Stanley Cup Betting Sites

If you’ve been wondering where to bet on Stanley Cup, we’ve got the answers for you! With so many options, narrowing it down can be a difficult task, but with our guide, you’ll learn where and how to bet on the Stanley Cup.

Best Stanley Cup Betting Sites

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The Stanley Cup is the culmination of the NHL season, where the final two teams remaining face off in a best-of-seven series to see who will be declared NHL Champion. This is a historic event that attracts millions of viewers every year, many of whom are looking to make some bets.

When it comes to Stanley Cup betting, the options are almost endless. Almost every betting site features odds on these games, so finding the ideal fit is important. With our Stanley Cup 2022 betting guide, we’ll help you find the best betting site to win big on this year’s games.

Best Stanley Cup betting sites in 2022

Searching for a Stanley Cup betting site on your own can be an overwhelming process, with too much to choose from. That is why we’ve compiled for you a list of some of the best sites to place Stanley Cup 2022 Canada bets with. Whether you’re a seasoned NHL bettor or looking to lay down your first bet, our list of different betting sites should help you find the right sportsbook to win big with. For each operator, we’ll highlight a few details about what sets them apart from the pack.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction

Best overall experience for Canadians

Sports Interaction is a betting site created in Canada that understands the Canadian market. Hockey is the sport this country loves, so Sports Interaction delivers well-rounded, comprehensive NHL offerings. They provide previews and predictions to help gamblers make decisions, and have all the typical markets Stanley Cup bettors would look for, and more. This site presents arguably the best overall experience for Canadian bettors, as Sports Interaction has a website built by and for Canadians.

Sports Interaction Review

125% Up To C$250



Best Betting Experience

If you love NHL betting, Betway is the perfect site for you. Betway is a global online gambling site that is available for use in Canada. Betway is known for its great bonuses & promotions that are constantly being updated. Promotions are a helpful way to earn some additional money or enhance odds, and Betway is an industry leader on this end. Finding a great promotion for the Stanley Cup can lead to some serious betting success, so check out Betway for great promotion options.

Betway Review

100% Deposit Up to $300



Best Mobile App and Banking Experience

When it comes to NHL betting, a lot of factors go into what makes an operator great. If great betting apps, lots of payment methods, and an easy and effective banking experience are what you’re looking for, 888Sport is perfect for you. 888Sport is known for a mobile experience that brings the betting on the go and a banking experience that is the envy of the industry. You might not be watching the Stanley Cup 2021 Canada from your home, so a solid mobile experience is a must, and 888Sport provides this.

888Sport Review

100% Up To $500 + $10 Casino Bonus

How to bet on Stanley Cup in Canada

Now that we’ve given you a look at some of the top Stanley Cup betting sites available for Canadian bettors, you might’ve found some options that sound appealing. If you feel ready, you’re going to want to sign up and place some bets! Let’s take a look at how you can do that, and some things you might need to know before you do.

  • Sign up for some of the recommended sports betting sites above. Find the ones whose core features sound like they appeal to what you’re looking for most in a betting site. Take advantage of the numerous options, it is always better to enjoy the variety and to be able to get the best value by signing up for more than one sportsbook. This way you can see which one is the best fit for you. Compare their odds for your chosen bet.
  • Find the Hockey section and look for the specific Stanley Cup betting odds- check out the odds, props, and futures bets. Ensure you understand the terms of the bet and the price offered. If you need help understanding odds and their value you can use our odds guide. This will provide an introduction to you about what the different odds mean, and how the payouts work.
  • Place a bet, but make sure it is a bet you are comfortable making. No bet is a sure thing, so make sure that the amount you are betting is an amount that you can afford to lose because there is a real chance of that happening. Also, do your research before making bets! There is lots of information and betting news out there, so browse the internet to learn as much as possible before placing bets.
  • Make sure you pay attention to the terms and conditions when signing up to new betting sites or trying a new promotion for the Stanley cup to avoid a great deal of pain later. Many betting sites offer promotions that seem too good to be true because they often are. Checking the terms and conditions reveals the truth of what a promotion is actually offering, so it is important that before you engage with any Stanley Cup promotion, you make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly.
  • Make your bet sooner rather than later. certain odds only get so good, and if one realizes that what they see is the best they will get, it is best advised to waste no more time and take advantage. The Stanley Cup is one of the busiest wagering events of the year, so it is better to avoid technical issues by betting before the game starts. While live betting is a great option, you should bet according to taking advantage of odds, so if you see odds you think are likely to pay off, bet before the game!

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Live Betting

Live betting is a form of betting that many gamblers love. Live betting allows you to bet on games that are in progress, with odds that change based on what is occurring throughout the game. If you forget to place bets pre-game, or just want to make some new bets based on what you’ve seen throughout the game, live betting is a great option.

With live betting, using an app is your best bet. Many gambling operators have apps that bring their betting experience to a mobile format, and it is perfect for live betting. With an app, you just need your phone with you so you can bet from anywhere. This means you can live bet on the go or from your couch.

With live betting, placing a wager is extremely simple as most operators have the odds displayed either on their home page, on the page where the sports are, or on a separate live betting page.


Best Live Betting Experience

The top option for live betting is PowerPlay Sportsbook. PowerPlay is one of Canada’s biggest and most popular operators, and they have a live betting layout that is easy to access and use. As well, their app is one of the best out there, and live betting on the PowerPlay mobile app makes for an easy and enjoyable experience. The app is intuitive and simple, yet has a host of live betting options, so you can make your Stanley Cup bets as the game happens.

PowerPlay Review

100% Bonus on First Deposit up to $500

Favourites for the Stanley Cup 2022

The Stanley Cup is as unpredictable as it gets, as anything can happen in Hockey. If you’re wondering who’s the favourite for the Stanley Cup, there are a few teams that come to mind. Or you can check this Stanley Cup free Pick we made especially for you.

Colorado AvalancheColorado Avalanche: Featuring one of the best offenses in the NHL, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Avalanche own the best odds of any team entering the playoffs. With snipers like Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen and Nazem Kadri leading the rush, the Avalanche are dominant up front. Cale Makar headlines the blueline of a talented defensive squad as well.
Their 2022 Stanley Cup odds are:+319 > Sports Interaction

Calgary FlamesCalgary Flames: The first Canadian team on this list, the Flames were one of the best defensive teams in the NHL this season. With that being said, they lack playoff experience. Can the Flames bring the Cup back to Canada for the first time since 1993?
Their odds are:+590 > Sports Interaction

florida panthersFlorida Panthers:  Another top team in the league, the Panthers are expected to do damage in the playoffs. However, they need to exorcise their demons as they have not reached the second round of the NHL playoffs since 1996, the same year they lost the Stanley Cup.
Their odds are:+665 > Sports Interaction

Toronto Maple LeafsToronto Maple Leafs: Toronto are one of the most interesting teams in the NHL. After a historic regular season, the Leafs are looking to win the holy grail of hockey for the first time since 1967. With players like Marner and Matthews, can Toronto get it done in 2022?
Their odds are: +638 > Sports Interaction

Stanley Cup Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are a commonly used way for operators to incentivize bettors to use their sites, rather than the countless competitors out there. Bonuses and promotions encompass a variety of different types of rewards for gamblers, from free bets to additional winnings for certain kinds of bets.

Many operators tend to create promotions that coincide with big sporting events to bring action onto big games that are happening, so you can be confident that Stanley Cup betting sites will have some NHL offers. While the Stanley Cup is still a month away, you can bet that closer to the series, there will likely be promotions released.

If betting sites are offering free promotions, it is a shame not to take them up on it, as it can be a great way to earn extra money with different kinds of bets. However, it is important to always check the terms and conditions of bonuses and promotions, as they aren’t always what they seem.

Many betting sites offer Welcome Bonuses and Promotions. These are for new customers opening accounts and depositing with their sites. If you haven’t opened an account with a site you’re looking to try, doing this can earn you access to some great promotions.

To stay up to date on new and exciting bonuses and promotions, we’ve got you covered. We publish betting news that includes interesting current and ongoing promotions that sportsbooks are offering. This will keep you informed on new Stanley Cup betting promotion options.

“Previous Stanley Cup Winners & statistics

Here are the previous 10 years of Stanley Cup Winners:

  • 2021: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 2020: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 2019: St. Louis Blues
  • 2018: Washington Capitals
  • 2017: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 2016: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 2015: Chicago Blackhawks
  • 2014: Los Angeles Kings
  • 2013: Chicago Blackhawks
  • 2012: Los Angeles Kings
  • 2011: Boston Bruins

Relevant Stats

  • Since 2004-05, the underdog has won the Stanley Cup 4 times
  • The average goals per game in the 2021 season was 2.93 per team (5.86 per game)
  • Home teams are 2307-1769 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs throughout history

Dates, places, streaming

The Stanley Cup’s date is dependent on the results of the remaining game. The schedule indicates that the final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs will take place in June 2022.

If you’re wondering how to stream Stanley Cup 2022 in Canada, it is available to stream on Sportsnet NOW or on the CBCSports app or website. It will also be on both these channels.

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