Puckline vs Moneyline: Betting Markets Comparison

Patrick Trudeau
15 Mar 23
Spread vs Puckline
Puckline vs Moneyline - Which is Better?

Canadian bettors love to place wagers and that’s what the Puck Line and Moneyline provide! Every night, there is a ton of action placed on markets such as the Puck Line and Moneyline. These two bets dominate the Canadian sports betting markets and are a popular pick on live betting sites.  

But what is the difference between puckline and moneyline betting? 

If you’re here, chances are you want to learn about two of the biggest wagers in sports betting! Our guide is here to help you understand these wagers and how you can use them to your advantage on sports betting sites

Without further ado, let’s dive into the difference between puckline and moneyline betting! 

Moneyline Betting Explained

Arguably the most famous betting market, the Moneyline is easily understood by bettors everywhere. The simplicity of the Moneyline is a reason for its popularity. Simply choose the right winner of the game and you win your bet! 

Understanding the Moneyline is quite easy, too. The favourite is listed using the minus – symbol, while the underdog will be listed using the plus + symbol. So, the Anaheim Ducks may be listed at +160 while the Toronto Maple Leafs may be listed at –120. This means the Ducks are the underdogs, while the Maple Leafs are favourites. 

The number beside the indicated symbol is important as well. In this scenario, betting $100 on the Ducks would win you $160 and your total payout would be $260. Underdogs on Moneyline bets show how much money you would win if you were to bet $100. 

As for the favourite, the line shows how much money you need to wager to win $100. In our example, you would need to wager $120 to win $100 ($220 in total). These wagers are popular on bookmakers such as Sports Interaction and Bodog. 

Long story short: The favourite (-) shows how much money you need to wager to win $100. The underdog (+) shows how much money you’d win on a $100 bet. And to win the bet, you need to choose the correct team to win straight up. Typically, Overtime and Shootouts are included in Moneyline bets (unless otherwise stated). 

Moneyline Betting Pros & Cons

Simple to Understand:
Novice bettors may be more inclined to wager the Moneyline because you can easily identify which teams are the favourites and underdogs. The result is also simple, as you are betting on which team you think will win. 
Worse Payout:
Because the bet isn’t as complicated as the Puckline, you will see a lesser payout when wagering on the Moneyline. 
Momentum in Live Bets:
No matter the sport, betting the Moneyline when live betting can give you better odds. If an underdog scores first in American Football, you could easily hammer the live Moneyline because odds may be better for the favourite. Live betting is easy to understand, especially with momentum and focusing on the Moneyline.
No Sure Thing:
Despite being favourites, there are no sure things when betting (in general). This means that a basketball team could be heavy favourites but they may not cash. Upsets happen and that could easily disrupt your bankroll. 
Easier to Find Value:
Looking at two teams that are closely compared, this could help you with your Moneyline wagers. We see teams near even in the final rounds of March Madness or in sports like basketball or hockey. When two juggernauts go head-to-head, it can be easier to find value. 
Bet Big to Win Small:
Tying in with the point above, any time there is a heavy favourite, you will need to bet a large stake to have any decent earnings. And with potential upsets, you could lose a hefty wager with a small payout. 

Moneyline Strategies

Home Teams Are King: Home teams tend to have better records at home. When betting on the Moneyline, look at teams that dominate at home. 
Beware of Heavy Favourites; When you are looking at the lines, you may want to stay away from any heavy favourites. Teams listed at –800 may look like a lock, but upsets happen. Plus, you’ll need to bet a significant amount to turn a profit, which means it isn’t a valuable pick. 

Shop Around: While betting lines may be the same across sportsbooks, you can look at different betting sites to see which bookies have better odds. The difference between +120 and +115 isn’t huge but it’s all about finding value! This is the same if you’re backing the favourite as well. 

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Puckline Betting Explained

Those that wager on NHL betting sites may be familiar with the Puckline. For those wondering what this market is, it is hockey’s version of the spread. When reading the Puckline on betting sites, you are looking at the spread between two teams. 

Puckline betting gives goals to the underdog and takes them away from the favourite. For example, the Anaheim Ducks (+1.5) against the Toronto Maple Leafs (-1.5) indicates that the Ducks are the underdogs. In this scenario, the Ducks need to win the game outright or LOSE by 1 goal to win the bet. 

For a wager to cash on the Maple Leafs, Toronto would need to win by at least 2 goals. The reason puck line betting is popular on betting sites is because of the NHL’s parity. The most common NHL final score is 3-2, meaning underdogs can easily cover and favourites aren’t locks! 

Anytime you see a puckline wager, you can easily see which team is the favourite and which team is the underdog. The favourite will always have goals taken away, like –1.5. Meanwhile, the underdog will have goals given to them, like this +1.5. The – sign indicates a team is a favourite, while the + sign indicates which team is the underdog.

Puckline Betting Pros & Cons

With the puckline market, there are some pros and cons you should be weary of when placing wagers! This can help you decide if the Puckline is the right market for you. 

Better payout potential:
Since the majority of pucklines are listed at –110, this offers better odds than other potential markets.
Empty Net Goals:
NHL teams tend to pull their goalie when losing. This could allow an extra goal or two, which could ruin your bet. Bad beats happen all the time when it comes to betting on the Puckline! 
NHL games are close:
Since the most common NHL final score is 3-2, this could play in your favor if you are an underdog bettor!
Hard to Win:
Because of the NHL’s parity, betting on the favourite is a tough play with the Puckline. Even winning late, favourites will need to rely on an additional goal or empty-net score to potentially win the bet, if they aren’t leading by two goals (or more). 
Overtime can help you:
Especially if you are betting on the underdog, games that enter overtime can help you cash your wager since the opposing team can only win by 1 goal or lose the game outright. This applies to lines listed at +1.5, which is the most common Puckline. 

Puckline Strategies

When betting the Puckline, there are some strats you should focus on as well! This can help you be successful with every puckline bet made. 

Focus on Schedule: Teams playing on continuous nights or with extended rest could be the difference maker in a victory. Focusing on things like travel, game times and location could be the difference maker in an extra goal or two! 

Home and Away Games: Some teams perform better on the road, while others are dominant at home. Ensure you’re looking at the venue and records at home vs away when betting the Puckline. 

Streaks Matter: Don’t be afraid to ride the hot hand! Hockey is a game of streaks and momentum. If an underdog is rolling, don’t discredit them because they are playing a favourite. Odds on betting sites may not take into account how an underdog is performing, which could give you better odds! 

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Puckline vs. Moneyline

Puckline and Moneyline betting aren’t the same, but the differences are easy to understand. The table below compares the two markets and their similarities and differences. 

Can both markets be added to parlays? Yes, you can add Puckline and Moneyline wagers to your parlay. However, you will NOT be able to add two markets from the same game to a single parlay. A bet on the Puckline and Moneyline will need to be added from different games.
Which Bets are Easier to Win? It may be easier to win Moneyline bets simply because you only need the team you selected to win straight up. Total goals or covering the spread does not matter in this scenario. All that matters is the end result, where the Puckline you are fixated on goals scored. 
Why Does Puckline Betting Give Better Payouts?Because Puckline wagers are harder to cash, you will see better payouts with this method. Underdogs need to lose by the betting line (or win straight up), while the favourite needs to win by the line for the bet to win. It is a more complicated process than the Moneyline, which is a straight-up bet.
Which Bet Should You Add to Your Parlay? This is all dependent on which bet adds more value to your parlay. Puckline bets tend to have better value but at increased risk. Moneyline bets may be easier to win but at lesser value. Assessing the wager and your parlay can help you make an educated decision as to which market you should add to your parlay. 
Is One Market Better Than the Other?Not really. Both have their pros and cons. Whatever wager you are comfortable with will be the best market for you as a better. Moneyline wagers are better for players that want to focus on straight up victories. Meanwhile, bettors that like to focus on goals could be more inclined to wager on the Puckline. 

Puckline vs Moneyline FAQs

Do other sports have a puckline?

Other sports offer the puck line but not in the same way. Puckline is hockey’s version of the spread. Spread betting is offered across various sportsbooks but Puckline wagering is exclusive to hockey betting. 

Which wager is more profitable?

This is all dependent on your stake and winning percentage. Neither wager is more profitable than the other. It is determined by your winning percentage as a bettor and the odds on which these bets are won. 

Does live betting have puckline and moneyline bets?

Yes! Live betting is a popular way to bet, and you can wager on the puckline and moneyline. The odds will change depending on the flow of the game and the majority of bookmakers will offer these markets in its live betting section. 

Is there an advantage to choosing one wager over the other?

It is all preference but both wagers have their benefits. Moneyline bets are perfect for those wanting to wager straight up on a winner, while puckline wagers are better for those who can potentially predict a final score. Each has its own value, and it all depends on the type you prefer.

Are moneyline and puckline wagers novice friendly?

Yes! Moneyline bets are arguably the easiest wager to make. All you must do is choose the correct winner and you will win your bet. The Puckline is another easy bet to place. Once you understand the spread, the Puckline is another beginner-friendly wager. 

BettingTop10 Expert Conclusion

Both the puckline and moneyline are popular ways to wager on betting sites. The puckline is exclusive to hockey but you can find similar action by looking at the spread. There are differences between the puckline and moneyline but both options can provide great entertainment and value.

We hope that you know the differences between the puckline and moneyline and we hope that you take advantage of this! And remember, no matter which bet type you choose, we ask that you gamble responsibly. 

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