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Hockey is one of the most popular sports not just in Canada but in the world. Bettors love wagering on the action as their favorite teams zip across the ice, and hockey betting apps have become extremely popular in recent years. In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about hockey betting apps, from what they are and how they work to the top options for users. 

Best Hockey Betting Sites

What Makes a Hockey Betting App Good?

Online hockey betting has skyrocketed in popularity across Canada, particularly as we move toward fully legalized gambling. Hockey is Canada's game, and Canadians love to wager on our biggest national sport. But with so many options, picking the best NHL betting apps can feel difficult. Especially when we haven’t dived into the question of what makes an NHL betting app good.

There are a lot of different things that can separate one hockey betting app from another. Each sports betting app provides something different to users, and ultimately, your experience is subjective. But certain characteristics crop up time and again when we consider what separates the best NHL betting app from the worst. Let’s look at what those characteristics are.

  • Safety and Security: Ultimately, the most important consideration when it comes to betting is the user’s safety. If the betting app you are using doesn’t have licensing from a respected gaming authority or strong cybersecurity features, don’t bother. The safety and security of an NHL app should be top of mind.
  • Reputation: Reputation matters. If a sportsbook has terrible reviews and a reputation for not honoring payouts in a timely manner, this can seriously impact the user experience. It is important you bet with a hockey betting app that has a solid reputation amongst users.
  • User Experience: The experience bettors have when using an app is what defines the fun they have. User experience mostly comes down to the look and feel of an app. Does it look good on your phone and have an intuitive layout? Are there limited load times and a sleek color scheme?
  • Customer Support: Even on a great NHL betting app, you can still encounter some problems. This is when customer support becomes important. The different support features a sportsbook provides can help users solve problems in a timely and effective matter, so good customer support features are a must.
  • Betting Variety: Variety is the spice of life, and it is also one of the most integral parts of great hockey betting apps. Bettors want a ton of betting options, and it is important sportsbooks give them many different hockey markets and unique ways to bet on NHL action. Coverage of every game is the bare minimum.
  • Standout Fun Aspects: This is a vague category, but users will know it when they see it. Having some different, unique, fun aspects that separate a sportsbook is important, whether that is a cool feature or great promotional offerings. 

Best Hockey Betting Apps by Category

We’ve told you what makes a sportsbook a great hockey betting app. Now, it is time to introduce the operators that live up to this ideal and have achieved a reputation as the top mobile hockey betting options. Below is a list of the hockey betting app Canada sportsbooks that we believe to be the best in specific categories. 

Sports Interaction: Best Hockey Markets

About: Sports Interaction launched in the 1990s as one of the first betting operators created exclusively by and for Canadians. They have become one of the most popular sportsbooks in Canada by offering users an incredible experience, and their mobile offerings bring bettors excellent betting options. One area where they really stand out is their hockey markets. Markets are the different betting outcomes a sportsbook will have odds available for, and Sports Interaction has plenty for bettors to choose from. They include player props on NHL games, which is exceedingly rare for a sportsbook, so bettors can place bets on players’ performance. They also have a massive amount of game props. For bettors that want expansive NHL betting options, Sports Interaction has the best markets you’ll find.

Likes: The best aspect of Sports Interaction might be its appealing website design. Sports Interaction looks amazing, with a color scheme that stands out, and it functions incredibly well. They also have a remarkably deep sportsbook and helpful customer support features.

Areas of Improvement: Every sportsbook has some areas they could improve, and Sports Interaction is no different. The biggest downside to the Sports Interaction app is that it isn't downloadable from an app store and has to be accessed through a web browser.

PowerPlay: Best Bonuses and Promotions

About: PowerPlay may not have the Canadian reputation that operators founded in Canada do, but this sportsbook has quickly become a favorite of many Canadians. And with their hockey-themed name, it is only fitting that hockey bettors have targeted this app as a top option. PowerPlay was launched in 2018 and rapidly became a staple of bettors' sportsbook rotation. One area where that their hockey betting app really stands out is with its bonuses and promotions. Bonuses and promotions are offers designed to incentivize bettors with rewards to take certain betting actions, and PowerPlay is stocked with bonus options. They have offers specific to NHL bettors, which is something most sportsbooks don’t provide. They also have an array of free bets, parlay boosts, and more. This has gone a long way toward distinguishing PowerPlay as one of the best NHL betting apps.

Likes: What I really like about PowerPlay is that their sportsbook looks amazing, offers a ton of markets and coverage for hockey bettors, and has fun bonuses. This has contributed significantly to their popularity. They also accept plenty of different payment options.

Areas of Improvement: I think one of the key areas PowerPlay needs to get better is offering bettors some more unique betting features, as they don’t particularly do that right now. They should also make their mobile website downloadable. 

Bodog: Best Prop Builder Feature

About: Bodog is one of the biggest names in Canadian sports betting. They are another sportsbook that was launched in the 1990s by Canadian founders, although they are not licensed in Canada, as they chose to set up their operation offshore. Bodog has been around for ages, and they are known for offering bettors an array of innovative features that have contributed to them being one of the longest-standing sportsbooks around. One Bodog aspect that really makes them a great hockey betting site is their prop builder feature. The Bodog prop builder is unique in that it allows users to custom construct prop bets within a single game or multiple. Users can combine different lines into a single parlayed bet within the same game. For example, they could parlay the Leafs winning, the over hitting on the game, and that the Senators will be winning after the first period into a single bet. This gives bettors customizability and a fun way to create their own bets.

Likes: What I really like about Bodog is that it has many unique features that have contributed to it being an innovative operator for years now. There are many great ways to use this sportsbook. Another area I appreciate is the huge number of banking options they accept transactions with.

Areas of Improvement: Bodog is another sportsbook that could improve by allowing bettors to download their mobile offerings. I also believe they need to update the look of their site, as it is very plain at the moment.

BetVictor: Best Live Betting Experience

BetVictor review

About: BetVictor is unique because it was founded in 1946 as a sportsbook in the United Kingdom, long before online betting ever existed. It has steadily evolved over decades into an online hockey bettor's dream. They have a deep sportsbook with fun features like boosted odds and a bet builder and diverse markets for bettors to choose from. Their mobile options also look great on an iPhone or Android screen. One area that they really stand out for sports bettors is their live betting experience. BetVictor has a huge live betting page that allows bettors to place bets on hockey and other sporting events that are already underway. Your team is down one heading into the third period, and you're feeling a comeback? You can live wager on this with BetVictor, who provide a smooth interface and a cash-out feature. They are a sportsbook with a lot to offer the mobile hockey bettor.

Likes: What I really like about BetVictor is that they offer a ton of unique features, ranging from bet builders to boosted odds, which are two great ways to add to the gambling experience. They also have strong customer support options.

Areas of Improvement: The biggest disappointment with BetVictor might be their lack of NHL markets. While they do cover every game and provide odds for each matchup, they don’t have a ton of markets for bettors to enjoy.

Bet99: Best Banking Options


About: Bet99 is a new Canadian sportsbook that has risen to significant popularity since it was launched in 2019. They are an operator that has drawn endorsements from Canadian icons like Georges St. Pierre, and they’ve acclimated very quickly to the Canadian market. There is a lot to love about using Bet99, including their massive sportsbook that is filled with different markets for bettors to pick from. They have elite hockey markets. They also have many solid banking options. What I love about Bet99 is that they offer transactions with an array of different payment methods, ranging from cryptocurrency to Interac. This gives bettors a ton of choices in their gambling experience. They are one of the rising Canadian operators for a reason and have even bagged an endorsement from Leafs icon Auston Matthews.

Likes: I like a lot of different things about Bet99, but maybe my favorite aspect is that they provide player props on NHL games. This allows bettors to lay big bets on their favorite players netting goals or stopping shots. It also is great for bettors that they are licensed within Canada, so bettors can feel safe and confident.

Areas of Improvement: Bet99 could improve by making their mobile offerings downloadable, as this would increase ease of access. They could also benefit from adding a phone line to their support options.

Hockey Betting App Bonuses

One of the things that entices bettors the most is bonuses. Bonuses and promotions are offers provided by bettors that are designed to reward bettors either for taking a certain action or just being members of their betting site. These bonuses can be permanent and recurring or based on a big sporting event like the Stanley Cup.

Nearly every sports betting website has bonuses and promotions for users. Some offer dozens of offers that can be used on a daily basis; others have one or two that can only be used sparingly. With hockey betting apps, bettors can access these promotions from their phones.

Every NHL betting app allows bettors to access the sportsbook bonuses from their phones. Some sportsbooks even have offers specific to mobile app users, rewarding bettors for downloading their app. There are many different kinds of promotions and betting offers; let's look at some of the ones you're likely to find on many online hockey betting sites.

  • Welcome Offer: A Welcome Offer is the bonus that sportsbooks provide to their new users. It is an offer designed to incentivize users to sign-up and deposit with a sportsbook. Typically, welcome offers are in the form of a matched deposit, where sportsbooks match a bettor's initial deposit in bet credits.
  • Free Bet: A Free Bet is an offer where sportsbooks give bettors a risk-free bet of a certain amount. Typically, bettors must do something to unlock this bonus. Once they have it, bettors can make a bet with house money and receive the payout in cash if it hits.
  • Boosted Odds: Boosted Odds are when a sportsbook takes a certain line and alters it to be more favorable to bettors, even though nothing has changed in the game to cause that boost. An example would be bumping the Canucks from +150 to +220 in a game against the Stars.
  • Parlay Boosts: Parlay Boosts are when a sportsbook boosts the winnings from parlay bets. Typically, they boost the winnings according to how many legs are in the parlay, with the more bets within the parlay, the bigger the boost.
  • Reload Bonuses: Reload Bonuses are when sportsbooks offer an incentive to reload your account with a deposit on a specific day. Sometimes that bonus is in the form of a matched deposit; sometimes, it is in the form of free bets.

Banking Methods for Hockey Betting Apps

The amount of payment options available to mobile bettors seems to grow every year. Technology has increased to the point that bettors have a huge number of different virtual payments they can use on their favorite hockey betting app, although every sportsbook allows for different payment methods.

Like the desktop versions of betting sites, NHL betting apps will have a long list of payment methods available. Typically, a sportsbook has just as many deposit options on its mobile website as they do on its desktop version. Each bettor has different preferences for payment methods, and it largely depends on what you have available.

There are several different kinds of payment methods that bettors use on a consistent basis and that many operators accept transactions with. Let’s look at some of the different options that are popular amongst users.

  • Credit/Debit: Credit and debit transactions are the two most popular options for online bettors. With credit and debit cards, you typically have fast deposits with a high maximum deposit amount. And since nearly every bettor will have a debit or credit card, this is the most accessible form of online payment.
  • Interac: Interac is one of the most popular ways of paying for Canadians. It is easy and fully virtual, and most sportsbooks that service Canada will allow for Interac transactions. The deposit limits are often the same as with credit cards, and bettors can choose to send Interac payments through their online banking partner and have the money appear rapidly in their betting account.
  • E-Wallets: E-Wallets have become one of the most common ways of paying for sportsbooks. Most sportsbooks will accept different e-wallets like ecoPayz, Skrill, and Neteller. However, be warned certain operators won't give bonuses to users that deposit with e-wallets. The benefit of these payment types is that they have rapid transactions.
  • Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency has been a national talking point for years now, and many gambling sites take it seriously, adding it to their transaction methods. You can now fund your account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LItecoin, with some operators even accepting things like Dogecoin. Crypto has lightning-fast transactions, which benefit bettors. 

How to deposit on a hockey app?

  • Step One: Create an Account on the Best Hockey Betting App You Can Find
  • Step Two: Tap on the Banking/Deposit Section
  • Step Three: Select Your Payment Method
  • Step Four: Input Your Payment Information and How Much You Want to Deposit
  • Step Five: Tap Deposit and You Have Funded Your Account

Types of Bets on Hockey Betting Apps

We've given you some insights about the bonuses you can find on hockey betting apps and how to fund your account. Once your account is up and running, you'll probably want to start laying down some massive bets. But before you've started with the best hockey betting app Canada, you should learn the ins and outs of hockey betting. There are many different ways to place bets on a hockey betting app, and they all revolve around the beautiful game.

Bets using hockey betting apps will typically revolve around different markets and types of bets. These are the individual outcomes within a game that bettors place wagers on to either occur or not occur and the ways of betting a sportsbook has enabled. Let's look at some of the most popular markets and types of bets you'll find on the best NHL betting apps.

  • Moneyline: A Moneyline bet is the most straightforward form of gambling there is. When bettors pick a team on the Moneyline, they’ve picked them to win. So if you bet the Montreal Canadiens Moneyline, Montreal must win for your bet to cash.
  • Puck Line: The puck line is what the projected score differential will be in favor of one team. Typically, with hockey bets, the line will be -1.5 for the favorited team, so they'll need to win by two or more goals for a puck line bet to cash.
  • Over/Under: Over/Under bets are bets on the total score of a game between both teams combined. Bettors must bet whether the final score will be over the projected line or under. If the Oilers were playing the Flames, and the game ended with a 6-5 Flames victory, and the over/under was 6.5, then the over would cash because the 11 goals scored is greater than the line.
  • Futures: Futures are long-term bets within a league that is not settled straight away. Bettors can bet on a number of things in the futures section, ranging from who will win the Rocket Richard or Hart Trophy to which team will represent the Western Conference or hoist the Stanley Cup.
  • Game Props: Game Props are bets on outcomes within a game that are centered around a team or teams. This is a diverse form of betting that has many different options. Bettors can bet which team will lead after the second period, how many total power plays there will be in a game, and the first team to score.
  • Player Props: Player Props are similar to game props, except they are tied to individuals rather than teams. Not every sportsbook has player props for hockey. An example of a player prop would be betting on whether or not Steven Stamkos will score in a game, wagering on Connor McDavid’s points total in a game, or betting on whether Connor Hellebuyck will stop more than 27.5 shots in a game.
  • Parlays: Parlays are when bettors tie multiple bets into one. Each bet within the parlay must cash for the parlay to hit, and the more bets within the parlay, the higher the payout will be. Bettors can parlay different results, like betting on the Jets, Kraken, and Penguins to win their respective games.
  • Live Betting: Live betting is when bettors place bets on games that have already started. An algorithm updates the odds as the games are being played. If the Capitals are playing the Ducks, and Ovechkin scores to open the first period, the Capitals' odds of winning increase.

NHL Betting Odds

Odds are the different lines that show bettors the probability of an event occurring, as well as the payout if it does occur. There are three different primary kinds of odds. Those are American, decimal, and fractional, but the typical Canadian bettors use American odds.

American odds show bettors how much they'd profit if they bet $100 or how much they'd need to bet to profit $100. If a line is +, it is the former. For example, if something is +200, a bet of $100 gives $200 profit. If something is -, it is the latter. This means a -200 line means a bettor needs to bet $200 to have a $100 profit.

While most sportsbooks use similar lines, many of them are slightly different. So looking at the different lines for an event you want to bet on can provide a competitive advantage to bettors.

How to Use a Hockey Betting App

If you've never used a mobile betting app before, you may not be familiar. Keep in mind this is a relatively recent technology that has skyrocketed in popularity mostly within the past decade. But most sportsbooks know that the easier it is for a bettor to place bets on their application, the more likely it is that users will engage with their app. So it is typically quite easy.

If you have never used hockey betting apps before, we are here to help walk you through it. Below, we've provided a step-by-step breakdown of using NHL betting apps.

  • Step One: Find the Right App for You. This process is dependent on your individual preferences. Browsing our list of excellent online hockey betting apps should give you a start, but there are dozens of great apps to choose from.
  • Step Two: Download the App. This is a process that should take a matter of minutes. You can visit either the Google Play store for Android users or the Apple App Store for iPhone users and download the app there. Simply search the app name in the search bar, and it should appear.
  • Step Three: Register and Deposit. To start betting on a hockey betting sportsbook, you’re going to need to register and deposit. This is a process that is necessary on all sportsbooks. You’ll need to input personal information like your name, address, and contact details to create an account. To deposit, you’ll have to input your payment details.
  • Step Four: Start Betting. Once you have created an account and funded it, you are now free to start betting. As long as you have money in your account you can wager on NHL action.

Types of apps available

There are two primary types of operating systems that apps will be compatible with. These two operating systems are the Android and iOS systems. Android systems work with Samsung and Google phones. iOS systems work with iPhones and Apple devices. If you want to use an app, it has to be compatible with your device's operating system. Some apps are compatible with just Android or iOS, while others are compatible with both.

The user experience doesn’t really differ depending on the operating system you are using. There are some differences between Android and iOS systems. iOS systems are known for having slightly better security, while Android systems are known for being more customizable. However, these differences are minute enough that most bettors won’t spot any core differences between betting apps designed for different operating systems.

Tips for betting on the phone 

If you’ve never bet on the phone before, it can feel overwhelming to get started. But truth be told, it is very straightforward and not markedly different from desktop betting except for improved mobility and accessibility. Below, we’ll offer some tips for betting on the phone that can help you get the most out of your hockey betting experience.

  • Find an App with the Features You Love: One of the most important considerations in a sportsbook is the features that they offer users. The different features are the embedded aspects of a sportsbook that can't be changed, so find features you love and find apps that offer those features.
  • Try Multiple Operators: There are so many great betting apps out there, so don’t tie yourself to the first one you see. Give several a try. This will allow you to cash in on multiple welcome bonuses and get a better sense of which sportsbook works best for you.
  • Consult Online Resources: The online betting industry has been super developed, so there is a lot of helpful information on the internet for users. Don’t hesitate to read up on different operators and betting apps to learn more and decide if they’re worth your time.

What if the Bookmaker Doesn't Have an App?

Most bettors will agree that a betting app is the best way to get in on the mobile action. Apps give you improved access and the ability to store a bookmaker on your phone’s home screen. But what can you do if the operator doesn’t have a downloadable app for users and you still want to place online bets? Luckily, there is still a way to bet: a mobile-optimized website.

Mobile optimized websites are a version of a sportsbook that is designed for mobile browsers on a user's phone. It is essentially the exact same thing as a desktop version of a sportsbook, except it has been created specifically for smartphones. It condenses the website to appear cohesive on a user's phone and be easy to navigate. Typically, a mobile-optimized website will have all the same features, promotions, and coverage that a desktop site offers.

The vast majority of sportsbooks will have mobile-optimized websites, even if they also have an app. One of the reasons a bettor might prefer mobile websites is that users don’t need to download them. So if you have limited phone storage, a mobile website still lets you place bets on your phone without taking up any space.

Best Features for Hockey Betting Apps

Features are an instrumental part of the mobile betting experience because they are defining aspects of sportsbooks. So what are they? Features are the embedded parts of a sportsbook that allow users to do different things on an operator's website. There are many kinds of features, each offering something different to users, and every sportsbook will have different features for users to enjoy.

If you are looking to make hockey bets on NHL betting apps, there are many features you will target to enhance your betting experience. Let’s look at some of the features that the best hockey betting app should offer.

  • Live Betting: As we’ve mentioned, live betting is a crucial component of the mobile betting experience. Live betting allows bettors to place bets on games that are already underway, with an algorithm that updates the odds according to what is happening in the game. This is a feature that every modern sportsbook needs to offer.
  • Live Streaming: Live Streaming is a feature that allows users to watch sports live directly from their phone. This is an exciting feature that works well in conjunction with live betting because you can watch and bet from the same place. However, it is rare, and no sportsbooks will have NHL live streaming because of TV rights, but you can stream other hockey leagues.
  • Bet Builder: The Bet Builder feature is one that allows users to construct in-depth parlays that are customized according to their preferences. This includes same-game parlays. Bet builders tweak odds according to the different markets you add into it and add to a dynamic and flexible betting experience.
  • Stats Page: A Stats Page is a great resource for bettors and something that many NHL betting apps will offer. This is a page where users can access helpful data that shows them important information on what is going on around the league. They can see things like performance trends and results that will give them extra info to make their next hockey bet.
  • Cash Out/Partial Cash Out: Cash Out is a feature that allows bettors to exit a bet before the bet has fully finished. They can cash out of the bet either at a win if their bet looks likelier to hit than when they placed it, or a loss, if it looks less likely. Partial cash out allows bettors to pull out some, but not all, their money.

Best Times and Leagues for Hockey Betting

If you love betting on hockey, you’ll delight in the fact that there are plenty of leagues around the world that are covered by the average sportsbook. While most bettors tend to focus on the NHL, which is understandable, hockey is an international game watched and played around the world.

Bettors who love hockey will enjoy the winter seasons when leagues around the world are competing, and the biggest superstars are going head-to-head. Let's look at some of the best times and leagues to be placing bets on hockey betting apps.

  • NHL Regular Season: The NHL regular season is a massive competition where teams seek to earn a place in the Stanley Cup hunt. There are 32 NHL teams that play 82 games each, with the best earning their place in the playoffs. This means there are thousands of regular season games for NHL fans to bet on throughout the season.
  • NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: The playoffs are where the NHL action really kicks off. The top eight teams from each conference square off in the playoffs, with teams playing in a series to seven. The winner advances to the next round until there are only two teams left that compete for the Stanley Cup. This is an exciting time full of action and high stakes for bettors.
  • Canadian Minor Leagues: The Canadian minor leagues like the OHL, QMJHL, and WHL are where many of the NHL's brightest stars, from Connor McDavid to Nathan Mackinnon, got their starts. There are many sportsbooks that allow bettors to place bets on these leagues, and with Connor Bedard currently in the WHL, it is a lot of fun to tune in.
  • European Leagues: While the NHL is the biggest league in North America, many European countries have their own leagues. The SHL, Liiga, and KHL are all incredibly popular and have some high-end talent to observe. Bettors can find betting options for these leagues in most sportsbooks.

Key NHL Dates 2022/23

  • Opening Night: Octr 7th, 2022
  • Outdoor Games: Jan 2nd, 2023 and Feb 18th, 2023
  • All-Star Weekend: Feb 3rd and 4th
  • End of Regular Season: April 13th
  • Start of Playoffs: April 17th
  • Stanley Cup: June 8th 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Big Difference from App to App?

Generally speaking, there typically is a relatively substantial difference in your experience depending on the app you use. Each sportsbook has a different interface, different features, and different coverage/markets. So that means you will definitely notice a difference between the best NHL betting app and the worst.

Is a Hockey Betting App Better Than a Mobile Website?

Most bettors do prefer the experience with a hockey betting app to the one they have when using a mobile website. This is largely because, with a mobile betting app, access is easier. The app is stored on your phone, login is easy, and you can always have the app on hand. Also, some sportsbooks include app download bonuses.

What is the Most Important Feature for a Betting App for Hockey?

There is no one feature that is the most important, as this largely depends on your preference. Every sportsbook should have live betting at this point, so this is an absolute must. Boosted odds and bet builders are also great features for hockey betting.

How Many Sportsbooks Offer Player Prop Bets on NHL Games?

This is relatively rare, and not every operator provides NHL player props. However, there are sportsbooks like Bet99 and Sports Interaction that do have NHL player prop options, so this is notable for bettors.

With NHL Bets, Do Overtimes Count?

If a game you've bet on goes into overtime, the results still count, whether they are game totals, moneyline bets, or player props. However, certain bets overtime won't count for, like a second-period game prop.

Hockey Betting Apps: Conclusion

For many Canadians, hockey isn’t just an interest. It is a lifestyle. Most Canadians have been cheering for their favorite NHL teams and skating at their local rinks since they could walk, and as they’ve grown up, many have gotten into NHL betting. Betting on hockey is an exciting way to add an additional layer to your fandom, with the opportunity to cash in if the team you’ve bet on performs. And hockey betting apps are a key part of the average NHL fan’s experience.

Using your phone for online hockey betting allows NHL fans to get more involved in the action than ever before. You can place bets on the go, with many apps available to Canadians that provide a smooth interface, extensive hockey coverage, and features designed to add fun to the mobile betting experience. The only problem many bettors have is picking the right NHL betting app for them.

With dozens of apps that accommodate mobile hockey betting, bettors will have their pick. What is important to do before you start mobile betting with a hockey app is to research the operator. We hope that this guide has given you insights into the different operators on the market and what makes a hockey betting app good or bad. With that said, good luck on your mobile hockey betting journey.