The FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup Betting

The 2022 Men’s World Cup was a rousing success, but international soccer has more to offer. This year, the 2023 Women’s World Cup will kick off in Australia and New Zealand for an exciting showcase of the world’s top female soccer talent. Naturally, this massive spectacle is a huge event for sports betting sites, fans, and bettors. Women's World Cup betting is wildly popular as bettors seek to answer the question of who will win the Women's World Cup. In this guide, we'll explore all you need to know about wagering on this exciting global event.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is a can’t-miss international showcase featuring the best female soccer players representing their team in a tournament. Thirty-two nations will compete in this tournament, and lucky for Canadian fans, the Canadian team has qualified.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is set to run from July 20th to August 20th and be played in Australia and New Zealand. This year will be the first tournament to have 32 teams, with six continental confederations sending teams over. The teams will be placed into eight groups of four, with the top two teams in each group proceeding to the knockout phase.

This event is a massive soccer betting phenomenon, and you can already find Women’s World Cup betting odds online. Many sportsbooks will have special betting offers to help get gamblers into the game. 

In this guide, we’ll offer FIFA World Cup Women’s betting tips. We’ll explore the top teams, the biggest markets, and the key trends to know about the sport. When we’re done, you’ll be fully locked and loaded to start wagering on this global spectacle.

Betting on the Women’s World Cup

Before you set off to enjoy some Women’s World Cup betting, there’s a lot you’re going to need to know. Betting can be complicated, and the Women’s World Cup is a one-of-a-kind occasion.

Below, we’re going to explore some of the important details that you should be aware of before you start hunting down Women’s World Cup betting odds. These include things like useful tips, explorations of top markets, and a look at the legality of wagering on the Women’s World Cup game.

Popular markets and betting types

Markets are the outcomes that bettors are wagering on to happen or not happen. These are the different kinds of outcomes bettors are putting their money on. Types of betting are the different ways of betting a sportsbook will have enabled.

Whether you are NFL Betting, Women’s World Cup betting, or wagering on any other kind of sport, there will be unique markets and types of bets available. Let’s look at some of the betting markets and betting types that you will find Women’s World Cup 2023 odds for.

  • Outright Betting: Outright betting is placing long-term wagers on the World Cup, such as which team will win or which player will score the most tournament goals.
  • Match Betting: Match betting is wagering on the outcome of a match. Bettors can choose to wager on Team A, Team B, or a draw.
  • Group Betting: Group betting is wagering on the outcome of the different groups in the tournament. This can include betting on Canada to win their group.
  • Over/Under Betting: Over/under betting is wagering on the combined amount of goals scored in a game. Oddsmakers come with a line, and then bettors have to wager whether the teams will combine for over or under the number of goals.
  • Double Chance Betting: Double Chance betting is like match betting, but instead of betting on one outcome, bettors pick two. They can pick Team A and tie, Team B and tie, or Team A and Team B.
  • Game Prop Betting: Game Prop betting is wagering on different outcomes within a game that are tied to teams. So it can be something like which team will score first, how many penalties two teams will combine for, how many corner kicks there will be in a game, and so on.
  • Player Prop Betting: Player Prop betting is like Game Prop betting, except it is based on individuals. Bettors can wager whether a player will score, or bet on which player scores first.
  • Parlays: Parlays are a type of betting where bettors can combine multiple bets into one. Bettors can bet on multiple markets in the same game and tie it into a single bet, with each part of the bet needing to be true for it to cash. They can also make multi-game parlays.
  • Live Betting: Live Betting is wagering on games that have already kicked off. Bettors can bet on the game as it is played, so if a team scores, their odds of winning change.

Single-game betting and parlays

Bettors should only want to engage in legal betting to avoid fines or safety concerns. Legal betting is dependent on where you are, as Ontario betting, Alberta betting, and Quebec betting all follow different rules.

In 2021, Bill C-218 was passed, which enabled provinces to legalize single-game betting. Ontario has been the first province to fully open its doors to legal gambling, and many new betting sites have entered the province. But what is single-game betting?

Single-game betting Is wagering on just one outcome. This is the safest form of betting and was recently not legal through provincially controlled operators. The only option was parlay betting, where bettors had to wager on multiple outcomes within one single bet. This is no longer the case.

 Understanding the odds

Understanding odds is an important component of successful sports betting. Odds tell bettors how much they will receive if they wager on an outcome. They also tell bettors the projected likelihood of an event occurring, at least according to oddsmakers.

There are three different kinds of odds that bettors should be familiar with.

  • American: American odds show bettors how much profit they'd make on a $100 bet with + or how much they'd need to bet to make a $100 profit with -. For example, if Canada is -200 against Portugal, bettors would need to wager $200 to make a $100 profit. If Portugal is +200 to Canada, bettors could make a $200 profit on a $100 bet.
  • Decimal: Decimal odds show bettors how much revenue they will make from a bet in the form of a decimal. If something has odds of 5.0, a bet of $1 will return $5, including the originally staked $1, for a total profit of $4.
  • Fractional: Fractional odds show bettors how much profit they will receive on a bet in the form of a fraction. Suppose something is 5/1, a bet of $1 returns $5 profit for a $6 total revenue.

Strategy, tips, and trends

While 2023 Women’s World Cup betting is inherently unpredictable, there are strategies you can employ to create a higher likelihood of success, as well as trends in the history of the tournament that can guide your decision-making. Below, we’ll take a look at some FIFA World Cup Women’s betting tips, as well as key trends to know.

  • U.S Women's Team Has Won Two of the Last Three Tournaments and Appeared in All Three of the Previous Finals
  • Only Four Nations Have Won the Women’s World Cup Through Eight Iterations
  • The Host Nation Has Only Won the Women’s World Cup Once
  • Team USA Has Come Top Three in Every Single Women’s World Cup
  • This is the First Women’s World Cup with 32 Teams
  • Eight Teams are Appearing in This Tournament for the First Time
  • In 2019, 54.9% of the Games Had Over 2.5 Goals. In the First Iteration of the Tournament in 1991, 72% of the Games Had Over 2.5 Goals.
  • Betting on the Reigning Champion Has Been Highly Profitable Throughout the Tournaments History

The Favorites and the Underdog

In sports betting, unless oddsmakers decide that the two teams are completely dead even, which is relatively rare, there will always be one favorite and one underdog in a matchup. 

The favorite is the team oddsmakers believe has the best possibility of winning, and a bet on them pays out less because of that. The heavier the favorite, the less the payout is likely to be.

Contrarily, there is also the underdog. The underdog is the team that is considered less likely by oddsmakers to win their matchup. A bet on the underdog always pays out more than the favorite. The less likely the underdog is to win, the heavier the payout will be.

With Women’s World Cup betting, anything can happen. While there are certain favorites that are likelier to win, the tournament is often filled with shocking upsets and underdog runs.

Where to Bet on the Women’s World Cup

Now that we’ve looked at some of the crucial logistics of wagering on the Women’s World Cup, you are probably feeling ready to get started. But before you can do that, you’re going to need to pick an operator.

Every sportsbook worth its salt will have Women’s World Cup betting odds. It is one of the most popular international sporting events. But certain bookmakers provide more optimal experiences for bettors and should be prioritized for wagering on this tournament.

At BettingTop10, we specialize in sportsbook reviews and gambling guides. In our extensive experience looking over operators, we’ve found certain ones to stand out. Let’s look at some of the safe betting sites that present the best possible experience for gamblers looking to enjoy their Women’s World Cup betting.

Sports Interaction

Sports Intercation

Sports Interaction is a Canadian operator that can be enjoyed across the country, whether you are British Columbia betting or wagering in Manitoba. Famed for its clean interface, pristine reputation as a long-running sportsbook, and excellent sports coverage, Sports Interaction has it all. They already have their Women’s World Cup odds up and available.



Bodog is another sportsbook launched by Canadians that has been servicing the market for decades now. Known for its unconventional betting features and unique payment options like cryptocurrency, Bodog certainly stands out from the crowd. For Women’s World Cup bettors, this sportsbook is great for interesting prop options.


PowerPlay is a sportsbook that has become extremely popular amongst Canadian bettors. PowerPlay launched relatively recently compared to other operators on this list, but bettors love its smooth display and unparalleled betting offers. They will certainly cook up some enticing offers when the World Cup kicks off.



Bet99 is a new Canadian operator that has been attracting new users in droves. Bet99 has excellent features like live streaming and is a leader in promotional offerings. Bettors will love their extensive Women’s World Cup 2023 odds and markets.

Betting Features

Betting features are the different aspects of a sportsbook that are encoded into them. Every sportsbook has different distinct features that power them. Features are the ways of using a site that are enabled, and they are what makes an operator distinct.

Let’s look at some of the betting features that bettors will want for their 2023 Women’s World Cup betting experience.

  • Live Betting: Live betting is a feature that many sportsbooks offer. It enables bettors to wager on games that have already begun. Odds shift and change as the game is being played. If England scores against Australia, their odds of winning will improve.
  • Live Streaming: Live streaming is a feature that allows bettors to watch games live directly from the sportsbook. Not every website has this, and the ones that do only offer it for specific leagues or events. But if offered, it adds a lot to the betting experience.
  • Cash Out: Cash Out is a feature that allows bettors to exit their bets before they’ve concluded and return money. If the bet is in a better position than it was when the gambler wagered, they can Cash Out at a win, meaning they get more than they put in. If the bet looks less likely to hit, they can cash out at a loss.
  • Crypto Transactions: Crypto transactions are when sportsbooks enable users to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrency. This means lightning-fast transaction speeds.
  • Boosted Odds: Boosted Odds are when a sportsbook takes specific odds and alters them to be more favorable for bettors. For example, if France and Brazil are playing, and a sportsbook bumps Brazil from -125 to +125.

How we rank the sites 

At BettingTop10, we will often share our recommendations of the top sportsbooks for users to wager on. But what defines these recommendations?

There are important criteria we look at for different operators that determine whether or not we think it’s worth users’ time. Let’s look at the criteria to be considered a top Women’s World Cup betting site.

  • 2023 Women’s World Cup Coverage: Coverage is the different odds and markets that a sportsbook has for an event. A great operator will have odds and markets for every World Cup match.
  • Safety and Licensing: Safety is crucial when betting online. It is always important that a sportsbook has a license from trusted regulators and an excellent cybersecurity reputation.
  • 2023 World Cup Betting Offers: Betting offers are a big appeal for gamblers. These are promotions from sportsbooks that add incentives for betting or depositing on them. Having specific 2023 Women’s World Cup betting offers is significant.
  • Payment Processes: Payment processes are the different ways of depositing and withdrawing a sportsbook enables, as well as the speed of the processes.
  • Customer Support: Customer Support is important because users can run into problems when betting on even the best sites.
  • Interface: How the sportsbook looks and functions goes a long way toward defining a bettor’s experience.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualification

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is the pinnacle of female soccer, an event that showcases the top talent in the sport on the biggest global stage possible. But not every team gets to compete. There is a rigorous qualification process to make it into this tournament.

For the qualifying process, teams are split into six confederations depending on their location. The teams in the confederations compete against one another, with a win leading to two points, a draw leading to one, and a loss leading to zero.

The teams at the top of the table in their conferences earn their pathway to the official FIFA Women's World Cup tournament. There are 32 spots up for grabs in the tournament; here is how the process is divided.

  • AFC (Asia): Has six direct slots, automatically includes host country Australia
  • CAF (Africa): Has four direct slots
  • CONCACAF (North America, Central America, Caribbean): Has six direct slots
  • CONMEBOL (South America): Has three direct slots
  • OFC (Oceania): One direct slot, which automatically went to the host country, New Zealand
  • UEFA (Europe): Has eleven direct slots
  • Inter-Confederation Tournament: Three slots are up for grabs in the tournament of ten teams. Two teams in this tournament from each of AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, and CONMEBOL. One team each makes this tournament from UEFA and OFC.

Qualified teams

The field for the 2023 Women’s World Cup has been set. The 32 teams that are poised to play in this exciting tournament are established, and it will certainly be one to remember. The Women’s World Cup betting odds are now available because the teams are established, but you should get to know some of the qualified teams first.

  • Canada: Canada has qualified for every Women's World Cup except one but has never crossed the threshold and won it all. However, Canada played excellent in qualifying and is poised for a great tournament. While they aren't one of the top five favorites heading in, they have a strong shot at making a deep run.
  • United States: The United States has won half of the Women's World Cups played and must be looked at as the presumptive favorite heading in. They have won both past two tournaments. They also rolled through qualifying, coming out on top of CONCACAF.
  • England: England has qualified for five of the previous eight tournaments, although they have never won. This English team is different. They won the Women’s Euro tournament, dominated UEFA qualifying, and are now listed as the second-most likely team to win.
  • Spain: Spain was not a very serious team until recently, as they didn’t qualify for the World Cup for the first time until 2015. They have qualified every year since, though, and are considered a leading contender this year.
  • Germany: Germany is consistently a leading performer in the sport. They've qualified for every Women's World Cup and have won the tournament twice, although not since 2007.
  • Brazil: Brazil is another team that always makes the tournament. They've played in every Women's World Cup, although they have never won. They finished as the runner-up and came third before, though.
  • Australia: Australia has auto-qualified for this tournament as one of the co-hosts. They have also qualified for every tournament since 1995 on their own merit.
  • Japan: Japan has qualified for every Women's World Cup and even won in 2011.
  • Sweden: Sweden has qualified for the tournament every year and finished in the top-three four times, although they've never won.
  • New Zealand: New Zealand has auto-qualified as a host team, although they’d qualified for the previous four tournaments on their own.

Interesting Facts About the FIFA Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Cup has only been played since 1991 but still has a hugely compelling history that bettors and fans should be aware of. Below, we're looking at some of the most incredible facts about the Women's World Cup that highlight why fans get so excited about this world-class tournament.

  • Brazilian Marta is the all-time leading goalscorer at the tournament. She has netted 17 goals in an incredible five Women’s World Cups.
  • The United States has qualified for every tournament and won half of them. They are widely considered the dominant force in international women's soccer.
  • The UEFA conference has reached the most finals in the tournament. A UEFA team has played in seven of the eight finals of the Women’s World Cup.
  • The 2015 Women’s World Cup Final was watched by 23 million Americans. It was the most-watched soccer match in American history.
  • The host country has only ever won the tournament once. This occurred when the United States won the tournament in 1999 at home.
  • The only confederations to never reach the final are the CAF, which represents Africa, and OCF, which represents Oceania.


The Women’s World Cup has had numerous exciting iterations. There have been shocking upsets, with gamblers cashing in on outlandish Women's World Cup betting odds and dominant runs, where teams control the tournament from start to finish.

Let’s look at the results of some of the previous tournaments.

2019United StatesNetherlandsFrance
2015United StatesJapanCanada
2011JapanUnited StatesGermany
2003GermanySwedenUnited States

About the Women’s World Cup 2019

The 2019 Women’s World Cup was a massive event that was broadcasted to over 1.2 billion people around the world, making it one of the biggest sporting spectacles of the year.

This event took place in France and featured 24 teams competing for a spot in history. The actual tournament played out in an expected matter. By the quarter-finals, the only teams left were the United States and UEFA squads. Canada had bowed out in a close loss to Sweden.

Eventually, the final was set, with the United States taking on the Netherlands, who had gone on a surprise run in the tournament. The United States emerged victorious with a 2-0 victory.

The top goalscorers were a three-way tie between two Americans, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, and one Englishwoman, Ellen White, who all scored six goals in the tournament.

About the Women’s World Cup 2015

The 2015 World Cup was played in six cities across five time zones in Canada, making it an excellent showcase of the country’s soccer culture. There were 24 teams that qualified for the tournament, and it ended up being a spectacular tournament with plenty of close competitions.

Canada managed to win their group and proceed to the knockout round. The team then squeaked out a close win against Switzerland before falling to England in the quarter-finals. 

Eventually, there were just two teams left: the United States and Japan, arguably the two top performers in the history of women’s soccer. The teams squared off in a final that the United States dominated with a 5-2 victory to claim their third tournament win.

The two top goalscorers were American Carli Lloyd and German Celia Sasic, who scored six goals each in the tournament.

About the Women’s World Cup 2011

The 2011 Women's World Cup was a tightly contested tournament that was held in Germany. Nine host cities in Germany welcomed the participants of this tournament. It was the last of the Women's World Cup tournaments, with just 16 teams that could qualify, and the modern tournament is now double this tournament's size.

Unfortunately for Canada, a tough draw into a group with Germany and France led to Canada not making the knockout round of the tournament. Japan was the star of the tournament, beating Germany and Sweden in the knockout rounds and proceeding to the finals.

In the finals, Japan squared off against a dominant American squad. In a thrilling matchup settled by a shootout, Japan beat the Americans in a stadium filled with 50,000 fans.

The top goalscorer was Japanese forward Homare Sawa, who scored five goals in the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t participated in Women’s World Cup betting before, you might have some questions. We are here to assist with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about betting on the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Currently, the United States is favored by oddsmakers as the most likely team to win the tournament, as they have won the previous two iterations of the tournament. However, England is also neck and neck with them, as they recently won the UEFA Euro Cup.

The Tournament will be held in Australia and New Zealand across nine cities. It is the first Women’s World Cup to be held in two different countries.

The biggest change to this year’s tournament is that the field is expanding. Instead of 24 teams, there will be 32 teams playing in this tournament. This means it is likely to be more grueling and competitive than the tournament has ever been before.

In general, the market that has the highest likelihood of hitting is double chance. Double chance bettors allow gamblers to wager on two of the three possible outcomes in a game. However, the downside of this is that the payout for this market is often significantly less than many other markets.

Yes, the golden boot is one of the most popular markets for Women’s World Cup betting. This market is a bet on which player will score the most goals in a tournament. Because it is wildly unpredictable for the most part, the payout on getting this right can be quite high.

While there might be some sportsbooks that don’t, the vast majority of global sportsbooks will have significant coverage of the Women’s World Cup. This is a huge event that is watched by over a billion people around the world, so naturally, sportsbooks won’t want to miss out on the betting interest.