aspects of an online bookmaker. These are complicated websites that are often seeing millions of dollars going in and out throughout the year. There are a lot of aspects that define a sportsbook and many things to consider when looking at its security.

At BettingTop10, it is our job to look over operators and judge their merits. We take this job very seriously and hope to provide users with helpful information that enables them to determine the safety level of a sportsbook. Here are some of the things that we will look at when we’re determining whether a sportsbook is safe.

  • License: The license shows you the regulatory oversight that a sportsbook has. There are many different gambling authority bodies that can license an operator, ranging from iGaming Ontario to the Malta Gaming Authority. The license will show you who is overseeing a sportsbook and the standards it must uphold. We check the license to make sure they are safe and legit.
  • Cybersecurity Certifications: Cybersecurity is everything when users are inputting payment information and personal info, particularly in this day and age of expert hackers. Most sportsbooks will have info on their cybersecurity available, and we read up on each operator's security. This is to make sure they can be trusted with sensitive details.
  • Local Gambling Laws: Everywhere has different rules that dictate the legality of gambling. It is important that wherever you are, it is safe and legal to use a sportsbook. When looking at an operator, we will consider whether it is safe and legal in Canada and in specific provinces.
  • User Reviews: What other people think of an operator is incredibly important. The opinions of users are a key insight into whether a sportsbook is fair or unfair. We look over the user reviews to ensure that an operator isn’t receiving an influx of complaints.

Signs of a Safe Online Sportsbook

  • Licensed by a Trusted Regulator: If a sportsbook is licensed by a trusted regulator like iGaming or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, you can trust it is safe and secure.
  • Positive Reviews: The safest sports betting sites will have an array of excellent reviews from their users. If you treat people fairly, they’ll provide positive reviews in return.
  • Tons of Excellent Cybersecurity Certifications: Cybersecurity certifications from third-party specialists will indicate to you that a sportsbook takes this element of safety very seriously. If you see many certifications, it means a sportsbook is demonstrably safe and uses high-end security.
  • Long History: Typically, sportsbooks that aren’t safe don’t last long. Check the history of an operator. If they are a massive company that has been around for decades, chances are they are safe and secure.

What You Should Do

Here are some of the steps you need to take before depositing or registering with an operator.

  • Scroll to the Bottom of the Webpage: If you scroll to the bottom of a sportsbook’s home page, this is where you’re going to find a lot of the most important info about their safety. This area will include things like their licensing and cybersecurity certifications. Look these over carefully, and Google around for more information.
  • Read the User Reviews: The user reviews vary for every operator, and there isn’t a sportsbook around that doesn’t have some bad reviews. However, if a sportsbook almost solely has bad reviews, and the reviewers claim to have been treated unfairly, that should be a major red flag.
  • Check Out Expert Opinions: There are a lot of online resources that can help you solve the problem you are having. For example, at BettingTop10, we do all this work for you. We review websites to make sure they are safe and legal and provide the information back to you. Read up on the many different betting sites we cover to ensure you are using a trusted operator.

How to Protect Yourself Online?

The internet can be a dangerous place. This isn’t to say people should avoid using the internet, but there are a lot of horror stories of stolen information and hacks that can cause some serious problems. What people should do is exercise caution.

There are many practices that users should employ to try and protect themselves online. Even when using the safest betting sites, there are protective measures that still need to be taken. Let’s look at some of the protective measures users should take to keep themselves safe online.

  • Use a Secure Password: Password123 isn’t going to cut it. Use something safe and complex because bad passwords can account for a significant percentage of all hacks on the internet. Add symbols, numbers, and make it something complicated.
  • Set Privacy Options: The internet has made it harder and harder for people to control who sees what. But luckily, privacy options exist. You can choose who accesses your data. Set your privacy settings carefully, read everything over, and make sure your info is protected.
  • Bet on a Trustworthy Network: Hackers can often get at you through the network you use. Be careful about the networks you use. If you are on a public network, exercise a lot of caution. It is always better to be safe than sorry in this regard.
  • Don’t Provide Additional Info: If there is an email or a pop-up asking you for information that you aren’t comfortable disclosing, don’t disclose it. Sportsbooks do require personal information, but it shouldn’t be anything you aren’t comfortable with.
  • Use Safe Deposit Methods: In the age of virtual payments, it seems like there are a million different ways to pay for things. If you are paying for something online, make sure that the deposit method you are using is safe and secure. There are some methods that will always be safer than others. If it feels sketchy, don’t do it!
  • Do Your Homework: This is a general rule of thumb. You can always research more, but you can’t always get your money back. The internet provides us with near-limitless information; use it. Read up on every sportsbook you use. If you have any questions or concerns, proceed with caution and gather more info.

Is Online Gambling Safe?

We’ve told you about the safest online gambling operators and what we do to ensure they’re safe. We take substantial steps to double-check, but that doesn’t address one of the most important questions that the average user is still going to have. Is online gambling safe?

The answer to this is yes, but it is still dependent on a user’s caution. If you are using the right sportsbooks, then it is definitely something that is safe. Let’s dive into what exactly makes sportsbooks safe at an institutional level.

The industry of online gambling is a massive one, bringing in billions of dollars every year from millions of users. It is something that is controlled by major governments and regulatory bodies. This isn’t the wild west; it is a fully developed industry that continues to become more and more mainstream every year.

There are several major entities that exist to ensure that online sportsbook betting remains safe. These range from gaming commissions and gambling authorities to third-party cybersecurity reviewers. The goal that these important safety nets have is to protect users. They take the necessary steps to verify that sportsbooks are fair, aren’t stealing users' money, and are protecting their data and payment info.

The law is also an important safety net here. For a sportsbook to exist, there have to be laws in that country that allow it to exist. That means government oversight comes into play. There are governments that oversee this industry to make sure users are protected and secure.

Gaming commissions and gambling authorities

Gaming commissions and gambling authorities are the regulatory bodies that control this industry. Each has different standards, but generally, they are created to oversee betting sites to keep track of them. They fulfill a very important role and have the power to derail a sportsbook, so their rules are taken very seriously. Here are some of the things they look at.

  • Payment Processing: They will ensure that sportsbooks have safe and effective payment processing systems so that users aren’t vulnerable to hacks and financial fraud.
  • Game Integrity: They will look over the betting offerings to ensure they are fair and represented the right way to users. This ensures sportsbooks don’t have games where only they benefit.
  • Compliance with Laws: There are a lot of different legal matters to consider with online betting, and gaming authorities look over all aspects of a sportsbook to make sure they aren’t breaking any laws.
  • Information Security: Data protection has become increasingly important. The regulatory authorities will ensure that sportsbooks aren’t violating any data security laws. 

How to Avoid Unsafe Betting Sites

There are a lot of unsafe betting sites that are on the internet. The internet is filled with scams and schemes, and knowing how to discern the good from the bad is incredibly important. The difference between a safe and unsafe betting site is drastic, as an unsafe betting site can lead to your money being taken. But the difference isn’t always easy to spot.

However, there are certain red flags that should give you pause before signing up and depositing. Every sportsbook is different, but an unsafe betting site has a couple of warning signs you should watch out for. Here are the key ones to keep an eye on.

❌ No License Listed: This could be the biggest red flag of all. A license is a huge indicator of whether or not a sportsbook can be trusted. If they lack a license and don’t have any info on it displayed, don’t bother.

❌ Security Page Devoid of Answers: Most sportsbooks will have a Security page at the bottom of their home that you can click. If this page is entirely devoid of answers, instead using phrases like “We take security very seriously,” without backing it up, that is a bad sign.

❌ Bad User Reviews: Bad user reviews exist for every sportsbook. But some operators will have a huge concentration of bad reviews that say the operator isn’t getting their money to them. That is a huge warning sign to pay attention to.

❌ Strange Requested Information: There are certain things you should expect a sportsbook to ask you, like your address, age, and contact info. However, if you are signing up and they are asking for your SIN or SSN, do not give it to them, and don’t use that site.

How to Find a Safe Sportsbook Online

There are a lot of resources out there designed to make the world of sports betting safer by telling users the safest betting sites to use. Let’s look at how you can find a safe sportsbook online.

👉 Read Third-Party Expert Reviews: As we’ve mentioned, there are many experts like BettingTop10 that will provide you with information on the safest online gambling sites. These are qualified experts that are unbiased, providing valuable free information.

👉 Browse a List of Legal Betting Sites from a Gaming Commission: If you want to ensure safety, go straight to the source. Many online gambling commissions like iGaming will provide lists of websites they license and regulate, and you can be confident those are safe.

👉 Find the Best-Reviewed Sportsbook: There are many operators out there, each with reviews. If you find websites with excellent reviews on a trusted aggregate like the Apple App Store, Google Reviews, or other similar sites, you can trust they’re not ripping bettors off.

Mobile Betting Safety

Betting has migrated from something people do on their computers to something that is exceedingly popular via phones. Bettors love to place bets using their Android or Apple smartphones, and many sportsbooks will provide mobile betting apps that users can download to make betting from their phones more straightforward and efficient.

But some bettors might wonder, is mobile betting safe?

The answer to this question is largely still dependent on if you are using one of the safest sports betting sites. Typically, the only sportsbooks that are able to have mobile apps that can be downloaded on your phone in the region you live are operators that are licensed and legal. The App and Google Play stores enforce these legal restrictions, so if you can download an app directly from the store, most of the time, it is safe.

There are still the same risks with mobile betting that bettors should be cognizant of, so don’t forget any of the steps to ensure safety that we’ve mentioned. Even when downloading an app, double-check that it is legitimate by reading reviews and looking over licensing.

When using a mobile website, it is a very similar thing to a desktop website. You should take the necessary precautions to ensure the sportsbook is safe and legal.

Safest Sports to Bet On

Typically, safety in sports betting has to do with the website you use and its legality and security. But safety in sports betting doesn’t just have to do with these things. There are also safe behaviors and betting habits that can define success. While there are many elements of gambling safety to discuss, we’ll cover the safest sports to bet on below.

Generally speaking, there is no single safest sport to bet on. Gambling is an inherent risk, and more often than not, you are likely to lose. Oddsmakers are no fools, and their job is to come up with odds that give their sportsbook an edge. However, there are some sports strategies that are safer than others, where your chances of losing are minimized.

Below, we’ll break down some principles that define whether the sport you are betting on is safe or not.

  • Your Knowledge of the Sport: There is no sport that is definitely the best to bet on, but what helps a lot is your knowledge about the sport you choose to bet. Only bet on a sport that you have background knowledge of!
  • Safe Market: While no sports are definitively “safe,” there are betting markets that are safer than others. One of the safest possible markets is double chance betting. This is a market popular for soccer that gives bettors a chance to bet on any two of the three possible game outcomes (Team A win, Team B win, tie).
  • Avoid Spending Too Much on Wild Parlays: Parlays are a blast and something bettors love to do. However, tread lightly. Bettors who throw down $500 bets on +20000 parlays are taking massive risks with their money. While parlays and even hail mary parlays can be fun, tread very carefully with these.
  • Bankroll Management: Safe betting is all about bankroll management. When betting becomes dangerous is when bettors are not cautious with their bankrolls. Be very careful, don’t make bets above your means, and don’t chase your losses. Smaller bets are the way to go, especially when you are just starting off.
  • Is There Helpful Data: Similar to your knowledge level, the amount of data that is available to you within a sport makes things safer. Bet on sports where there is a lot of data and background info that you can use to make smarter decisions. More popular betting sports will have more data.

Chronology of a Safe Betting Experience

Sports betting is a journey that includes many aspects. From the time you first register with an operator to the day you place your last bet with them, it is a long, winding road that bettors embark on. There are many points along the way where caution is important, even with the safest online betting sites.

There are moments throughout the journey when you are going to need to exercise the most caution. Let’s look at some of the key moments in the betting chronology where being careful is the most important.

  • Sign-Up Process: The Sign Up Process is the time you need to be very careful and very sure that you are making the right decision. This is when you are going to need to input all your personal details, ranging from your address and contact information to your age and employment. Before you even consider signing up with an operator, research is a crucial step. Make sure it is one of the safest sports betting sites available, and don’t sign up unless you are absolutely confident.
  • Deposit Process: This is another part of the process where caution is extremely important. To place bets, you need to fill your account with money, and that requires a deposit. Double-check the security of both the sportsbook you intend to deposit with and the payment method you can use. Financial fraud won’t typically happen with the safest betting sites, but if you are using a website you are not sure of, there could be risks.
  • Claiming a Bonus: If you are going to claim a bonus from an operator, there is one major step you need to take first to be as safe as possible. You need to read the terms and conditions. Every bonus on every betting site has terms, and these restrict the value you get out of them. Don’t let sportsbooks hide details from you in the fine print. Read up, and make sure that the offer still benefits you.
  • Placing a Bet: Like we’ve said, placing a bet is an important time to be cognizant of safety. If you aren’t careful when placing bets, you can end up burning through your money much more quickly than you anticipated. Practice caution and payroll management here, and stick to the sports you know.

What Defines the Safest Betting Sites

The safest online gambling sites provide an effective, secure platform for bettors to do their sports betting without the fear of hacks, fraud, and data breaches. While this sounds relatively simple, there is a lot that goes into this. For a sportsbook to be safe and secure, there are a lot of standards they need to meet. We’ve broken down what makes sports betting sites safe and how to make sure, and we will conclude here by exploring these details one more time.

For a sportsbook to be safe, they need to be legally licensed by a trustworthy gaming authority. Some gaming authorities that issue licenses that you can rely on include iGaming Ontario, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Curacao eGaming license are all regulators that bettors can trust. Licensed operators will have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are fair, legal, and safe for bettors.

Another important thing to check with an operator is their cybersecurity. You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of the sportsbook’s home page, clicking on its security section, or looking at its certifications. This will give you a sense of the level of cybersecurity that they offer. You are trusting operators with a lot, whether it is your personal or payment information. It is crucial that they have the security capabilities to protect everything you provide for them.

The other thing to check is the user reviews and history of the sportsbook. You can do this with an easy Google search. Find out how long they’ve been around, what their users are saying about them, and if they have any history of hacks or illegal decisions. This should all give you a sense of the type of sportsbook you are dealing with.

Ultimately, there are many safe online gambling sites Canada. It is just important to be careful and do your research to be absolutely certain.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no single sports betting site that can be deemed the safest. However, any of the licensed and regulated sportsbooks that are fully legal in the market you live in can likely be trusted. However, some of them will have even more exemplary cybersecurity standards than others. 

The most surefire way to ensure that a betting site is safe is to look at its licensing. Where a sportsbook is licensed tells you a lot about it. The license shows you who is regulating the operator, as each gaming commission has different standards. Checking an operator’s license and reading about that gaming commission's standards will tell you all you need to know.

Double chance is the lowest-risk betting market because it allows bettors to bet on two of the three possible outcomes of a single game. No other market has as small a risk as double chance does, but it also has a pretty poor payout.

There is no one sport that can be definitively ranked as the safest to bet on. What is important to keep in mind is the knowledge you have of that sport. If you are knowledgeable about a sport, you will make better decisions, so the safest sport to bet on is the one you know most about.

The biggest red flag for a bookmaker is if they don’t have a license. If a bookmaker is unlicensed, run in the opposite direction. There is no way of being sure they won’t scam you, so only use licensed operators.