Football Betting Apps - How to Choose the Right One?

As the biggest market in North American sports betting, it’s only fitting that bookmakers would offer betting apps for the NFL. On this page, we’re going dissect the world of football betting apps and how you can use them to your advantage! We break down which NFL betting apps are best and what you should be looking for in a football betting app! 

Best Betting Sites

What Makes a Football Betting App a Good One?

Much like how there are a variety of NFL, NCAA, and CFL teams, some teams are better than others! The same could be said about football betting sites

There are thousands of NFL betting apps to sift through and not all are going to be Super Bowl caliber. But with so many options out there, how can you determine which apps are better than others? Thankfully, our experts are here to solve this problem for you! We investigated what makes a great football app. As mentioned, there are thousands to choose from and after studying what makes a good app, these characteristics are something you should look out for!

Football Leagues – Obviously, you need to have great football markets if you’re going to be labeled as a football betting app! This includes the must haves like NFL and NCAA. But as Canadian bettors, we love to see CFL action mixed in there. From there, other leagues like the XFL, USFL, J1 league, and other popular sports betting football leagues will be greatly appreciated in a football betting app.

App Reputation – Joining a sketchy app isn’t advisable. Look for betting apps that have a great reputation and great reviews from other customers. This will give you a more pleasant experience when you place bets on the NFL. 

Betting Markets – After you’ve determined which football betting app you want to use, check to see which betting markets are offered. Bettors need ways to play and to be a successful app, we want all of the popular betting markets (and more).

Customer Support – Everyone needs help once in a while. When choosing a betting app, ensure that they offer the best customer service options. We look for methods like Live Chat, E-Mail, and a FAQ section. However, other helpful methods would also include Phone Support and Social Media support.

User Experience – Can you easily find the markets you want to wager on? Is the site responsive and quick? How the website reacts to your commands is another factor we weigh when looking at betting apps. Focusing on a pleasant user experience will be a major factor in downloading a betting app. 

Best Betting Apps

We’ve mentioned what makes a betting app great. Now, we look at some of the best operators in Canada that NFL bettors can take advantage of. 

Sports Interaction – Best Football Betting App for Canadians

Sports Interaction Logo

About: The brand delivers with markets that Canadians love. Not only are they a great football betting app, Sports Interaction takes cares of Canucks with viable betting options, with popular sports and the best betting markets. Launched in 1997, Sports Interaction’s expertise shines as bookmaker.

Likes: We believe that Sports Interaction is one of the best football betting apps for Canadians! Sports Interaction has a wide variety of betting options, and that isn’t specific to football betting! Focusing on American Football, Sports Interaction has odds for the NFL, NCAA and CFL. There isn’t much else you could ask for, even if you’re a serious football bettor. They have an intuitive design and their mobile app is sleek and modernized. 

Areas for Improvement: Although we love the sports offered, it’s clear Sports Interaction doesn’t have the largest sportsbook offered. This means Canadian bettors may need to use a different app to cover their bases. Also, the brand has been in business since the late 90’s and their sports section aren’t immense like other bookies, which is rather disappointing. 

PowerPlay – Best Welcome Bonus for NFL Betting Apps


About: A top bookmaker for Canadians, PowerPlay has done well achieving its goal of enlisting users. One of their biggest features is their welcome bonus, which will please bettors of all kinds (not just NFL players). PowerPlay continues to make a name for itself and with dedicated bonuses and promotions, we understand why this brand is becoming a household name. 

Likes: Of course, we already mentioned Powerplay's deep and effective bonuses and promotions. Their welcome bonus is viable for both sports bettors and casino players and the user interface are expressive. We love how easy the app is on the eyes and PowerPlay also accepts a wide range of banking and payment options.

Areas for Improvement: We’d like to see PowerPlay improve by offering live streaming for real sports. You are able to live stream sports on PowerPlay but it is only limited to eSports at the moment. There also appears to be limited player specials in basketball betting (which could be a disappointment for those that love basketball). 

BetVictor – Best Football Betting App for Pre-Built Wagers

BetVictor review

About: BetVictor is one of the longest running operators on this list. Making its debut in 1946, BetVictor knows a thing or two about sports betting. The brand has evolved over the decades and has now become a prominent bookmaker for betting on the NFL. Built from the ground app, football bettors will love the options given to them as users.

Likes: We wanted to make note of the pre-built wagers offered by BetVictor. They have a great selection of wagers offered with varying odds. This allows you to be as bold as you’d like! They also provide a ton of great features, like boosted odds and bet builders as well! Not done there, you’re going to love BetVictor’s dedication to customer support. There are several options available for bettors that require assistance.

Areas for Improvement: Although they have several customer support options, we’d like to see BetVictor implement phone support in the coming months. They also provide limited live streaming options. Lastly, there doesn’t appear to be any VIP program and users have reported longer than average withdrawal times for debit and credit.

Bodog - Best Bonuses and Promotions for NFL Betting

bodog review

About: Launched in the 90s, Bodog is a household name among football bettors in Canada. They have been around for ages and have a reputation to back it. Bodog is easily one of the most trusted betting sites in Canada. Users that love customization options will spend hours on Bodog thanks to exciting features not offered anywhere else.

Likes: Their prop builder is one of the best things in sports betting. Users can create their own prop bets for games, which is hard to find on any other bookmaker. As well, bettors can also create same game parlays which is another huge plus. These features have helped Bodog become a popular site among users. As well, their rewards programs are straightforward and they are a betting site that offers everything! You will never miss anything when playing on Bodog.

Areas of Improvement: For the majority of bettors, it won’t matter but Bodog has a low deposit and withdrawal limit. They also have limited promotions for existing customers. We love what they offer for NFL betting but aside from that, their promo section is rather barren.

Betway – Best Overall NFL Betting App

Betway Sport

About: Betway has been around forever and are one of the most trusted operators in Canada. Those looking to bet on the NFL will love Betway. They are professional in every sense of the word, delivering an unreal user experience. 

Likes: Their sports coverage is elite. The brand has everything imaginable and this is definitely a bookmaker where you can stop and shop and not miss a beat. They treat live betting seriously, with their own live now tab. Betway also comes with great customer service, tons of payment options and the reputation as one of the best betting sites in Canada. If that doesn’t have you convinced, then we suggest downloading their app as it is easily one of the best on the market! 

Areas of Improvement: With that being said, contacting customer support isn’t the easiest task with this bookmaker. This is one of the biggest gripes we’ve seen from customers. The welcome bonus expires after 7 days, which is incredibly short. As an established bookmaker they can afford to do this, but it’s still disappointing. Lastly, promotions vary by country meaning there isn’t a uniform page on what promotions are offered by Betway.

Bet99 – Best NFL Betting App for User Experience


About: Bet99 has been everywhere when it comes to sports betting in Canada! They are a new-ish sportsbook that has made its mark, with public figures endorsing the product. Offering a huge sportsbook, Bet99 is an operator every Canadian football fan will appreciate.

Likes: The first thing we noticed is that Bet99 has TONS of payment options for users. Interac and Credit are offered but the likes of eWallets are plentiful with Bet99. The brand also provides great bonuses (including a nice welcome bonus). Bet99 is also licensed within Canada, which is a bonus on its own.

Areas of Improvement: Since Bet99 is getting its feet wet in the scene, they definitely need to boost their reputation. They are trusted, but Bet99 is going against fierce competition that are well trusted in the market. Also, Bet99 could add phone support for customers.

Promotions and Bonuses Offered on Football Betting Apps

One of the most appealing characteristics of any sports betting app are promotions and bonuses. When downloading a betting app for the NFL, one thing you should be looking for are these promotions. Bonuses will help your money go further and they are also a great tool to make you feel appreciated.

Bonuses you should be watching out for include free bets, boosted odds, cash back, site credits, and of course, the welcome bonus!

The welcome bonus is usually reserved for new customers joining the site. This is how betting sites entice users to sign up! These bonuses are typically in the form of a matched deposit or potentially free bets.

Site credits are basically risk-free bets awarded by the bookmaker. These promotions will allow you to bet freely and a full (or partial) credit will return to your account. You can also earn site credits from consistent betting if that is one of the promotions offered.

Free bets are exactly how they sound. Similar to Site credits, free bets allow you to place bets and earn potential free wagers. When using free bets, you are wagering as you typically would but it’s with the house money. None of your deposited money is taken into consideration. Bookmakers will give this reward to bettors that are active on the site. The most common free bets are $5 and $10.

Lastly, boosted odds will help gain followers right away! Boosted odds are when sportsbooks offer increased odds on a bet. If the Patriots to win are typically –125, a betting site may boost them and offer New England at +110 (or even better). These freebies are appreciated by users because they get better odds than what the public is usually hitting! This is also another way to retain customers if you’re a sports betting app.

Football App Banking Methods

Canadian bettors looking to fund their account are in luck! Now, football betting apps have TONS of deposit and withdrawal methods which makes it easier than ever!

The most commonly used banking methods (by Canadians) will be Debit (Interac) or Credit (VISA/MasterCard). These methods are common across sports betting apps and are widely available.

Away from the dynamic duo of credit and debit, other notable banking methods available on betting apps will be eWallets. EWallets are virtual wallets that allow you to move money from a personal account to an electronic one. Certain banking institutions in Canada may not allow you to directly deposit into a betting account, so you can circumvent this by adding funds to an eWallet. It’s an extra step but allows you to bet on the majority of football betting apps.

Neteller, Skrill, Maestro, Paysafe Card, ecoPayz and Trustly are some of the most common wallets you can electronically deposit money into. Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as Cryptocurrency, are also offered on certain bookmakers but it isn’t as common.

How to deposit on a football app

Depositing on a football betting app is straightforward but if you haven’t done so before, don’t stress. Follow these steps to deposit and fund your account.First, you’ll need to create and register an account on your favourite betting app.

  • From there, you will need to confirm your payment method and link it to your betting account.
  • Once that is confirmed, you can choose how much money you’d like to deposit to the football betting app.
  • Remember to check out the bonuses and promotions for first time users!
  • After reading over the terms and conditions, indicate how much money you’d like to deposit into the account.
  • After the user has verified their desired amount, they can continue and confirm their deposit!
  • Depending on your deposit method, it should appear in your bankroll immediately.

If these steps are followed correctly, you will have successfully deposited on the betting app of your choosing! Depending on the bookmaker you choose, you may be eligible to link multiple methods as well.

Types of Bets Available on Football Apps

Since the bonuses have been covered and you’re aware of how to deposit money into your account, you need to know which betting markets are available! We looked at the most bet on NFL betting markets that you will typically come across when wagering on NFL betting apps.

Moneyline – As one of the straightest bets you can make, Moneyline betting on NFL betting apps is super popular! Basically, you are choosing the winner straight up in the game. If the team you select wins the game, you win the bet!

SpreadSpread betting is used by oddsmakers to balance two teams. If the Eagles are listed at +2.5 and the Chiefs are listed at –2.5, that means the Eagles must win the game straight up or LOSE by less than 2.5 total points. Meanwhile, the Chiefs need to WIN by 3 (or more points) because 2.5 points have been taken away from them by the bookmaker.

Over/Under - Also known as totals, O/U betting usually refers to the total number of points scored in a game. The oddsmakers may list the total score at 45.5 points. You are wagering on whether there will be more (over) or fewer (under) points scored than the line posted by the oddsmaker.

Props – Proposition bets (prop bets for short) are bets not directly tied to the outcome of the game. This could be as vanilla as total receiving yards by an individual receiver to potentially wild lines, like the color of Gatorade poured at the Super Bowl. Prop bets are a fan favourite because different bookmakers can create some unusual lines! Especially around Super Bowl time, prop betting can get SERIOUS.

Parlays – The beloved parlay is a rite of passage for football bettors. Parlay betting is when you take multiple bets and combine them into a single wager. This increased the total payout of the wager but adds increased risk. Since you are combining multiple bets (legs) into one wager, if one of those bets fail, the entire wager loses! Parlay betting is popular but isn’t for the faint of heart.

Live – Some bettors like to wait until kickoff to place bets. Live betting (or In-Play betting) is the act of placing wagers AFTER the game has officially begun. Since professional football can see a swing of momentum with every play, bettors like to wait until they can feel the game out before placing bets. The betting lines will adjust with the flow of the game, so this is a way for experienced bettors to place wagers on how they believe the game is unfolding. Live betting is one of the biggest betting markets on NFL betting sites.

Futures – Just like the name implies, futures wagers are bets that will not be solved in one weekend. These wagers are usually reserved for awards or championships, like the Super Bowl winner or Defensive Player of the Year. Typically, bettors will place these bets at the start of the season. This will provide better odds since (conceivably) 32 teams all have a chance at winning the Super Bowl. If you wait until the half way point of the season, or until the NFL playoffs to place futures bet (if the bookie offers lines this late) you will not receive odds as good.

Comparing NFL Betting Odds: Don’t forget to compare odds between apps! Since bookmakers post odds based on their own calculations and discretions, you may find better odds on a different bookmaker! This is the benefit to downloading and depositing with multiple betting apps. Also known as shopping, scanning different betting sites can give better odds!

How to Use a Football Betting App

If you have found yourself reading this guide, chances are you possess the skills to use a football betting app! But if you have no clue on how to use a betting app, we’ve got you covered! Betting apps are popular around the globe and its use has skyrocketed. Now, bettors can use football betting apps to wager wherever they may please. We’re no longer in the days where you are fixated to one spot. Mobile betting allows you to play whenever, wherever!

To use a football betting app, follow these steps:

  • Find the right app for you! Every bookmaker has different pros and cons. Our guide can help you make a conscious decision when downloading an app. Once you determine which features are important to you, that will make finding the right app easy!
  • Download the App! Have you figured out which app you want to use? Perfect! All you need to do is download the app and create an account. Once you have created an account and deposited funds, you will be eligible to place wagers.
  • Begin Playing! You’ve figured out which app suits you and have downloaded the app. With a registered and funded account, you can begin playing! This includes finding which football betting market works for you and which bet you want to place. You will also need to determine the stake of your bet! We know, this seems like a lot but that’s what our guide is here for. You can circle back to this guide as we have all the information necessary for you to being betting on the NFL. 

Types of apps available (devices)

Two of the most popular devices are Apple and Android products. Apple (iOS) and Samsung/Google (Android) devices dominate the market and many betting apps are catered to these operating systems.

To download a football betting app to your phone or device, it will need to be compatible! Some betting apps can only be downloaded on iOS, while others can only be downloaded on Android. However, there are a ton of betting apps that can be downloaded and used by players of both devices!

The quickest way to determine if your device is compatible is to search for the app in your respective store. Apple users can find apps in the App Store while Android users can use the Google Play store! Once you have found your app, look for the file size and minimum requirements. As long as you have an up-to-date device (to the minimum Operating System) and enough storage space, downloading the app should be no issue.

Find out more useful information here:

Android betting apps

iOS betting apps

Tips for betting on the phone

Those new to betting on a mobile phone or tablet can use this guide to make the transition easier!

  • Look at different operators: Don’t feel like you’re handcuffed to one page! Feel free to try out different football betting apps
  • Ensure Banking Methods: While most bookmakers have the same banking methods, ensure the bookmaker you join has your preferred payment type.
  • Go Slow: New bettors need to go slow! When placing bets, double check that everything is in order before you confirm your wager.

Advantages of using a football betting app

Of course, there are advantages to using a football betting app! We compiled a list of the top advantages to downloading one!

  • Quick and easy depositing/withdrawal
  • Play wherever you like
  • Special bonuses and promotions exclusive to mobile app
  • Top betting markets at your finger tips
  • Live betting made easier

What If the Bookmaker Doesn’t Offer an App?

You may run into a bookmaker that doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app for betting. Don’t fret! Even though some bookmakers may not have an app for download, chances are you can still wager with them on the road! Known as mobile-friendly websites or mobile-optimized websites, bookmakers will have websites accessible through your phone/tablet browser. This gives you the feeling of betting on an app (without actually downloading one.)

Comparing Mobile Betting Apps and Mobile Betting Sites

Betting apps and mobile desktop betting are virtually the same! If you are committed to one bookmaker and love them, we would recommend downloading their app! Apps take up storage space on your device so if you are downloading an app, we want to ensure you are committed to that site!

The biggest difference between an app and a mobile site is that your preferences won’t be saved if you site a betting site. Sessions will log you out every time you exit a browser (for security reasons). Apps don’t (normally) log you out, which makes for quick and easy betting. Of course, the other big factor is that apps will take up storage space on your phone, while betting sites won’t!

Similarities will be that you can wager wherever you are! Since you are betting from the palm your hand, mobile betting apps and betting sites have the mutual goal of allowing you to place bets away from a computer. There are differences and similarities between the two methods but BOTH methods allow you to play whenever, wherever.

Download vs. No Download

Downloading betting apps will give you a personalized experience! It will also allow you to save all your preferences like passwords and system settings. It also makes for easy deposit and withdrawals since your payment method will be linked to that account. You will also be able to receive notifications from the betting app about wagers you have placed.

Those deciding not to download have pros as well! Not downloading a betting app means you will save space on your phone. You can also choose your preferred browser when playing on a mobile friendly site!

Best Features

What helps football betting apps stand out is their offered features! We jotted down the best features you can expect from a betting app when scanning the different selections and how they benefit football bettors.

Live Streaming/Live Betting – This is a feature that not every bookmaker offers! Moreso live streaming, but the combination of live streaming and live betting can help a betting app become popular with ease. Live streaming allows you go watch certain events and this feature can sway bettors to join their site and download their app. Live betting is another sports feature that is commonly seen across bookmakers but not every NFL betting app offers it. As one of the biggest betting markets in American Football, the opportunity to bet on games already in play is a must.

Excellent User Support – Support is key. No matter how careful you are, there may be a time in which you need user support. In the form of customer service, some of the best features offered by a sports betting app is their dedication to customer support. We love when betting apps offer the likes of Live Chat, E-Mail, Phone Support and Help Centre/FAQ section. While not every betting app will have these options, we like to at least see 3 of the 4 listed.

Great Bonuses and Promotions – Bonuses and Promotions are a way to thank customers for depositing on their site. If a bookmaker has great bonuses, you’ll tend to bet with them more often than not. From boosted odds to free bets, matched deposits and other special promotions, some of the best features available on betting apps can be their bonuses and promotions. When choosing betting apps for the NFL, look at the offered bonuses and promotions!Response Time/User Interface – An important feature, how a downloaded app responds are critical to success. If the app responds slowly and doesn’t understand your claims, it’s going to be a frustrating time. We want to look at apps that offer great response time because it impacts the entire user experience! Speaking of user experience, the interface is another interesting aspect. If the interface is clunky and lacks inspiration, that is an app you can skip. Technology has advanced and we want an NFL betting app that offers a great user interface.

Where to Bet

You may be wondering where you can wager on certain leagues! Despite there being a ton of competition in the market, certain sports betting apps don’t offer every professional football league. Below, we broke down the top leagues and which bookmakers offer them!

NFL – The largest American Football league in the world, the NFL owns a day of the week. Any Canadian sports betting app you download should have NFL betting. We’d be shocked if they didn’t offer NFL action as that would be the exception to the rule. Bookmakers like Sports Interaction, Betway and Bet99 will offer NFL odds!

NCAA – The second largest betting market in American Football, college football is another dominant market! You’ll find NCAA odds on Canadian bookmakers like Sports Interaction!

CFL – Canadians love the CFL! Canada’s only professional league has teams spanning across the country, with a franchise ready to launch in Nova Scotia. Sports Interaction, BetVictor and Bet365 are a small example of betting sites that offer CFL action.

XFL – An infamous football league, the XFL made waves in the early 2000s. Now they are back for their third stint and bookmakers that you’ll find XFL odds include the likes of BetOnline and Bovada. 

Key Dates for the 2022/23 season

National Football League (NFL)

  • September 12/22 - Week 1
  • November 1/22 - Trade Deadline
  • January 14/23 - Playoffs Begin
  • February 13/23 - Super Bowl

NCAAF (College Football)

  • August 27/22 - Week 0
  • eptember 3/22 - Week 1
  • December 2-3/22 - Conference Championship Week
  • December 16/22 - Bowl games begin
  • December 31/22 - CFP Semifinals
  • January 9/23 - National Championship


Canadian Football League (CFL)

  • June 8/23 - Week 1
  • October 27/23 - Final week of regular season – November 4/23 - Eastern and Western Semi-Final
  • November 11/23 - Eastern and Western Final
  • November 19/23 - 110th Grey Cup


  • February 18/23 - Week 1
  • April 22/23 - Final week of regular season
  • April 29/23 - Semi-Finals
  • May 13/23 - Championship Sunday


NFL fanatics looking to wager on their favourite games will never miss a beat with betting apps for the NFL. The option to wager on the road, at the bar or wherever you may be has changed betting!

There are tons of different apps available for users looking to place their next bet. We hope that our guide has helped inform the NFL betting community on how to choose the best betting apps for the NFL, what to look for when choosing a betting app and more. As said, there are tons of options and wanted to give insight on how to choose the best one for your playstyle!

The football season is an exciting one. Why not add a little more spice to it by adding some (responsible) gambling? There are betting options and markets for everyone. From the pre-game bets to the in-play wagers, we hope that our guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing an NFL betting app! No matter where you are, never feel constricted when betting. We hope you learned how to use betting apps to your advantage so you never miss a beat!


Do football betting apps only offer the NFL?

No! Although the NFL is the largest American Football league in the world, bookmakers offer odds on several different professional football leagues. This could include the CFL, XFL, USFL and even the J1 League, which is the professional league in Japan! Of course, college athletics (NCAA) is another huge football market and some betting sites also offer markets for the top High School odds in the United States. 

Are other sports offered on football betting apps?

Yes! Unless you are strictly betting on an app that only offers football, chances are you will have many betting options. This would include other popular betting markets like the NHL, Soccer, Golf, NBA and MLB!

What is the most profitable market?

One market may be profitable to you, while other markets may not! The best market will be one you fully understand. Bettors all have different preferences, so the most viable market to you will be one that you can research and bet with confidence.

Are NFL Parlay wagers worth it?

NFL parlays are worth it but they come at increased risk! These wagers can offer better odds than individual stakes but they are harder to win. We recommend parlays for more experienced bettors, and wagers like the Moneyline and Over/Under for beginners.

Are there any bonuses or promotions associated with NFL betting apps?

Depending on which bookmaker you sign up with, there will be varying bonuses and promotions tied to NFL betting! There will also be prop bets and specials surrounding major NFL events, such as the Super Bowl and NFL Draft! NFL bonuses could include free bets, boosted odds, early cash out and multipliers.

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