Betting on the Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers are one of the most successful modern NHL franchises, a legendary team that has had icons like Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, and Connor McDavid take the ice for them. They have some of the league’s most passionate fans, many of whom enjoy wagering on the team on sports betting sites. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Edmonton Oilers betting, from how Edmonton Oilers odds work to who the team’s best players and award contenders are. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to bet on Edmonton Oilers games. Ready? Let begin.

Edmonton Oilers Odds

Oilers odds to win Stanley CupN/AN/A
Oilers odds to win Western ConferenceN/AN/A
  • The Edmonton Oilers season has come to a close - odds are not available at the moment.

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How to Bet on Edmonton Oilers Games

The Edmonton Oilers are one of the most exciting teams in the NHL, a fast-paced, talented squad that should be competing for the Stanley Cup for as long as it has Connor McDavid and Leon Draisatil. Every game is a spectacle.

Betting on Edmonton Oilers betting lines is particularly popular amongst Alberta betting enthusiasts but is also enjoyed by gamblers around the world.

Whether you are an experienced gambler or looking to get started, there’s much to know about NHL betting. Let’s explore some of the key things you should know when wagering on Edmonton Oilers betting odds, from strategies to how to read betting lines.

Markets and betting types

Before you start making bets on the Edmonton Oilers odds, you should have a strong grasp of what exactly you are betting on. Bettors are typically making their wagers on different outcomes within a game, known as markets. Markets and types of bets are the two keys to understanding how to wager.

Markets are the outcomes within an event or wider league that oddsmakers create lines for. Bettors can bet on those outcomes to either happen or not happen. Types of bets are the ways of betting a sportsbook has enabled.

Let’s look at some of the most popular Edmonton Oilers markets and betting types you can expect to see on your average sportsbook.

  • Moneyline: Betting on the Moneyline is a wager on which team will win the game, whether in regulation or overtime. If you bet the Oilers on the Moneyline, you’ve picked them to win.
  • Puck Line: The Puck Line is what the point spread is called in hockey, and it represents the projected score differential in a game. Typically, for hockey games, it is set at 1.5 in favor of one team. If the Oilers are 1.5 favorites on the Puck Line, bettors can bet for or against that spread. Betting for the spread means the Oilers need to win by two or more goals; against it means they need to win by one or lose outright.
  • Over/Under: The Over/Under is a line that represents the projected total amount of goals in a game. Bettors can wager on the over, meaning the teams combine for more goals, or the under, meaning they combine for less.
  • Futures: Futures are long-term bets on the NHL. This is a highly popular market that can range from wagering on Connor McDavid to win the Rocket Richard to wagering on the odds for the Edmonton Oilers to win the Cup.
  • Game Props: Game Props are outcomes within a game that are tied to teams or a team. It can include bets like wagering on the Edmonton Oilers to open the scoring in their game, betting on a line for how many power plays a game will have, and betting on what the final score will be.
  • Player Props: Player Props are similar, but they are tied to player performance within a game. This can include betting on Leon Draisaitl to score in a game or wagering on Stuart Skinner's save total for a game.
  • Parlays: Parlays are when bettors tie multiple bets into one single bet. These can be in a single game or multiple games. The more bets are in a parlay, the higher it pays out. An example of a parlay would be betting on the Oilers, Leafs, and Capitals to win their games. All three must win for the bet to cash.
  • Live Betting: Live Betting is when bettors wager on a game that has already started. The odds change according to what is happening in the game. For example, if the Oilers let in a goal, their odds of winning decrease.

How to Read Edmonton Oilers Odds

Whether you are wagering on sports betting apps or websites, you are going to encounter odds. Odds are a pivotal part of the gambling experience, and every sports betting site will expect you to be able to read and understand them.

Odds are the different projections oddsmakers create for an outcome that indicates the projected likelihood of it occurring or not occurring. They also show bettors how much money they would make from betting on that outcome if it happens.

The key type of odds bettors need to know is American. This is the dominant style for Canadian bettors, and it is important to know how to read this style for Edmonton Oilers betting.

American odds are broken down into + or -. The + line shows bettors how much profit they'd make on a $100 bet, while the – shows bettors how much they'd need to bet to make a $100 profit.

Let's look at an example. If the Oilers are +150, a bettor will make a $150 profit ($150 + the original staked money) on a bet of $100. If the Oilers are -150, a bet of $150 returns $100 profit.

Because this is the case, bettors can presume that if something is -, it is the more likely outcome compared to +. The payouts for + bets are higher than – bets, reflecting that oddsmakers believe they are less likely.

This carries over to lines like the Puck Line. If a team is -1.5, that means they are favorited by 1.5 goals. If a team is +1.5, that means they are the underdog by 1.5 goals.

Now, let’s look at how a line would be laid out to make sense of what we have told you. Let’s explore what a Puck Line for the Oilers vs. Canucks would look like:

Edmonton Oilers -1.5 -110, Canucks +1.5 -110. What this means is that the Oilers are favorited by 1.5 goals, and if a bettor wagers $110 on that differential and the Oilers win by two or more, the bettor will get $100 profit.

Trophy Watch

The NHL is a sport of trophies, where players receive individual recognition for performing in specific areas. These trophies reward both regular season and playoff performers with different trophies for different criteria.

Betting on the odds for different trophies is one of the most popular future betting markets. Bettors will wager on these throughout the playoffs and regular season, with thrilling results. You’ll find many different sportsbooks that have markets for potential Oilers trophy outcomes.

 Let’s look at some of the most popular Edmonton Oiler betting trophy markets.

  • Hart Trophy: The Hart Trophy is the award given to the player deemed to be the most valuable in the league for the regular season. This is an award that the Oilers have consistent contenders for, as McDavid has won it three times, and Draisaitl has won it once.
  • Rocket Richard: The Rocket Richard is the award for the player that leads the league in goals at the end of the regular season. McDavid won this award this year for the first time in his career. He and Draisaitl are both threats for this award.
  • Art Ross: The Art Ross trophy is the award for the player that scores the most points in the season, which means combined goals and assists. The Oilers' two top players are likely contenders for this award every year. Draisaitl has won it once, while McDavid has won it five times.
  • Norris: The Norris is the award given to the defenseman who is judged to have been most valuable to their team. This is one no Oiler has won since Paul Coffey in 1986. No one on the current roster will have high odds of winning next year, although Evan Bouchard could grow into that kind of player someday.
  • Vezina: The Vezina is the award for the goaltender judged most valuable to their team in the regular season. Goaltending has been a long-running problem for the Oilers, and no Oiler has won the Vezina since Grant Fuhr in 1988. Stuart Skinner had a strong rookie season for the Oilers, but he is a long way away from having good odds of winning the Vezina.
  • Conn Smythe: The Conn Smythe trophy is an award for the player judged most valuable to their team in the postseason. It is almost always awarded to the best player on the team that wins the Stanley Cup. The last Oiler to win this award was Bill Ranford in 1990. For any Oiler to win this award, the team will need to break new ground in the postseason.
  • Jack Adams: The Jack Adams is a trophy given to the coach who is judged as the best in the league during the season. The last Oilers coach to win it was Glen Sather in 1986. Current coach Jay Woodcroft could someday claim it if the Oilers put together a dominant regular season.

Edmonton Oilers Projections

Wagering on the Oilers' individual player performances for trophies is one of the most popular future betting options. But it is far from the only one. Bettors also love wagering on team outcomes, and there are many long-term team projection Edmonton Oilers betting lines.

These are different outcomes Oilers fans can wager on. There are many different team lines you can find on old and new betting sites. Let’s see what these options are.

  • Stanley Cup: Wagering on the Oilers to win the Stanley Cup next season is an exciting proposition. The Oilers are loaded with talent, although they haven’t won the Cup since 1990. They are overdue with McDavid.
  • Win the Conference: Bettors can also wager on the Oilers to win the Conference, meaning they will represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup. The last time the Oilers did this was in 2006.
  • Presidents Trophy: The Presidents Trophy is awarded to the team that accumulates the most points in the regular season. The Oilers last accomplished this in 1987, although with their talented roster, they could do so as soon as next season.
  • Win the Division: Bettors can also wager on the Oilers to win the division. They have a competitive division with the defending champion Golden Knights and the rising Kraken. They haven't won the Pacific since they arrived in 2013 but will be one of the favorites next year.
  • Make the Playoffs: Bettors can find Edmonton Oilers odds on whether or not they will make the playoffs. They have done so the past four seasons and will be heavily favored to do so again next year.
  • Point Line: The point line is a line that represents the projected amount of points the Oilers will have in a season, and bettors can wager on the over or the under.

Betting Strategy

One of the crucial factors that will determine whether you succeed or fail when sports betting is your strategy. Many people tend to go into their betting following their heart, but it is much more important to bet with your brain.

Bettors need to develop comprehensive betting strategies, whether they are betting in Ontario, Quebec, or wagering from Edmonton. A good strategy ensures losses are minimized, and bettors can create the best possible outcomes. While profits are never guaranteed, a sound strategy is still crucial.

Let’s look at some of the key ways that bettors can create a betting strategy that works in their favor. 

  • Look at Different Edmonton Oilers Betting Lines: Every sportsbook has different Edmonton Oilers odds available on them. For bettors set on making a certain bet, browsing the different odds to find the one most favorable to the outcome you believe will allow you to exploit gaps in the odds.
  • Sign Up for Multiple Welcome Bonuses: Every sportsbook uses betting offers as a way to entice users. A welcome bonus is an offer geared to new users that intends to reward them for joining up with a site. Signing up for multiple offers allows bettors to maximize their rewards.
  • Check Team’s Performances Against the Puck Line: There are resources out there that show bettors teams' recent performances against the puck line. There are many teams that win often but don't cover the line or the other way around. Knowing how teams perform against the line can dictate your decision-making.
  • Check Team’s Over/Under Performances: Similarly, how teams perform against the over/under line is a reliable indicator of future performances. Many teams are consistently reliable to surpass their over/under projections, while others will surprise bettors with a lack of overs. The Oilers were more often than not an over team last season.
  • Monitor Matchups: Consider how teams match up. Look at whether they are similar or different, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what type of games they like to play. Use this history and information to guide your decisions.
  • Stay Current with Injuries, Trends, and Transactions: A lot changes with the Oilers over the course of an offseason and season. Look at which players are acquired and dealt, which are injured, and how players are performing. 
  • Bankroll Management is Key: The key to successful betting is bankroll management. Don’t overextend, and be cautious with chasing massive payouts that have low odds of hitting.

NHL Format

To start wagering on the NHL and Edmonton Oilers odds, a good start is understanding how the National Hockey League works. Allow us to break it down for you.

An NHL game takes 60 minutes, which is split into three 20-minute periods. In the regular season, if the game is tied, it goes into overtime for five minutes and then a penalty shootout.

The team that wins the game receives two points in the standings. If a team loses in overtime/shootout, they receive one point. If they lose in regulation, they get zero points.

There are 32 teams in the NHL. They are divided into four divisions of eight: the Pacific, Central, Metropolitan, and Atlantic divisions. There are two conferences, the Western and Eastern Conferences, each with two divisions. Each team will play 82 games over the course of a regular season.

The Edmonton Oilers play in the Pacific division in the Western Conference. The other teams in their division are the Calgary Flames, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks, Seattle Kraken, Vancouver Canucks, and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

NHL playoffs format

Once every team has played 82 games, the playoffs begin. The top three teams in each division, in terms of points, will clinch a spot in the playoffs. Then, the two teams in each conference that had the most points but didn’t finish top three in their division will also make it as wild card teams.

All told, there will be eight teams from each conference and 16 total teams in the playoffs. The playoffs consist of series that are played as best of seven, so the first team to four wins advances.

The first-place team in each division will play one of the wild card teams, while the second and third teams in the same division play each other.

Then, in the following round, the winner of each matchup faces off. After that series, there will only be two teams left in each conference. They will play each other, and the winner will make the Stanley Cup Finals.

The winner of each conference plays in the Stanley Cup Final, with the winner etching their name into the sport’s legendary trophy.

Where to Bet on the Edmonton Oilers

We’ve given you plenty of information on what kind of bets Oilers fans could choose to make. But what we haven’t dived into yet is where you should do your Edmonton Oilers betting.

Whether you are wagering in Red Deer or British Columbia betting, there are dozens of available sportsbooks to pick from. At BettingTop10, we are longtime gambling experts that have spent years looking over the many operators available to Canadians. Let’s look at some of the top options for gambling on the Oilers.



TonyBet is a sportsbook that has been growing into the Canadian market as a standout option. It has a simplistic design and layout but is an absolutely massive sportsbook with so much to enjoy. They have a huge number of NHL odds, and you can bet on the odds for the Edmonton Oilers to win the Cup there already.

100% up to $350

Sports Interaction

Sports Intercation

Sports Interaction launched in the 1990s as one of the first online Canadian betting sites. They remain wildly popular thanks to their deep NHL coverage, fun mobile features, and gorgeous layout. Sports Interaction also brings fun betting twists like boosted odds and piñata picks. They are unquestionably one of the best operators for Canadians.

Betting Features

Every sportsbook is different, each offering users unique features that make them stand out. Features are the embedded, encoded aspects of a sportsbook that define how users can interact and bet with a website.

There are many different betting features, and sportsbooks rarely switch them up. So make sure you like the features your betting site provides.

Let’s look at some of the top features that will allow bettors to maximally enjoy their Oilers gambling experience.

  • Live Betting: Live betting is when a sportsbook allows bettors to wager on events that are already underway. This feature is found on just about every betting site. It is a common part of the gambling experience and a must for NHL bettors.
  • Cash Out: The Cash Out feature allows bettors to exit a bet before it officially ends. Depending on how the bet is performing, bettors can cash out with more money than they staked or less.
  • Boosted Odds: Boosted Odds are when a bookmaker takes odds and enhances them to be more favorable to bettors. For example, an operator could bump the Oilers ML from -110 to +110.
  • Pinata Picks: Pinata Picks is a unique feature where a sportsbook will give users blanket odds on a future like a team winning the Stanley Cup. The odds will be something like +1000. The user will bet on those odds, and the website will randomly generate a team for the user that those odds are assigned to. 
  • Live Streaming: Live Streaming is when an operator allows users to watch sporting events live from their website. This feature is not typically offered for Oilers games due to media rights, but you can find other niche sporting events streamed on websites.

How we rank the sites

At BettingTop10, we take a lot of pride in the websites that we recommend. We have spent years crafting sportsbook reviews and betting guides, and we believe it is pivotal to always be honest and keep our readers’ best interests at the forefront.

There are a lot of things we consider when ranking betting sites. For each user, there will be different priorities. But when considering Edmonton Oilers betting, there are a few standout factors that will help dictate our rankings.

Let’s look at the key criteria we think of when ranking sportsbooks.

  • Safety and Legality: The most important consideration is the bettor's safety, which is why we only recommend safe betting sites that offer legal betting. We check licenses and cybersecurity to ensure sportsbooks can be trusted.
  • NHL Markets and Coverage: For Oilers bettors, it is important that there are plenty of fun markets ranging from puck lines to player props. It is also essential that every NHL game is covered on the betting site.
  • NHL Odds: We look into the odds offered on the betting site to make sure they are competitive. Every sportsbook has different odds, so we ensure they are fair to gamblers.
  • Mobile Experience: Many bettors love wagering from their phones. We browse the different options a sportsbook has to make that possible, whether it is an app or a mobile website.
  • Payment Processes: To gamble, you're going to need to deposit and hopefully withdraw your winnings. We check to ensure that these two payment processes are fast and safe and that sportsbooks provide many different payment options for users.
  • Betting Features: As we've mentioned, features are a key part of a betting site. We look over the features offered by an operator to make sure they are fun and unique.
  • Design and Layout: How a website looks is an important part of the user experience. We will look over an operator to make sure it has a stylish design and an accessible layout.

How to open an account

We’ve told you where to bet and what you should be betting on, but now it is time to start looking into how to bet on Edmonton Oilers games.

Gambling can be a little confusing, especially if you are just getting started. The process will require you to open an account in order to launch your gambling journey. Let’s look at how you can open an account with a sportsbook and start your betting journey.

  • Step One: Pick Your Ideal Sportsbook. Browse the many sportsbooks available online, and consider which you want to gamble with. We have many reviews that can help the selection process.
  • Step Two: Create an Account. Once you've found your ideal sportsbook, open your account. This requires you to click sign up and fill in the details the sportsbook requires. This will include things like your name, address, contact information, and birth date. Some sportsbooks require you to verify those details with documentation.
  • Step Three: Deposit and Fill Your Account. Visit the bank on the sportsbook and click deposit. Keep an eye out for Welcome Bonus details. Select the payment method you'd prefer, and input your details. Select how much you want to put into your account, and your account should be filled.
  • Step Four: Start Wagering. Visit the hockey section, click on the NHL, and start betting on Oilers games.

About the Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers are one of the most popular franchises in the NHL, a historic team that has seen a huge number of icons pass through its doors. They are one of the most successful teams of the modern era, and despite some down years in the 2010s, appear poised for an incredibly bright future.

The Oilers compete in the Western Conference in the Pacific Division. They joined the NHL from the WHA in 1979 and immediately found success. They won five Stanley Cups from 1984-1990, forming one of the greatest dynasties in hockey history.

Led by some of the greatest players in the sport, including the unquestioned best ever, Wayne Gretzky, all-time center Mark Messier, one of the best offensive defensemen, Paul Coffey, and hall-of-fame goalie Grant Fuhr, they dominated an entire era.

The Oilers struggled to replicate their success after these legends exited, but a new wave of legends has arrived, and the future for the Oilers appears bright.

Top players

  • Connor McDavid: Connor McDavid is the unquestioned best player in the league and one of the best players we've seen. He has led the league in points five times in just eight years of playing and won the Hart Trophy three times. He is an unstoppable force.
  • Leon Draisaitl: Draisaitl could be the second-best player in the league. He is a yearly lock for over 100 points, is a dominant scorer, and has scored 50+ goals three times in his career. He has also won a Hart Trophy.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins: Nugent-Hopkins took some time to live up to his first overall status, but he has certainly done so. Last year was his best yet, as he broke through with 104 points, his first time crossing the 100-point barrier.
  • Evan Bouchard: This is more of a projection because Bouchard is still only 23. But after 17 points in 12 playoff games, it appears the young defenseman is a force to be reckoned with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting on the Oilers

If you’ve still got questions, we’re here to help. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about wagering on the Oilers.

Yes! While there are different gambling rules depending on the province you are wagering from, generally speaking, you can wager on the NHL legally wherever you are in Canada, as long as you use the right operator.

Yes. The Oilers are considered one of the teams likeliest to make a Cup run next season. While they need to improve their goaltending and defense, they have all the firepower necessary to finally give McDavid a real shot.

The last time the Oilers made the Stanley Cup was in 2006 when the team lost in the Final to Carolina. They were led by talents like Ryan Smyth, Chris Pronger, Shawn Horcoff, and Ales Hemsky.

Not every operator will have odds available for the NHL. The vast majority will, particularly if they serve the Canadian market. But every operator that covers the NHL will have Edmonton Oilers betting lines for futures.

The most common markets you’ll find on betting sites will be Moneyline, Puck Line, and Futures. These will be on just about every betting site that covers the NHL. The least common are player props, which are on many betting sites, but not all of them.

The Oilers' greatest rival is the Calgary Flames. Edmonton and Calgary are nearby cities with spirited competitive attitudes towards one another, and their games are known as the Battle for Alberta.

Yes. If you want to be able to wager on the Oilers, you will need to create an account and deposit.