Spice Up Your Live Bets With Bet99’s Flashbet Fridays

Spice Up Your Live Bets With Bet99’s Flashbet Fridays

The top sportsbooks usually have a few good features. Live betting is one of the best features that you will find on a sportsbook. Live betting is a little different than pre-game betting, giving bettors a chance to place bets after watching some of the game. But there are usually much less options when you bet on a live game. With Bet99’s Flashbet Fridays, bettors have a lot more options and can get a better live betting experience.


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  • Everything you need to know about Flashbet Fridays

Live betting with Bet99

The end of the NHL and NBA seasons means sports bettors will have much less betting options in a few weeks. But Bet99 has a special offer that will help fill that betting hole, especially for MLB bettors because there are hundreds of games left in the season. “Take your in-game betting experience to the next level with Bet99 and make Flashbets on every aspect of the game.” Looking for more betting options now that the NBA and NHL seasons are almost over? Flashbet Fridays might be for you.

There are a ton of reasons to bet on games while the action is going on, aka live betting. A bettor might want to wait until the game starts to see whether or not a star player listed on the injury report will play or not. Some bettors might wait until they see how both teams play at the start of the game before placing bets. You might not have time to place bets before the game starts or forget to place your bets. Regardless, live betting is one of the best features, and Bet99’s Flashbet Fridays gives bettors more live betting options.

Flashbets Fridays explained

The live betting options on the top betting sites are usually similar. Sportsbooks take bets for the winning team, the spread, total points, props, and more. Flashbet Fridays gives bettors the chance to bet on even more during the game. “Throughout the game, you will have the ability to make in real time bets on what you predict will happen next on select sports games.” For the NFL, bettors can put money down on the result of a team’s next drive. Will the drive finish with a touchdown, turnover, or field goal? For soccer, a bettor might bet on a team to score the next goal. And for basketball, you can bet on the next basket. Right now Flashbets are only available for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAB and NCAAF. Flashbets for the NHL, IFL, and LIV Golf should be available in the near future.

To find Flashbets, head to the game that you are planning on betting on. The Flashbets option should show up in the headers next to the SGP tab. From there, bettors can place bets on all the options mentioned above and more. The betting options are updated throughout the game. Bettors should be able to find at least one attractive betting market if they come back to the sportsbook a couple of times before the game ends.

Some of the betting markets you might see

Bet99 listed a few potential betting markets for some sports and leagues. The MLB options are pitch markets for result and speed, plate appearance exact, half-inning runs scored. The NBA options are next field goal type a two or three, team next field goal exact, next possession, team make or miss, and player make or miss. Most of these options are available for NCAAB also. The NFL options are drive result, next play type, player to score a touchdown this drive, new set of downs. Most of the betting markets are available for NCAAF also.

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