Best Super Bowl 58 Taylor Swift & Novelty Props NFL Betting Odds

10 Feb 24
Super Bowl
Best Super Bowl 58 Taylor Swift & Novelty Props NFL Betting Odds

The Super Bowl is an exciting time for football fans, but also for all the non-football people in the lives of football fans. There are famous musicians performing before and during the game, famous spectators, gatorade baths, commercials, coin tosses and so much more.

There’s a little something for everyone at the Super Bowl, and the best part is: you can bet on all of it! So, we won’t be looking at moneyline or spread odds here, but instead checking out the best novelty prop bets from the top betting sites.


  • Usher will not be debuting a new song during the halftime show
  • Patrick Mahomes will thank his teammates before his God during Super Bowl MVP speech
  • Get ready for a lot of Taylor Swift on your screens

NFL Super Bowl 58 Player Props Betting Odds - February 11

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Will Usher debut a new song during his halftime performance - No (+100) (FanDuel)

Usher will be tearing it up at halftime at Super Bowl 58, and his set list is the subject of many prop bets. You can bet on everything from whether he’ll wear shades or a hat, how many songs he’ll perform, who will perform them with him, and which song he’ll perform first or last.

However, the prop that really caught our eye is on whether he’ll debut a new song or not. The Super Bowl is all about getting the crowd going and getting the audience to sing along, so it is exceedingly rare for an artist to debut a never-before-heard track during the halftime show. He does have an album dropping on February 9, but we think he simply has too many hits to get through for there to be time to take a chance with an unknown song.

Reba McEntire National Anthem Over/Under 1:30.5 - Over (+102) (FanDuel)

One of the most popular non-football bets at the Super Bowl surrounds the singing of the national anthem. This year, it’s country music legend Reba McEntire doing the honors, and this isn’t her first time belting out the anthem at a sporting event.

She performed it at an MLB game in 2017 and took about 1:20, at another MLB game in 1997 she took about 1:30, and she took about 1:20 at a Dallas Cowboys game in 1999. She clearly doesn’t take any time with long and frilly notes, but one would have to think that she’s going to stretch it out in a few places in front of the massive Super Bowl audience. History would tell us she’s going under, but the magnitude of the performance leads us to believe that she has to go over on the shortest over/under in the last 15 years.

Taylor Swift Props (

A lot of American sportsbooks did not offer any Taylor Swift-related prop bets, but luckily for the Swifties, BetOnline is offering a tone of Taylor props for those looking to get some action in on the non-football part of the broadcast.

There are actually a ton of Swift props that we love on, so pay attention.

  • Swift to mention Kelce at her pre-Super Bowl Tokyo show - Yes (+170): Swift has been busy with more than watching her hubby on the gridiron, she’s still a busy touring artist. She’ll have a show in Tokyo prior to the Super Bowl, and we’re shocked that her odds of mentioning Kelce are so low—she even changed up the lyrics to one of her songs to mention him at a recent show.
  • 1st person to be shown next to Swift on air - Brittany Mahomes (+100): If you’ve been paying attention to the Chiefs at all this season, you’ve seen a ton of Swift, but you’ve also seen a ton of Brittany Mahomes. Swift will celebrate and hug a ton of different people, but when she’s just sitting and taking it in, Brittany is ever-present at her side.
  • Swift and Kelce to be shown kissing on February 11 - Yes (-180): They showed the pair kissing on the field after the AFC Championship Game, so win or lose, there’s no doubt they’ll show the two doing the same at the end of the biggest game on the NFL calendar.
  • Will Donna Kelce hug Taylor Swift - Yes (-120): Brittany Mahomes is always front and center with Swift, but Travis’ mom, Donna, is always lurking around too. If Kelce makes any sort of big play in the Super Bowl, which is highly likely considering his recent form, the pair are certain to embrace.
  • Overhead clap on TV - Yes (-150): While some are annoyed by Swift’s presence in the NFL zeitgeist, no one can deny that she’s become a passionate fan. She can be seen hooting and hollering and celebrating pretty often, and one of her signature moves is the overhead clap.
  • Times Swift shown on CBS broadcast - Over 5 (-165): While the amount of time Swift spends on NFL broadcasts has been way overblown, the number of shots they show of her is pretty high, as each one is only a few seconds. We’d expect at least one shot in the first quarter and one in the fourth, and there just seems like no way Jim Nantz and Tony Romo won’t mention her at least a couple of times after a Kelce play, so this seems like a lock.

Gatorade Bath Color - Red/Pink (+400)

One of the Super Bowl’s great traditions is the Gatorade bath given to the winning team’s coach at the final whistle. While they don’t usually match the Gatorade color with the main colors of the teams participating in the game, we feel like this is the year for them to do it: the primary color for both teams in this Super Bowl is red.

Red/Pink is the only color that really has any connection to the proceedings, and its +400 odds are only the fifth-shortest among the field, which means it’s offering the most value. It also doesn’t hurt that we’re getting two colors (red and pink) for the price of one.

Coin Toss - 49ers to Win (-105) or Tails (-105)

We know, we know, these props are the literal definition of a coin flip, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun. We’ve always gravitated towards tails, and it seems as though it would be the smart choice: last year’s toss landed on tails, tails has a 30-27 lead over heads across all 57 Super Bowls, and seven of the last 10 tosses have landed on tails. It’s always smart to bet against the public as well, and with 55 percent of bets coming in on heads, tails is looking as good as ever.

We also like the 49ers to win the coin toss on the same -105 odds. They won the toss 12 times in 17 regular season games this year, second only to the Ravens. In 2019, the 49ers called tails and won the toss against these same Chiefs as well.

1st Mention in Super Bowl MVP Speech - Teammates (+260) (FanDuel)

This prop is an interesting one, because it really depends on who you think will win Super Bowl MVP. The favorite for that award right now is Patrick Mahomes at +130, and thankfully, he has won a couple of Super Bowl MVPs, so we have something to work off of.

The favorite at -125 is God/Religious figure, and while Mahomes is an evangelical Christian, it’s not something he discusses very often. After winning Super Bowl MVP in 2019 and 2022, Mahomes thanked his teammates first without mentioning God, and we’d expect him to do the same here.

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