New Betting Sites Canada: A Guide to the Newest Betting Platforms in 2024

New Betting Sites
New Betting Sites Canada: A Guide to the Newest Betting Platforms in 2024

All You Need To Know About New Betting Sites in Canada

If you’re a new online sports bettor or already an experienced bettor in Canada, we’ve got the answer to your search for the betting sites no matter your preference! We’ve got all the information you’ll need about various sportsbooks and the different bonuses and offers they have for new and prospective Canadian punters like you!

New Sports Betting Sites in Canada

The Benefits Of New Betting Sites in Canada

Any and all new betting sites in Canada are going to have to offer attractive and appealing features, formats, and bonuses to wrangle new customers like you over to their sportsbooks. They have to make the experience overly beneficial for you because if not, you might as well just start betting with one of the giants in the industry such as Betway or 888Sport.

This is why it’s so beneficial to join a new betting site: the competition between the various brand new bookies to battle it out for your business forces all of those to improve their user experience if they want to attract you over, and bookmakers’ new offers are usually quite lucrative in these spots.

A good idea for new punters is to sign up for more than one and maybe even a solid few different new online sports betting sites so that you can take advantage of multiple different signup bonuses and offers as well as rate the varying user experiences for each brand new betting site you check out. This will also allow you to always get the juiciest odds on whatever sporting event or casino game you’re looking to make a wager on.

Here, we’ll break down the four major reasons why new punters should be trying out as many of the best new betting sites as you can to get the best bang for your buck.

New Betting Sites Bonus Offers

Nearly every sportsbook on our list of new betting websites will provide new customers like you with a signup bonus upon first joining. How lucrative that bonus is can change drastically from one new betting site in Canada to the next, so it’s important to give this feature a good hard look for prospective new betting sites.

These signup bonuses are not handed out to you willy-nilly, however. Generally, they will kick in when you make your first deposit, a very common offer is when the sportsbook offers to match your original deposit up to a certain amount of money. For example, “we’ll match your first deposit up to $250 when you sign up with us!” or “Bet $20 and get $20!”

There are usually terms and conditions applied to these offers. One of the more common ones is a time limit, for example, you must take advantage of a bonus within 14 days of it being offered. They might also restrict the odds for the bet you use on your offer to lower odds so as to reduce the payout they have to give you for a free bet.

They’re often free bet tokens as well, which means your payout does not include the stake that the new betting site gave you in their offer. From time to time you’ll luck into a sportsbook that offers things like risk-free, no deposit needed bonus offers or offers where they double your odds.

Once they’ve got you and you’ve joined their site after reading a good sportsbook review, most online betting sites will then continuously offer more bonuses and promotions, which keeps customers like you and me happy and loyal. Things like short-term promotions, weekly free bets on certain sporting events, prize draws, and loyalty point programs to keep customers satisfied.

New Betting Sites Greater Value & Attractive Odds

This is another exceedingly common way for new betting sites to attract the attention of beginner punters like you. The strategy here is to offer greater value on various betting markets to entice bettors to bet with them rather than the next sportsbook. For example, if the Steelers have +110 or +120 odds to win an NFL game, a new sportsbook might boost those to +125 or +130 to attract new customers.

A handful of new betting sites in Canada will often boast industry-leading betting odds on certain sporting events, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t join and take advantage!

These tactics help the new betting sites stand out on comparison pages and grids and helps to imbue them with a reputation among Canadian punters for offering you, me, and everyone else the best odds in the business. Regularly shopping around for the best lines could be the difference between a profit and a loss throughout a betting season.

Another way for new betting sites to attract new punters is to offer enhanced or boosted odds on big sporting events. For example, if the odds for Rory McIlroy are at -250 to win a certain golf event, a new betting site might offer boosted odds of +100 to get you to bet with them.

New Betting Sites Payment Methods

Because these new betting sites in Canada are going up against such tough competition in the already established industry of Canadian online sports betting, these brand new bookies have to be proactive about finding new ways to beat out the competition and attract business. One of these ways is to offer the widest range of payment methods.

Having a long list of payment and deposit methods will help attract a wider range of customers to these new online sports betting sites. The more payment methods they accept, the more different bettors they can accommodate. Debit cards are always listed, but many new betting sites will also offer various e-wallets such as PayPal and Neteller as payment methods.

Other brand new betting sites will offer the ability to pay with other intriguing options such as Trustly, Sofort, or even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The best new betting sites will offer free and instant deposits as well as free withdrawals, though withdrawals will sometimes take 2-3 business days. Be sure to check the bookmaker’s terms and conditions to learn about these caveats beforehand.

Technological Advances on New Betting Sites

Using all of the technological advances available and staying up-to-date with new betting trends is another way for them to separate themselves from the competition and attract new business. Here are some of those features:

  • State of the art live and in-play betting that offers a wide range of live betting markets.
  • Live streaming of various sporting events so you can tune into the action you’re betting on without any lagging or glitches.
  • A seamless transition and connection between the desktop online platform of the new betting site with its mobile platform.
  • New features such as a payout calculator as well as live cash-outs and partial cash-outs while the action is still live
  • Single-game parlays or bet building where you can create a parlay or teaser with several outcomes from one sporting event.
  • The most advanced security software to keep your identity and banking details private.
  • A nice range of casino and live dealer games as well as a varied selection of online slot games.

The Pros & Cons of Canadian New Betting Sites

As you’ve seen, new sports betting sites will often go above and beyond to separate themselves from the pack and attract new punters like you. However, as with any sportsbook, there will be some drawbacks when it comes to new betting sites in Canada, so we’ve broken down the most important pros and cons for joining a new sports betting site in 2021.

Find out our top Canadian sportsbook reviews:

  • Tons of lucrative bonuses, promos, offers
  • Modern features like live betting, live cash-out, payout calculator and more
  • Wide range of payment options to make it easy for anyone to deposit and withdraw from anywhere
  • State of the art mobile betting app that connects effortlessly with the online web version of the sportsbook
  • Lack of experience in the online sports betting industry
  • No performance history or reviews to check up on

Established vs. New Betting Sites

While established sports betting sites are the industry leaders for a reason, new sports betting sites are actually the smarter option for new bettors more often than you would think. Since they’re new players on the scene, they’re more motivated to give you and I everything they can to entice us to bet with them, which benefits us greatly as the bettors.

Established Betting SitesNew Betting Sites
❌ The impetus to innovate is not as strong✔️ Offer enticing bonuses and promos regularly
❌ Unwilling to offer as many good bonuses and promos✔️ Up-to-date on the latest technological banking methods
✔️ The level of security for your money and identity is very high✔️ Customer service is less busy and is therefore quicker
✔️ More experience in the industry means they can deal with issues better❌ Not much of a track record or many reviews
❌ Sometimes lagging behind in terms of financial technology✔️ Provides users with state-of-the-art betting features

How to Choose A New Betting Site in Canada?

If you’ve decided that a new betting site in Canada is the way you want to go to do your sports betting, it’s time to figure out which of these new online sports betting sites is the right one for you. To figure this out we’ve listed all of the most important parameters and broken them down for you.

License → All new sports betting sites in Canada that consider themselves reputable should be clearly licensed and regulated by a relevant Gambling Commission. This ensures that it is a responsible institution that abides by the rules in place to protect bettors first and foremost. These commissions ensure that all of their participating sportsbooks are operating with the highest levels of honesty, fairness, and responsibility.

Secure & Safe Systems → The betting software industry is a competitive one, so new betting sites coming into this realm have an important decision to make. They can create their own technology, or go with a respected white-label betting software provider such as OpenBet or SBTech. Ensuring that the system they’re using is safe and secure should be one of the first factors you look at when choosing a new betting site.

Mobile & App → One of the most important aspects that new sports betting sites need to focus on is creating a peerless mobile betting app and experience. Most of the top sportsbooks already have a seamless connection between mobile app and desktop, so new betting sites have to go above and beyond in designing their apps, which usually offer an improved user experience compared to the big guys. New sports betting sites are adopting a mobile-first strategy.

Variety Of Sports → There is an endless list of sports and sporting events to put bets down on, but many of us punters have different areas of interest and expertise. New sports betting sites in Canada know this, and they respond by providing their bettors with as large a variety of different sports to bet on as they can.

Wide Range Of Markets → Similar to the long list of sports you can bet on, the amount of betting markets on each sporting event is seemingly endless as well. New betting sites make sure to provide their new and loyal customers with a wide range of markets with all of the various types of bets you might be interested in making.

Customer Support → Because new betting sites in Canada haven’t been around for too long, they don’t have the enormous client list of, say, a Betway or 888Sport. That’s actually a positive, though, because the fact that they have so few clients means they have much more time for each punter and their unique issues.

Wide Range Of Payment Options → Having a bevy of payment options for you to deposit and withdraw your money is another prized aspect of a good new betting site. Having so many options means you’re unlikely to ever encounter a problem with your deposits or withdrawals because your preferred method will more than likely be one of the many options.

Bonuses & Promos → Once you’ve got all of the basic necessities checked out for your new betting site, the next most important thing to do is check out the different bonuses, promos, and offers that each brand new bookie is offering to punters. There are a wide range of different types of bonuses and promos, so be sure to read the terms of conditions of each one to ensure you’re aware of the restrictions involved.

New Sports Betting Sites

100% Bonus on First Deposit up to $500
100% Sports Welcome Bonus +20 Free Spins
$400 welcome package
150% For First Deposit + $40 Insurance
100% up to C$150

New Bookmaker Bonuses & Offers

One of the biggest draws for these new betting sites in Canada is all the different promos, bonuses, and offers they provide for you to entice you to stick around for a while. Here are a few of the most common offers you’ll find on new sports betting sites in 2021.

Welcome/Signup Bonuses

Referred to as either a Welcome Bonus or a Signup bonus, this type of offer is provided to you when you first join a new betting site. To take advantage of this type of offer, however, you have to actually deposit some money into your sportsbook account.

Depending on the offer, the sportsbook will then match or sometimes even double whatever your first deposit was in free betting credits up to a certain amount. For example, a 100% welcome bonus up to $100 offer means you get $100 in free betting credits with an initial $100 deposit.

Always be sure to take advantage of these offers shortly after joining because they often expire one or two weeks after you join.

Free Bet Offers

This is another way in which new online sports betting sites will try to attract and entice new bettors over to their sportsbooks. Free Bet Offers refers to many different kinds of offers, like the signup bonuses or specific free bet offers on specific betting markets.

Free bet offers can be included in loyalty programs, reload deposit bonuses and much more. With a free bet, you’re playing with the bookie’s money, and if you win, you collect your winnings the same as always but if you lose, you don’t lose anything.

Risk-Free Bets

Another type of offer to look out for when choosing a new betting site for yourself are risk-free bets. As you might expect from the name, these are bets that you can make without putting any personal financial risk on the line.

This type of bet offer is a variation on a Free Bet Offer. With this type of bet, you don’t risk a thing: if you put down a risk-free bet and lose, the betting site will refund your stake in free bet credits so you can use them to bet on something else another time.

Basically, when you use a Risk-Free Bet offer, you can make a bet and if your bet loses, you do not. It sounds too good to be true but if you surf through enough betting sites, you should be able to find offers like this.

New Sports Betting Sites Other Offers

There are countless other types of offers as well as variations on the ones we’ve mentioned already that new sports betting sites can use to pick up new clients.

One such offer is the ACCA boost, which can be applied for a punter when they include a predetermined amount of selections in a parlay or accumulator bet. The ACCA boost increases the odds of the overall bet and therefore allows you to win a larger payout than you otherwise would be able.

Top New Sports Betting Sites

Now that you know everything you need to know about new betting sites in Canada, we wanted to share our top seven new betting sites with you to get you jump started on your search for the right sportsbook!

PowerPlay (est. 2018)

Sporting a 4.6 rating, this is one of our favorite new sports betting sites at BettingTop10. It doesn’t have an app but it’s got a very user-friendly mobile browser platform that works excellent on Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. They also offer a nice variety of payment methods to make cashing out easy and they have a solid welcome offer of up to $100 in free bets.

100% Bonus on First Deposit up to $500

Conclusion Of New Betting Sites

As we’ve seen throughout this page, there are innumerable reasons why browsing and checking out a handful of new betting sites in Canada could be a very fruitful endeavour for new and veteran punters alike.

While they don’t have the online sports betting experience and clout of their more established counterparts, new sports betting sites more than makeup for that with countless lucrative bonuses, offers, and promos as well as a wide range of markets, a ton of payment methods, and a state-of-the-art platform.

New Betting Sites FAQs

They will try to cover as many as possible to cast as wide a net as possible when searching for clients. Many are putting an extra emphasis on US sports as NBA or NFL betting sites these days. Esports is also a rapidly growing option on these new sports betting sites.

It really depends on your preferences, but for our money, Mr. Play and Betwarrior are the best new betting sites in Canada that offer a mobile betting app. It’s always good to join a few new ones to see which one you prefer and take advantage of multiple offers as well.

Of course they can! Market-leading odds and a litany of promos and bonuses help them to compete with the big guys. New betting sites spend a ton of money on customer acquisition, and we as punters can benefit greatly! Just be sure to stick to licensed and regulated sportsbooks that play by the rules.

Every new betting site we’ve mentioned on this page offers some sort of welcome or signup bonus, and honestly, if it’s a new sportsbook and it’s not offering a bunch of enticing promos and bonuses to you as a new customer, it’s probably not worth your time.

New sportsbooks are more likely than established ones to get with the times and add cryptocurrencies to their payment methods. Some of the best new betting sites in Canada that deal with cryptocurrencies are 20Bet and PowerPlay.

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