Best Super Bowl Betting Sites in 2024

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites in 2024

After months of a hard-fought NFL season, the Super Bowl LVIII is upon us. Super Bowl betting is the biggest gambling day of the year, and bettors have a lot to decide on before then. Things like what types of bets you make, where you place your bets, and who you bet on will make the difference between a great experience and a rough one.

With this betting guide, you can find all the answers you need for the 2024 Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the single biggest sporting event of the year in Canada, with millions of fans tuning into the action. This year has been a wild season full of twists and turns, so we are sure to get a matchup for the ages. Finding a site to bet on can be a challenge, so we have compiled a list of where to bet on the Super Bowl online to help you find your ideal betting site.

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Super Bowl Latest News

How To Bet on Super Bowl in Canada

You are not going to want to miss out on gambling on the Super Bowl, as this is an event that draws a huge amount of bettor attention every year. Every operator will have different odds and markets for the big game, so finding the right betting site is an important step in your betting process. Finding the best Super Bowl betting site depends on your own preferences, but below, we’ll explain some crucial steps to betting on the Super Bowl 2024 in Canada:

Step 1: Do your internet research:

Scroll around our Super Bowl recommended betting sites table above or other sportsbook reviews here on BettingTop10’s and find out more information on various sportsbooks to see what seems like a good fit for the best online Super Bowl betting.

Step 2: Sign up for a few sites of your choosing:

Sign up for any of the sites that appeal to you. Variety is key, as you can see firsthand what works best for you.

Step 3: Find the football section, and click on the big game.

Head to the American Football section to find out how to place bets on the Super Bowl. Click on the game, and you will see all the different options from player props to point spreads. We will elaborate later on the different types of bets available. If you are unfamiliar with odds and values, check out our odds guide.

Step 4: Decide betting amount, and Deposit money:

Come up with your budget amount for the big game. Make sure it’s nothing you’d be uncomfortable losing, as betting is not a guaranteed win. Then, head to your selected Super Bowl betting site, and deposit. Each site has a different deposit process, but it is typically simple and self-explanatory. Many sites offer a sign-up bonus and promotion where they match a portion of your initial deposit.

Step 5: Place your bets!

With your betting site picked out, and your deposit in place, you are now ready to begin betting on the big game.

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Super Bowl Betting Bonuses and Promotions

In North America, the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event you’re likely to find. It is pretty much a national holiday, as families and friends gather together to watch an unparalleled exciting event that is non-stop action. Naturally, the significance of this event is not lost on sportsbook operators, who go out of their way to lean into the excitement of the Super Bowl and draw bettors in. 

One of the key ways that sportsbooks will try and lure in new users is with betting bonuses and promotion offers. Bonuses and promotions are offers that are intended to reward bettors for taking a specific action. These rewards can include free bets, enhanced winnings, upgraded odds, and anything in between. Sportsbooks will add more of these offers than ever during the Super Bowl because they know this is a time of increased betting interest.

Some common types of Super Bowl bonuses include but are not limited to:

  • Welcome bonuses – the sportsbook will match your first deposit up to a certain number when you join their betting site
  • Odds boosts – odds are boosted for certain Super Bowl props or picks
  • Parlay incentives – sportsbook will boost your payout when you make a parlay bet
  • Free bets – sportsbook will offer a free bet, usually worth $10-$50 on any Super Bowl prop, and many more!

However, most of these offers come with terms and conditions, so be sure to get familiar with those before agreeing to anything!

NFL Super Bowl Odds

Once the teams for the NFL’s Super Bowl are decided, the odds you can play with are similar to those you find for regular season games, only with tenfold the number of different betting markets and props to choose from. Until then, however, the most common Super Bowl bet is the outright winner bet.

This is a wager you can place from the ending of the previous year’s big game all the way to the start of this year’s Super Bowl on which team you think will hoist the Lombardi Trophy when all is said and done.

The good thing about outright odds is that they’re always quite high because so much can go wrong or right for any given team in the time between when the wager is made and when the game is played.

At the time of writing, we remain a long way away from the Super Bowl odds being released. The odds are only released when the matchup is set, and they change throughout the week before the Super Bowl as bettor action impacts the odds, and player injuries impact the outcome. Keep an eye on the odds as they change throughout the week to see who professional gamblers, or sharps, are favoring.

The odds are created by oddsmakers, and there are several different types of odds. The most common type of odds you’ll see in Canada is American odds. American odds show bettors how much they’d have to bet to make a $100 profit or how much profit a bet of $100 would make. - shows bettors how much they’d need to bet to make a $100 profit. If something is -200, bettors would need to bet $200 to make a $100 profit. + shows how much profit a $100 bet would make. If something is +200, a $100 bet makes a $200 profit.

The odds could change as we near the big day, so keep your eyes peeled on your favourite operators.

Popular Types of Super Bowl Bets

The Super Bowl is a massive global event that sees as much betting action as any single sporting event. Bettors have a huge variety of betting options when it comes to the big game, but for a beginner, the different types of bets can be confusing. For those who don’t know what to bet on the Super Bowl, here’s a breakdown of the different types of bets you can make.

  • Moneyline: The Moneyline bet is simple. It is a straight-up bet on who is going to win the game. If your team wins, you make the money, if they lose, you don’t.
  • Point Spread: The point spread is a bet where you bet on whether a team will win/lose by a specific margin. For example, the Los Angeles Rams are currently favoured at -4. This means they would need to win by five or more points to cover the spread. If the Bengals lose by three or less or win, the Rams don’t cover the spread.
  • Total Points (Over/Under): For this wager, you’re betting whether the two teams will combine to go over or under a total amount of points scored in a game.
  • Prop Bets: For the Super Bowl prop bets are a huge betting option. Prop bets cover a massive amount of things, like how many yards a certain player will throw for, how many touchdowns a certain player will score, or who will score the first touchdown. There are more props than can be listed out here, and in the Super Bowl, many of them cover non-football related aspects of the game. This can include details of the halftime show, broadcasters’ commentary, and the length of the national anthem, among many other things.
  • Parlay Betting: Parlay betting is when you combine multiple bets to increase the odds. This means if one of the bets you combined in the parlay misses then the whole bet fails even if all other aspects hit. It is a somewhat riskier type of betting.

Betting option beginners should avoid

For the best online Super Bowl betting experience, there are certain types of bets beginners should avoid. If you’re a beginner it’s probably best to steer clear of the deeper game props like quarter scoring or player props and focus more on general bets such as the Moneyline, the point total, or the point spread. Beginner NFL bettors will also enjoy putting down a few shekels on some fun Super Bowl prop bets like the length of the anthem or what order the halftime show artists will perform in to give the game an extra little flavor.

Super Bowl Live Betting

Live betting is a feature that can change the way you bet. Live betting is betting on games that are already going. Most sites have a feature for this form of betting, but some don’t, so look into this before depositing if it’s a feature that is important to you.
Live betting features odds that change as the result of what’s currently happening in the game. If one team goes town 14-0 for example, their odds will be worse than they would be before the game started, so bettors could jump on that if they feel a comeback is likely. Live betting is a way to profit off the game while it has already begun, and bettors have more info to work with.

Live betting is shown in the same place as other odds on most sites, with others having a specific live betting section. Ideally, though, live betting is best done through betting apps. This format makes it simpler and more convenient to make bets from anywhere as the games are going on.

NFL Playoffs 2023-2024

The NFL Playoffs have changed significantly in recent years as the NFL has restructured. Recently, the NFL expanded the field from six teams in each conference making the postseason to seven teams in each conference. This enhanced field leads to more teams in the playoffs and more games for fans to enjoy.

There are two conferences in the NFL, the AFC, and the NFC. Each conference has four divisions, with each division housing four teams. Last season, the NFL made another significant change, adding a week to the season and bumping the number of regular season games from 16 games to 17. NFL teams play each team in their division twice, a team from a different NFC and AFC division once, and then three random out-of-division games.

Once the regular season is finished, the teams with the best record in each division will make the playoffs. They account for 4 of the seven teams in each conference that make the playoffs. Then, the three teams with the best record that didn’t win their division in each conference will make the playoffs.

The team with the best record in each conference will get a bye past the first round of the playoffs, which is called the Wild Card round. In each conference, the two seed will play the seven seed, the three seed will play the six seed, and the four seed will play the five seed. The winner of each game moves on to the divisional round. The winner of the divisional round moves on to the Conference Championship, and the winner of that game advances to the Super Bowl.

What did we have this NFL Playoffs?

This NFL playoff was a thrilling one, and the Super Bowl will be the perfect way to cap it off. 14 worthy teams made the playoffs, and each experienced varying levels of success. The two NFC East teams, the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, both suffered major letdowns. They were obliterated in the Wild Card Round, and head into the offseason rethinking many things. The Buccaneers and Packers both outperformed expectations.

The Houston Texans played an incredibly strong first game, led by upstart C.J. Stroud. They ran into a buzzsaw in the second round, losing to the first-seeded Baltimore Ravens. In Detroit, fans were treated to the first two playoff wins since the 1990s and an unlikely run to the Conference Championship game. The Dolphins took a hard loss in a frigid game in Kansas City, and the Bills experienced more postseason heartbreak at the hands of the Chiefs.

Ultimately, the final story of this playoffs will be the two teams that are left standing. The Kansas City Chiefs entered the postseason with a lot of doubt. They proved the haters wrong, and showed why Patrick Mahomes is an all-time legend already. The beat a tough slate of teams, handling the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and Baltimore Ravens en route to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, San Francisco looked shaky in both games, barely skating by the Packers and needing a frenetic comeback to beat the Detroit Lions.

But after about a month of playoff action, the final round is set. It is a dream matchup between two of the top franchises in the league. It is sure to be a classic, and will attract a massive amount of viewers and bettors around the country.

Super Bowl LVIII: Who is the Favorite to Win the Super Bowl?

The playoffs were a wild ride, filled with shocking performances and epic victories. But while we started with 14 talented squads, we are down to just two. So, with two teams remaining, oddsmakers have got their final submissions in for who they believe will win. Let’s look at the favourites in this final matchup of the 2023-24 NFL season.

San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ers: The San Francisco 49ers are the presumptive favourite for the Super Bowl at this point. They have it all, with a dynamic defence featuring stars like Nick Bosa and Fred Warner, as well as maybe the league’s best offence. Quarterback Brock Purdy has performed at a MVP level, as has running back Christian McCaffrey. They also have arguably the top receiving weapons in the league. While it hasn’t come easy for the 49ers this playoff, they have eked out wins when it matters. They still haven’t played at their A-game yet, and that could come on the biggest stage. They are currently favourited slightly to triumph.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have been the class of the AFC for almost the entire season. Quarterback Lamar Jackson has had what is likely to be his second MVP season, and everything is shaping up toward a big run. The defence is performing at a high level, the wide receivers are far better than they’ve been in the past, and the one-seed is locked up. This could be the year for Jackson.

Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys: The Dallas Cowboys have had consistently high expectations, but have fallen short in the playoffs. This team feels a little different. They have some marquee wins, and this is the best Dak Prescott has played. The defence is led by stars in Micah Parsons and DaRon Bland, and CeeDee Lamb has stamped himself as one of the league’s top receiving talents. The Cowboys are aiming for a return to glory.

Kansas City ChiefsKansas City Chiefs: The defending champs are always dangerous. They have been let down this year by a horrific receiving group and some collapses, but never bet against Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid. This team also has the best defence Mahomes has ever had behind him, so this could be another banner year for Kansas City. This team showed that they are still the superpower they have been for the past several years. It would come as a surprise to no one at this point if they finished the job and won the Super Bowl once again. 

Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills: The Buffalo Bills appeared dead in the water at one point this season. Now, they could win their division. Josh Allen has been fantastic, although error-prone. The team has managed to turn their season around and survive a rash of injuries. It could mean that this is finally the roster the Bills need to make that final step to a Super Bowl.

Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles: If this article was written weeks ago, the Eagles would be much higher on this list. After an incredible start, the wheels have fallen off in a major way. The defence has been horrible, and the offence hasn’t been able to stack up to last year’s. But they still have several world-class players, with superstars like Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, Haason Reddick, and Devonta Smith. 

NFL Super Bowl Betting Strategies

The Super Bowl is a huge event for sports betting, so it’s smart to try and go in with one or two strategies to help ensure you have success betting on the Super Bowl. Here are a couple of our favourites:

  • Early Outright Bets: A nice way to give yourself great odds on a top Super Bowl contender is to make an early outright bet on a couple of your favourites (one from each conference is usually smart) when the odds are usually at their highest even for the top teams due to the uncertainty of the offseason. If you have a feeling about a team and they hit a rough patch during the regular season (like the Chiefs this year) putting down on their outright odds to win the Super Bowl at that point (when the odds are likely higher due to poor current form) would be a smart bet as well.
  • Follow The Line: There are two full weeks between when the Super Bowl participants are decided and when the game is played, so there’s tons of time for the odds and lines to move and shake one way or the other. Historically, most of the line movement happens shortly after the odds are announced and again in the final 24-48 hours before game time. If you’ve got a number on your mind, simply follow the lines closely during those time periods until they hit your number or at least come close.
  • What’s The Script?: When making several bets on a game, it’s smart to consider what kind of game it’s going to be. What kind of game script are you expecting? If you’re expecting a shootout, a bet on the over for the game’s point total should be supplemented with over bets on player passing touchdowns and receiving and rushing yards. This way, if you’re correct about the type of game it’s going to be, you’re winning big without necessarily betting too big.
  • Be Safe: The most important strategy is two pronged: don’t over-gamble, and play with a reputable sportsbook. The days and weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are rife with scams and shady businesses shouting from the rooftops, so ensure you’re making your Super Bowl bets with an established, well-known bookmaker. And, more importantly, give yourself a betting budget before the big game so that you can have all the betting fun you can but within your limits.
  • Bet with your brain, not your heart: When you’re betting, as painful as it can be, don’t be which team you want to win, bet which team you think will win. Be impartial, and bet the team that you truly believe has the best shot.
  • Look at performance trends: In the Super Bowl, both teams are playing at a high level, so this mostly applies to player props. Look at players’ recent performances, especially in the playoff games. They’ll let you know how those players handle the brighter spotlight and the level they’re currently at.
  • Matchups are key: Football is a matchup-based game. Take a look at things like teams rushing defence vs the rushing offence they’re playing to find statistics that might lead you to exploitable matchup-based bets.

Super Bowl Winners, Stats, & History

The NFL has been around since 1920, but we didn’t have the first Super Bowl until 1966, which was won by the Green Bay Packers over the Kansas City Chiefs from the upstart AFL. The NFL and AFL would merge five years later to create the NFL we know today, with 55 Super Bowl-winning teams being presented with the Lombardi Trophy since.

The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers share the record with six Super Bowl titles apiece, followed by the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers who both have five, and the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers with four each. Here are the final scores for the past 20 Super Bowls:

Super BowlResultSite
Super Bowl LV11Kansas City Chiefs 38, Philadelphia 35State Farm Stadium (Glendale, Ariz.)
Super Bowl LVI
Los Angeles Rams 23, Cincinnati 20SoFi Stadium (Inglewood, Calif.)
Super Bowl LV
Tampa Bay 31, Kansas City 9Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Fla.)
Super Bowl LIV
Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20Hard Rock Stadium (Miami)
Super Bowl LIII
New England 13, Los Angeles Rams 3Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta)
Super Bowl LII
Philadelphia 41, New England 33U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis)
Super Bowl LI
New England 34, Atlanta 28NRG Stadium (Houston)
Super Bowl 50
Denver 24, Carolina 10Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara, Calif.)
Super Bowl XLIX
New England 28, Seattle 24University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Ariz.)
Super Bowl XLVIII
Seattle 43, Denver 8MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.)
Super Bowl XLVII
Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans)
Super Bowl XLVI
New York Giants 21, New England 17Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis)
Super Bowl XLV
Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas)
Super Bowl XLIV
New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17Sun Life Stadium (Miami)
Super Bowl XLIII
Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Fla.)
Super Bowl XLII
New York Giants 17, New England 14University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Ariz.)
Super Bowl XLI
Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17Dolphin Stadium (Miami)
Super Bowl XL
Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10Ford Field (Detroit)
Super Bowl XXXIX
New England 24, Philadelphia 21Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Super Bowl XXXVIII
New England 32, Carolina 29Reliant Stadium (Houston)
Super Bowl XXXVII
Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego)

While Super Bowl betting trends shouldn’t be used as gospel when it comes to informing how and what you bet on, they are still good guidelines and indicators of future outcomes. Kind of like a good jumping off point when you start making your Super Bowl betting decisions. Here are a few useful ones from Super Bowls past:

  • 11 – the number of Super Bowl winners in the last 15 years that were backed by the early Super Bowl line movement, so check those Super Bowl lines as soon as they’re released and track that movement
  • 1 – the average number of combined points teams have scored in the first quarter of the last 14 Super Bowls, so make sure to smash the first quarter under
  • 37 – the number of times the first team to score has won out of 57 Super Bowls
  • 15 – the number of underdogs that have covered the spread in the last 20 Super Bowls
  • 37 – the number of betting favorites to have won out of 57 Super Bowls
  • Three of the Past Five - The number of Super Bowls in the last five years that have gone Under the total

Super Bowl LVIII Information & Streaming

When: 6:30 PM EST, February 11th, 2024

Where: Allegian Stadium, Las Vegas, Home of the Arizona Cardinals

Half-time Show: Usher

Where Can I Watch?: Canadians can stream the Super Bowl on DAZN or NBC’s service Peacock or you can watch it on cable on NBC, CTV, or TSN.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Super Bowl

It starts at 3:30PM PST (Pacific), 4:30PM MST (Mountain), 5:30PM CST (Central), 6:30PM EST (Eastern), and 7:30 PM AST (Atlantic).

The highest-scoring Super Bowl was when the San Francisco 49ers beat the San Diego Chargers 49-26 in 1995, and the lowest-scoring one was 2018’s Super Bowl when the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.

No! The Las Vegas Raiders are currently eliminated from the 2024 Super Bowl. Since the game will be held at their home stadium, there will be no home team hosting this game. However, what stands out about this is that it is the first time the pageantry of Las Vegas will host a Super Bowl. So buckle up for what is sure to be a wild contest with plenty of entertainment.

We think for sure, yes! The pageantry and the enormity of the event is what makes the Super Bowl so special, so why not add a little fun on some quirky props here and there? Obviously, stay within reason and prepare for those props with a section of your betting budget, but yes, national anthem bets, commercial bets, coin toss bets, gatorade color bets, and half-time show bets are all a lot of fun and are usually pick’em bets so you’ve got a great chance to win!

As we’ve mentioned, the Super Bowl is set. It will feature the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, in an incredible battle against the San Francisco 49ers, who are seeking their first Super Bowl victory since the 1990s. It is a dream matchup with plenty of star power, and fans and bettors will be tuning in for a one-of-a-kind spectacle.