Esports betting have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Millions of people enjoy watching and wagering on video game tournaments, and many Ontario sportsbooks now cover these events. If you are betting on Esports, chances are, you’ll wager on CSGO.

CSGO is a tactical FPS released in 2012 that pits two teams against each other in an exciting competition. Betting sites for CSGO enable users to profit from these competitions if they pick the right victors.

CSGO is widely considered one of the best games for Esports. The game lends itself very well to a tournament context, and thus, many people have become interested in CSGO betting sites.

One of the best aspects of the game is that it has a free-to-play model, meaning it is readily accessible and can be played on a variety of consoles. However, PC gaming is the most common way of enjoying this classic. The blend of strategy and skill is a serious draw for bettors, and there are many world-renowned CSGO players.

But there is a lot to learn before you should start gambling on this game. Below, we will provide you with a breakdown of all you need to know to successfully wager on CSGO bets. From the top markets to the best CSGO betting sites, we’ve got it all here.

How Do You Bet On CSGO

Esports betting has only surged in popularity in Canada and other locations quite recently, and not everyone has tried their hand at this form of wagering. If you are someone who is trying to get started on CSGO betting sites, we are here to help.

Below, we’ll cover the key things you need to know in order to hit the ground running with your CSGO betting journey.

Step-by-Step Guide to Betting On CSGO

If you have never tried your hand at CSGO wagering, then it can appear daunting. But it is a smoother, simpler process than you’d imagine. Below are the steps to follow in order to get started.

  • Step One: Choose a Betting Site. Not all websites allow users to bet on CSGO. When picking a website, make sure you register with one of our top CSGO betting sites, or you may not be able to gamble on this game.
  • Step Two: Register. Before you can start, you need to create an account. This requires some personal information, so make sure you are choosing a trusted and reliable betting site.
  • Step Three: Deposit. To place a bet, you will need to deposit into your account. This requires you to select a payment type and input your payment details.
  • Step Four: Select the Event. Click on the Sports section and browse their different sports until you find Esports and CSGO. Click on the event you want to wager.
  • Step Five: Place Wager. Click on the odds you want to bet, input how much you want to wager, and click place bet. You are now good to go!          

Markets and Types of Bets

Markets and types of bets are the different ways of betting on a sport, league, or event that a betting site will offer. Since CSGO is an Esport, it is worth explaining what exactly the betting markets and types of bets are to bet on CSGO matches.

  • Moneyline: This is the most common form of wagering on a CSGO event. For Moneyline bets, gamblers simply have to pick which team they expect to win the match. If they pick the right team, their bet cashes.
  • Spread: The spread is based on the projected differential in scoring of the CSGO matchup. A small spread in CSGO would be 1.5, with a bigger spread being 2.5. This number is based on how many rounds a team will win by. Bettors can pick for the spread, meaning the favoured team exceeds that line, or against it, meaning they don’t.
  • Total: A Total bet is a wager on how many different maps will need to be played. Bettors can pick either the over or the under, meaning they bet more maps than the line or less.
  • Map Bets: Map bets are wagers on individual map rounds. You can pick a team to win on one map and then lose on a different one.
  • Live Betting: Live betting is when bettors wager on events that are already underway. An algorithm will update as the CSGO event is played.
  • Parlays: Parlays are a kind of wager where bettors tie multiple bets together into a single bet. For the parlay to cash, each bet within it needs to hit.

Basics and Rules

CSGO is a relatively straightforward game. While there are many different modes to play this game on, there is one primary mode that is typically played for most tournaments, and this is the Competitive game mode.

Essentially, how the game works is very simple. There are two teams of five, with each player controlling a different character. The players are armed with different weapons.

One team is in charge of planting a bomb, while the other is in charge of stopping the other team from planting a bomb. Their roles will then switch in a different round.

A game is played until one team wins 13 rounds, with a maximum of 24 rounds played unless the game proceeds to overtime.

While the game itself is relatively straightforward, there are a range of strategies players have to employ. In a tournament setting, players get money according to how they performed in the previous round. They can use that money to upgrade their situation within the game. The map can also change throughout, with different teams being best at playing in different kinds of maps.

It is an easy game to follow, filled with excitement and challenges.

Strategies and Tips

If you are going to bet on CSGO, you might want to have a strategy prepared. The goal with CSGO bets should be to win, so it is critical to come up with a plan of action if you want to do so. Below are some strategies and tips that you can employ if you want to start making money wagering on CSGO.

  • Find a Live Streaming Operator: One thing you should prioritize is finding a sportsbook that allows for live streaming. This is a feature that allows bettors to watch events live while they wager on them. Many CSGO betting sites allow live streaming for tournaments.
  • Understand the Maps: A critical aspect of CSGO is that different maps require different strategies. If you want to best understand how to find success, consider what each map requires. This can make a major difference.
  • Do Your Research: Ultimately, betting on CSGO is just like betting on any other event. The more you know, the better off you are. Do your research! Look into each team, see how they are performing in previous tournaments, what they are good at, and so on. There are plenty of statistics to help with this.
  • Pick Your Matchups: Every team will have strengths and weaknesses. Understanding this is key. Pick your matchups and be cautious. Some bettors get carried away with the excitement and will bet on matches or teams they don’t know. Pick your matchups; you don't need to wager on every CSGO event.
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Game: A great way to improve at CSGO is by familiarizing yourself with the game. Play CSGO, learn how it works, and you will likely find it is a lot easier to earn money wagering on the game.

Biggest Events

The biggest events on the CSGO betting scene are the CS Major Championships. These are a series of tournaments hosted by Valve, the developers of the game. They are played in locations around the world, and are one of the biggest events of the Esports scene.

The Major Championships started off with 16 teams but now have grown to include 24 teams competing from a huge range of countries. Most recently, the prize pool for these tournaments has included a $2 million payout. It is a massive spectacle that bettors can wager on. The next Major is set for 2024 in Shanghai.

Top CSGO Betting Sites

We’ve given you some insight into how you can gamble on CSGO. But now, it is time to take a look at the top betting sites for CSGO. There are a lot of great options to pick from, with more and more sportsbooks every day adding odds to this multiplayer FPS.

Below, we’ll break down some of the top options where bettors can bet on CSGO matches.


PowerPlay is a popular Canadian betting site that has emerged as one of the top options for legal betting in Canada. PowerPlay has great features, many of which lend themselves to Esports betting. PowerPlay has live betting on CSGO and other esports games.

The sportsbook also offers a smooth interface with plenty of options for wagering. For bettors who want to enjoy CSGO betting on this website, you will find an extensive array of odds and markets to explore. Bettors will also appreciate that PowerPlay has a license in Ontario, which means that gamblers have a lot of leeway to use this site anywhere in Canada.

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Sports Interaction

Sports Intercation

Sports Interaction is one of the best websites for CSGO bets in Canada. Sports Interaction is one of the most entrenched betting sites in Canada, with a history going back several decades. It has everything bettors could want, from fun features like odds boosts and pick’ems, to top-notch sportsbook bonuses.

The website is also one of the best-looking ones you’ll find anywhere, with impeccable designs and graphics. While their CSGO coverage is not as extensive as some of the other operators on this list, bettors will find that Sports Interaction is so easy-to-use and fun that it doesn’t make any negative impact.

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If you are looking for a website that is highly dedicated to Esports betting, GGBet is the place to be. This is a website that has centred its model around Esports, which makes it one of the best CSGO betting sites on the market. GGBet covers all the major CSGO tournaments that are going on throughout the year and provides an array of markets and odds to pick from.

They also have one of the best betting apps on the market for Esports enthusiasts. GGBet also provides users with a lot of different betting bonuses. Overall, if you are searching for an Esports betting site, this is the place to go.

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TonyBet has quickly become hugely popular in Canada, and it isn’t hard to see why. They have adapted well to the Canadian market by creating an easy-to-use and fun website with a lot of distinct features that set it apart. TonyBet has promotional features like free bets that have made it a fun sportsbook for people of all interests.

They also have managed to build up an excellent Esports section. This covers things like League of Legends, FIFA, and more. CSGO fans will find plenty of top-notch markets and excitement on this page. While it isn’t as extensive as GGBet or Bodog, its Esports page is still top-notch.

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Bodog is one of Canada's most unique betting sites. Founded by Canadian Calvin Ayres in the 1990s, the website has become a global sensation. Bodog is known for its innovations, such as allowing cryptocurrency betting, as well as its big-time bonus offers, which are some of the best in the industry.

For Esports enthusiasts, this website is the place to go. They have a huge CSGO section that allows for bets on things like the Over/Under, Spread, Moneyline, and more. The section also has a live betting feature that is one of the best in the industry. It is one of the biggest sections available, firmly cementing Bodog as one of the top CSGO betting sites around.

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CS:GO Betting FAQs

We know that not everyone is familiar with wagering on Counter Strike, as this is something of a recent concept. It is only natural that bettors might have some questions about how it works. Luckily, we are here to help. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about CSGO betting sites.

Yes! CSGO is as legal to bet on as any other event in Canada. Following the major changes implemented by the Canadian government in 2021, betting is more popular than ever, and CSGO is certainly benefitting.

Yes! The fact that what you are betting on is CSGO has no bearing on security. However, it is worth noting that each website has different security processes, so make sure to look into the website you’re using’s security.

No. In fact, most betting sites don’t cover CSGO. However, there are many gambling sites out there that do. These include the sportsbooks we’ve listed for our top CSGO betting sites, but there are more options out there as well. 

Yes. There are numerous CSGO betting sites out there that will allow users to place wagers on CSGO events that are already underway. This is relatively rare, but it is a feature that is available on some sites online.

There are nine official game modes of CSGO that can be used throughout the game. However, there are infinite different variants of CSGO game modes, with many potential different modifications that users can choose to implement.

CSGO is being played at any given moment in time around the world. There are also a massive amount of tournaments that are played of this game. For websites that have expansive coverage of this game, you’ll likely find that there are a massive amount of CSGO events to wager on.


Esports have taken off in popularity over the past several years, and bettors now have more options than ever when looking to wager on video games. This is especially true with CSGO, one of the world’s most popular online multiplayer first-person shooters.

This tactical game is played in Esports tournaments on every corner of the globe. There are many betting sites for CSGO fans that allow gamblers to win big on this exciting game. With our breakdown, we hope you are now prepped to start winning big on CSGO bets.

Cameron is a 2020 graduate from the University of Southern California’s Journalism program. He is an avid sports fan and bettor, whose favourite teams include the Toronto Raptors, and the Chicago Bears. Cameron has been writing about and following sports since the age of 10, when he first fell in love with the NFL and NBA.