NBA Betting Apps - Bettingtop10 User Guidelines

The world of NBA betting apps and their value can shift between customers but the main point is that you want an NBA betting app that is tailored to you and your tendencies.

Our aim is to help NBA bettors discover different basketball betting apps and how you can take choose the correct one for your betting needs! NBA betting is exploding on the scene and before placing your first basketball bet, we’re here to help breakdown the best NBA betting apps for Canadian sports betting.

While the topic of the best NBA betting apps may be subjective between users, there are key features that help certain betting sites stand out!

In this guide, we’ll leap into topics such as the best bookmakers, the differences between certain betting apps, and even the types of bets you can make on these platforms. In the end, we hope you have a better understanding of NBA betting apps and their benefits!

Best Betting Sites

Top NBA Betting Apps:

Not all betting apps are built the same. In this list, we broke down some of the best NBA betting apps and what you can expect when signing up and depositing on these sites!

Powerplay: Powerplay offers competitive live betting options during games which give you the opportunity to cash in on some good +money odds. For example, even with a live spread of -16.5, they will offer you the opportunity to wager on -19.5 or -22.5, so as to offer you a better price on teams.

Betway: Betway offers a generous reimbursement through the NBA 3-pointer special. You can win up to $25 back in bet tokens.  All you need to do is place a bet on selected NBA games, and if your bet loses, and the last score is a 3-pointer, you are refunded these bet tokens.

BetVictor: BetVictor offers a featured boosts page where they have daily boosted odds for selected NBA games. Here you can review a list of boosted odds and perhaps get extra value from a bet you were already planning to place at worse odds.


Powerplay: Powerplay leaves me wishing they had a more prominent futures market. I find that after games settle, it takes a fair bit of time for Powerplay to update their futures odds. When performing NBA Betting I need to know the betting sites are consistently showcasing their futures markets even shortly after matches.

Betway: In contrast to that of Powerplay, I find Betway’s live betting options to be underwhelming. They do not have as many options and those alternative handicaps they do offer through live betting lack the value necessary to justify betting on them.

BetVictor: In my experience I have found BetVictor’s odds freeze a bit too often for my liking. If I am looking for an NBA Betting App in particular, I want to find a basketball betting app, which will have the best betting offers for live betting sites.

What Makes an App a Good One for Betting on the NBA?

It is important as a sports bettor to set yourself up for success. You do not want to choose the first sportsbook you come across, it is important to do research and pick the sportsbooks, which has the best betting promotions and betting offers available. Additionally, you want these promotions and offers to be catered to you. Not every bettor operates under one umbrella. Perhaps you are more interested in moneyline betting, accordingly you should look for betting offers where sportsbooks offer early cashouts, so as to give yourself the best chance of ensuring success. Or maybe your interest does not lie with a team, but a particular player as you are fascinated with the prop betting market. Accordingly, you must ask yourself does this site offer lots of prop bets? Are you able to live bet on these prop bets or are they only available in pre-game markets? Asking questions like this and ensuring you pick the correct sportsbook for you, gives you an enhanced experience and a greater chance of success as a bettor.

When looking for a new betting site, I want to know that they are providing analysis on their own site. NBA betting can have so many trends and individual factors going into a game, so having information readily available is extremely important. For example, if a team is on a lengthy road trip and rolling into a place like Denver on the second half of a back-back, I want to have that information readily available. It helps with making an informed decision, because factors like that help provide bettors with an edge as fatigue needs to be factored in far more, because of the lack of rest and playing at altitude.

Furthermore, when I am using new betting sites, I want to ensure they are a legal betting site. With Ontario betting, Quebec betting, Alberta betting, British Columbia betting

and other provinces betting being legalized, it has given bettors an increased level of comfort. Its legalization has led to an increased level of security and less of a grey area when using betting apps and sites. These are safe betting sites, which are registered with provinces/regions across Canada and are competing for your business. Accordingly, they do things such as offering; sports betting bonuses and betting promotions, so as to give you the best online betting bonus offers. The legalization of single-game wagering across certain Canadian provinces and regions has provided bettors with safe betting sites and competitive offers, as each Canadian sports betting sites all attempt to shift the market in their direction and bring in new customers with the best bookmaker bonuses available.

Top NBA betting features

One of the bigger draws to a sports betting site is its interface and user experience. Is it easy to navigate? Is their customer service readily available at almost any time of the day? Do they provide competitive sports betting bonuses, which provide the bettor with additionally betting credits? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when exploring NBA betting apps, so as to provide yourself with the best opportunities to have success and enjoy sports betting.

As far as the actual betting markets themselves, I want them to be available well in advance of the event, as well as being able to offer live betting options for NBA betting, NHL betting, NFL betting, F1 betting and really any other sporting or e-sporting event. The pregame markets must have extensive ways to bet on an event ranging from your traditional markets such as; moneyline bets, spreads and totals, but also newer markets such as prop betting and window betting. This variety helps provide the bettor with many options to wager on the game. As for live betting, it can provide a lot of value for sharp bettors or those who are watching the game live. Additionally, live betting can provide an extra level of excitement while watching a sports event. 

Types of Bets Available on NBA Apps

When betting on the NBA, you’ll run into different types of bets. These are some of the most popular NBA betting lines and what they mean when betting on the NBA!

Moneyline: This is arguably the most popular bet wagered on NBA betting apps. The moneyline is a straight up bet in which you select the winner. In a battle of two teams, choosing the correct winner will result in you winning or losing your bet. Moneyline wagers will have favourites and underdogs, indicating which team is more likely to win. You can use this information to place your NBA bets!

Spread: If you are betting the spread, you are betting on final score. The favourite will have points removed from them, while the underdog will have points awarded to them. Spread betting allows for more balanced betting between two teams. The favourite must win the game by the line, while the underdog can either win the game outright or lose by less than the proposed line.

Totals: Totals betting typically refers to the number of points scored in a game. Known as the Over/Under, you are betting on whether you believe there will be more or less than the betting line. A typical totals line could read as O/U 215.5. With this information, you must decide if there will be fewer than 215.5 points in the game or if there will be 215.5 (or more) points scored in the game. The .5 allotted to the total ensures there is no tie.

Futures: As it sounds, NBA futures bets are wagers on events that will happen in the future. The most notable Futures bet includes the NBA championship winner but can also include Conference and Division winners, as well as individual award winners. These bets are typically placed at the beginning of the season. 

Props: Prop bets are wagers that are not dependent on the outcome of the game. These bets are popular because they can become wild. Prop bets could include the over/under for total rebounds to the first whistle of the game! Prop bets are virtually limitless, which can create some crazy betting lines!

Parlays: Parlays are the combination of multiple bets into a single wager. This means that you are taking 2 (or more) single bets and combining them into a single ticket. This allows you to have increased odds and payouts. However, it comes with increased risk! Every bet (also known as legs) needs to win for your parlay to cash. If you have 4 bets in your parlay, all 4 need to win for you to win your bet. A single blunder will mean you lose the wager! These types of bets are usually reserved for more experienced players.

How to Get Started Mobile NBA Betting

To choose the best NBA betting site, you need to look at important features. Of course, one of the most useful features will be the betting markets and options. The NBA has a ton of action and for you to be satisfied with your next betting site, make a list of what’s important to you. Some notable features you should look for include the betting markets and bonuses offered by NBA betting apps. However, at the end of the day you need to make sure you are catering the experience to your own preferences, so as to provide yourself with the greatest chance of success as possible and to ensure you have an enjoyable betting experience.

How to open an account

To wager on the NBA, you’ll need to create an account on the betting site. The good news is that opening an account is quite simple and not a complicated process. Using Betway, we can show you how easy it is to create and register your account, so as to begin betting on the NBA and any other sports you are interested in betting on.

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to Betway’s home page. From there, you’ll see Sign Up in the upper-right hand corner. Click that!

Next, you’ll want to enter your title, first name, middle name and last name. Once that is entered, you will need to enter your date of birth. 

Upon entering this information, you'll will be prompted to create a username and create a password. Remember to try and have a password that is unique, easy for you to remember and strong enough to ensure the security of your account. You will also need to provide your email for security and so Betway or whichever betting site can effectively communicate with you. 

Users will then need to enter their address and mobile number. They can also add limits on their account, but it isn’t required. These limits have been introduced to provide bettors with a reality check and help provide safer betting practices for consumers. Users will also need to declare the industry they are in. 

Continuing with the registration process, users will need to select their occupation and which welcome bonus they would like to receive. In my opinion, one of the most important things when signing up for a new betting site is to choose a site, which is providing me with a healthy welcome bonus. Lastly, bettors will need to read and confirm the terms and conditions of the site. Once that is complete, they can click continue, which will register their account. 

Recommendations For Joining a New Betting Site

Joining a betting site is easy but there are recommendations we would suggest when registering. Following these recommendations will help you make an educated decision for your next NBA betting site and ensure you have the best experience possible!

Market Research – Play how you want to play! Before committing to a site, ensure they have the betting markets you like. Remember you are not picking the industry’s “best betting site”, you are picking the best betting for you, as you want to ensure you have a friendly user experience that is catered to you.

Security – Protecting your data is important! Research what security measures are in place before handing over important data. With the legalization of single-game wagering across certain regions in Canada, bettors want to ensure they are with a reputable site that protects users' information and has safe and effective deposit and withdrawals methods.

Customer Service – While you never want to run into trouble, chances are you may need customer support at some point when using a betting site. When browsing betting sites, see how they can help you when issues arise. Does their FAQ page answer lots of questions? Is there a customer support feature on the betting site or betting app? Is there a customer service email or phone number you can contact?

NBA Betting Tips

To get the best NBA betting app experience, we suggest you follow these tips. These tips can either help inform you of the latest basketball news, while also helping you bet strategically on NBA action. The world of basketball is vast and in-depth. These NBA betting tips can help you get the best out of betting apps and your own personal betting experience. 

Follow these tips to help you have a positive experience: 

Turn on Notifications! The NBA will have breaking news. From trades, signings and other interesting tidbits, turning on NBA notifications for your device will help you stay informed. Look for notifications from your favourite teams, players and insiders so you learn of breaking news. This could allow you to place strategic bets based on critical information.

Don’t Bet on Every Game – Sure, a full slate and full ticket of NBA action looks sweet. However, betting on every NBA game imaginable is an easy way to dwindle your bankroll. Especially when starting out, we would advise to pick 1-2 games that interest you and go from there. This will allow you to research the markets and trends without overwhelming you.

Use Promotions to Your Advantage! Many Canadian betting sites will offer promotions. Use these to your advantage! Online betting sites will offer promotions like free bets, boosts and other goodies. When gambling, use these promotions to help enhance your experience. 

Stick to Betting Markets You Know – Throwing money on random markets or events might seem like a great idea, but really, it isn’t. When betting, ensure you are sticking to the markets you know! This will allow you to have the most success when betting on the NBA. Tossing money for random events and random markets is not recommended. 


Is My Device Compatible with Every NBA Betting App?

You can bet easily knowing that most NBA betting apps are available on either iOS or Android. This means betting using your device should be quite simple. To ensure your device is compatible with the online betting site you are attempting to use, read over the specifications of your device and the app. This can normally be found in your device’s settings, as well as the apps individual page and its minimum requirements.

Will NBA Betting Apps Offer Every NBA Game?

Unless otherwise stated, the majority of NBA betting apps SHOULD offer every NBA game. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. If you register and deposit with a trusted site, you can (most likely) breathe easy knowing they will offer every NBA game to wager on. Certain circumstances could change what games are offered, but most betting apps should offer every game.

Are Welcome Bonuses Associated with NBA Betting Apps?

Yes! Depending on the betting app you deposit with, chances are they will offer welcome bonuses for new users! New betting sites tend to offer better welcome bonuses as they are trying to attract customers but the majority of NBA betting apps will offer a welcome bonus. However, most welcome bonuses are usually reserved for new users to the site.

Do You Have to Use Real Money to Wager with NBA Betting Apps?

The majority of online betting sites will require a deposit using real currencies. However, some NBA betting apps will allow users to place bets for fun. The easiest and quickest way to determine if a betting site requires real money is to check the specific apps Frequently Asked Questions page. It should be noted that bets used with fake currencies will not allow you to withdraw real money.